Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

Title : Doctor/Wife of Former Deputy Prime Minister Of Malaysia/Malaysian Politician

Born : 1952

Birthplace : Malaysia

Wan Azizah is first the wife of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia .. and then comes the rest. Very low profile till a high profile event turned her into a celebrity of a different kind. Her husband, Anwar Ibrahim was accused of sodomizing his driver and was put in jail for 6 years. At that time, her children were all very young.

A very gentle and petite woman who is always seen wearing the traditional Malay dress and headscarf, she was what we called a reluctant politician who was pushed into the lion’s den after her husband’s high profile accusation, followed by being ousted out from his seat in the parliament and then jailed.. .for something he still vehemently denied.

Wan Azizah never cried once during all the tribulation. .but became stronger in her own rights. She earned my respect and admiration for being so strong and standing behind her husband and did more than any asian woman in this plight would have done. She led the Reformasi movement in Malaysia.. and is currently stepping down from the by election, so that her husband can be elected.

Setting The Trend

It is amazing how these celebs set trends like those that wear body jewelry and the impact they have on the younger generation.  I know that my nieces idolize some celebrities and whatever trend her idols are doing, she was right quick into it too.  When one famous celeb started wearing jewelry on her tongue.. she too wanted to have her tongue pierced. But you know what the answer was .. when she asked permission for it.  Hahah!

Barbara Streisand

Title : Singer, actress theater/film, composer, political activist, film producer and director

Born : 1942

Birthplace : Brooklyn, USA

I’m pretty sure .. everyone knows who Barbara Streisand is .. even my daughter’s babysitter heard of her.. although she is not her kind of music.  Famous for being an actress and singer, Barbara Streisand was an someone i grew up watching and following her career.  She has won many titles .. for being best actress and quite a few of Emmy and Grammy awards under her belt.  Sold more than 148 albums worldwide, Streisand is toted as one of the most credible performer of this age.

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Famous Pet Lovers

For those of us who love our pets, I’m very sure that we will always want to find out what is best for them and what we can do to keep them healthy.  I know of a lot of celebrities who would spend tons of money to get groomers for their pets and even learn all about spaying and neutering for their male dogs.  But here is where you can get more information about it online, from Pet Wave, for free.

There is a lot more you can learn from Pet Wave about your pets, so do check it out.  You don’t need to be a celebrity or famous pet lover to keep informed about your pets.  Their contents are improving and growing everyday.

Goh Sin Tub

Title : Writer/Teacher/Social Worker

Born : 1927 – 2004

Birthplace : Singapore

Goh Sin Tub is a well known writer in Singapore who wrote local stories. that touches the local people both in Singapore and Malaysia. I’ve read all his books. .and usually cannot wait for his next book to be published.

He won many short story writing competitions that was published and became books and has more than a dozen of books penned by himself. I hear that he also wrote many short stories in Malay.. which i never got to read. The first book that i read from Goh Sin Tub was 12 women and their stories.. from then on.. it was a no return.. i hunted down his every books.

His wife who is also a doctor gave a gift of $150K in memory of her husband . .Mr Goh Sin Tub and to support the Goh Sin Tub Bursary for NUS undergrads. This money will be used to match the dollar for dollar grant from the Singapore government. Believing in supporting education Mr Goh was also awarded the Public Service Star in 1988.

Executive Housekeepers & Hotels

Executive housekeepers are very strong women. I’ve worked in the hotel industry for 15 years and seeing the things they have to go through, irregardless what department, they are really the heroes of the hotel. I remember pipes bursting in a newly built hotel that was about to be opened, this was some 20 yrs ago, and besides calling for the housekeeping department to come in and assist with drying up the flooded rooms, the executive housekeeper was called in as well even though it was 2am.

    In the United States, expert restoration companies like Water Restoration 911 will be at the scene within 30 mins. Available 24hrs a day and 7 days a week, you can count on them to be your heroes if your home is ever flooded.  They come fully equipped and can do the drying and dehumidifying which is very important to prevent molding. With 12 years of experience you can trust them with all your water restoration issues.

    Lee Kwan Yew

    Title :  First Prime Minister of Singapore/Minister Mentor

    Born : 1923

    Birthplace : Singapore

    Mr Lee Kwan Yew is my hero .. as long as i can remember.. he was someone i not only admired .. but am grateful to forever.  Yes..! i’ve met him once.. when i was a kid .. and haven’t even finished high school then.  My father used to work at the Istana.. and we used to live in the Istana quarters.

    My heart went out to Mr Lee . .when i saw a documentary .. of what happened during the early days.. when Malaysia decided to give Singapore up.. thinking that we were to be left to die.  It was Mr Lee . .the now Minister Mentor that made Singapore the way it is now.

    For those who don’t know where Singapore is… well.. it is a little red dot in the world map with a population of 4 million and growing.  Singapore is the cleanest city ever.. and one of the least crime rate in the world.. plus the world’s best airport.. and the most regulated country in the world.

    But Mr Lee Kwan Yew is the force behind where Singapore is now.. and without him.. i doubt anyone would know where Singapore is.

    Health & Wellness

    After being in the hospital twice in 1 month, you kinda think this is a never ending story but luckily this is all behind me.  But I do remember distinctly that I was given a pair of TED Stockings after my first surgery during which they took out my fibroids and performed a full hysterectomy.  The nurse had explained that this will help with reducing the risk of bloods clot since I wasn’t going to be moving so much during the first couple of days.

    It was really good to know because after the second operation I had asked for the stockings as it was even harder to get around after having 2 ops in a row. I felt that it did aid with my recovery and because of these stockings I didn’t have to worry when I was discharged from the hospital for I had bought some myself.  So if you know someone who is going to be hospitalized and won’t be able to move around a lot, do introduce them to TED stockings because they are recommended by doctors.

    June Callwood

    Title : Writer/Social Activist

    Birthplace : Chatham, ON

    Born : 1924 – 2007

    If you are one who was privilege to have met June Callwood, you will know that you are indeed very lucky because this kind lady is smart and had a great sense of humor. She is someone everyone would looked up to .. justice, honesty and love.. was what she represented.

    June Callwood was a club reporter at the Brantfort Expositor. Earning only 7.50 per week at 16, she moved to the Globe and Mail at the age of 18 and became a reporter there. Met and married her husband, a sports writer at the Globe and Mail.

    Writing more than 200 articles and columns for newspapers and magazines. She also hosted several television programs. She worked as a social activist in the 1960 at a shelter for homeless youth and founded more than 50 social organization such as a Casey House a Toronto hospice for people with AIDs.

    I admired the fact that she was known to be humble and never embarrassed to point out that she was a high school dropout with a criminal record.