Regina Cheremeteff

Title : Dancer/Businesswoman

Birthplace : Berlin, Germany

Born : 1912 – 1992

Dancers inspires me.. ! not only are they very disciplined, they give me a sense of hardwork and dedication for the things they do .. to achieve what they are today. Regina Cheremeteff toured Europe as a child ballerina under the stage name.. Regina Royce. If you had seen some of her earlier dances.. you will be amazed… at how brilliant she was on stage. After marry the Count in 1930 .. she worked together with him.. in his troupe.. based in Berline. They had 3 kids.. and migrated to Canada in 1956 and chose to settled in one of my favourite places in Canada.. Calgary. She then opened the Calgary Russian Ballet and was not only the director, but also the choreographer and teacher .. til it closed in 1989. Regina Cheremeteff is still fondly remembered for her contribution in the small community in Calgary.

Young Regina Cheremeteff

Working At Home Moms Inspires Me

It is not easy being a mom .. and a wife but being a working at home mom is alot tougher.  Juggling between work.. and taking care of the kids.. and housework.. and the cooking.. is definitely tough.  A good time management is required .. for these wonderful and hardworking women.. and there is no sick leave for being a mom or a work at home mom.  So these moms definitely deserved what Orlando vacations has to offer them. I bet any promotional offer for work at home moms this summer is going to be very appreciated.

Leading By Example

The lady bosses that i’ve had before and that inspires me.. are those who lead by example..and not just those who knows how to delegate work to her subordinates.  Unfortunately, i did not meet very many except .. the housekeeper .. of a prestigious hotel i used to work in . .some 10 yrs ago.  She would go to the floors. and clean the offices with her office supplies instead of just sitting in the office. .and doing nothing when they are short of  staffing due to  sick employees.  Now that was an awesome executive housekeeper.

Oprah Winfrey

Title : Television host/media mogul/philanthropist

Born : 1954

Birthplace : Mississippi, USA

There is no one on earth, who doesn’t know who Oprah Winfrey is. Even my 4.5 yrs old.. knows that she is the lady in tv. Born to an unwed mother… Ophrah’s childhood was anything but a bed of roses. A dramatic story of her childhood was later unveiled .. in one of her own shows.. it took the world in shock. Some of course now put her very high up in their pedestal.

Oprah with humble beginnings now has an empire in the media.. and into magazines and books as well. She is said to be worth alot of money.. plus her television talk show is said to not only inspire people .. they are well known for charity work.. and also she gives out the best christmas gifts to her audience..and fans.

Although in her talk shows.. she actually talked alot about relationships.. and families.. and famous people.. Oprah doesn’t seems to be in luck in that department. Her long time partner .. Stedman Graham had recently been on magazines.. about their breakup and all. No matter what.. Oprah certainly inspires alot of women.. and especially those big women .. who looked up to her.. when she lost weight.. over and over again.

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Margaret Yvonne Middleton

Title : Dancer/Singer/Actress

Birthplace : Vancouver, BC

Born :  1922 – 2007

Named the most beautiful gal in the world in 1944, i am pretty sure no one will dispute that at that time. She was certainly gorgeous by any standard.  She is not only beautiful, she dances, sing and even speak French.. but that’s no surprised being a Canadian.  But i wonder if she spoke Acadian French or Quebec French..??   She became the first hollywood actress to star abroad in a foreign language film in 1954.  Retired in 1955 .. and had more than 75 movies under her belt.  I admired her.. because she must have had a hard time. .during those days.. to get so many awards.

Catherine Lim

Title : Author/Writer

Birthplace : Penang, Malaysia

Born : 1942

Catherine Lim is very well-known in Singapore for her writing. She wrote a very strong article in Singapore called The PAP and the people – A Great Affective Divide, a critical of the ruling parting in The Straits Time. For this, she was reprimanded by the then Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong. I thought it was a very brave thing to do.. when she wrote that article… because as we all know.. that there is no freedom of speech in Singapore.. not for the reporters.. not for the oversea magazines.. nor its people. Catherine Lim holds a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics and has two grown children living abroad. She continues to share her views on her blog now… about the society she lives in.

Anita Roddick

Title : Founder of The Body Shop

Born : 1942 – 2007

Birthplace : Little Hampton, Sussex

Anita Roddick is synonymous with The Body Shop, anywhere you find a Body Shop.. be it in the States, in Asia.. or in Canada… or even in Switzerland.. people will know the name Anita Roddick.  The founder of the Body Shop chain.. of beauty products.. this lady.. is a dynamic force.. and the first businesswoman to introduce beauty products that does not use animal for testing.  No cruelty to animal is what made the Body Shop famous.

The Body Shop became a big hit in Asia.. in the late 80s.  Starting small store as an income for herself and daughter.. very quickly.. Anita expanded to more than 700 stores all over the world. Heavily involved in the environmental issues.. every body shop carried that concept.. even till now.. after L’oreal bought over the whole franchise.  A very amazing lady.. with a great business acumen.. who would know that Body Shop grew so huge and famous.. from a small little store in a english village in 1974.

Pets & Pet Owners

For someone who loves pets as much as our Aunt Helena loves her cats, she would benefit greatly from learning about cat health and everything related to cats.  As a pet lover, I am sure you want to know how to give your dogs or cats the best care and now you can with the help of

Although relatively new, PetWave aims to become the leading online resource for pet care information.  Check them out because you will be seeing lots of new and additional features in the near future. You can find tools and information on how to take care of your cats and dogs better.

Margaret Atwood

Title : Writer, Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic, Feminist and Activist

Born : 1939

Birthplace : Ottawa, Canada

Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Prince of Asturias award for Literature and also was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for 5 times.. but only winning once.  Margaret Atwood is no stranger to Canadians.  She wrote many books.. and had more awards than anyone i know.   She even had short stories.. published in the Playboy magazine.

Her mother was a Killam too.. therefore I had taken special noticed of her.. because the spouse is also a killam.  She began writing as young as when she was 6 and at 16 .. knew she was going to be a writer. Margaret Atwood is not shy to air her views.. and she feel strongly about environmental issues .. and even wanted leaf blowers and lawn mowers to be banned. A very active feminist, she had written novels, short stories, children’s books and poetry as well.  She had also worked with several university in Canada.. as a lecturer.

Margaret Atwood is a legend in Canada itself.. for being one of the most successful and popular writer.  But she is also well known internationally as well.  In some of the stories written, you can see . .that she is a voice .. not just someone behind her books.

Famous Women Looking Great

If you’ve noticed .. all these women on my blog.. that inspires me..they all look great from inside out.  I wonder how they do it..??  Most woman are like me.. and we struggle to look decent.  Some uses diet pill and some exercise and watch what they eat.  But still you can’t beat these women on my blog.. because they seems to have it altogether.. and I too want it altogether too, don’t you..?? What is their secret..?? money..?? fame..?? or just good genes..?? or discipline..??