Of Actors & Actresses and Singing Divas

I have been watching a Hong Kong Drama of late. .and some of the actors and actresses i’m pretty familiar with.  Sometimes.. i forget that these actors and actresses are human too.. and that they are just like us.. and have flaws.. on their skin. .and other stuff.  There is this one actor.. whom i consider a veteran.. but lately .. i think he does need some help with his skin problems.. and needs to get some acne scars treatment but because in every movie that he is in.. and he still looked pretty much with bad skin.. i tend not to like watching his movies anymore.  I know.. i’m terrible.. but my idea of my favorite actors and actresses or singing divas.. they all need to set the standard don’t they..?

Business Men & Women

As a small business owner, one has gotta admire others.. who seems to fair so much better than others in the same town.  Owning your own business is really hard, especially if you own a video/game stores.  There are some customers that “steal” your movies/games and we have to resort to using debt collection agencies to get our dues. The amount of money that people owes us is tremendously high .. but our hands are very tied.. there is only so much one can do.

Carol Ann Garland

Frenchy’s is a big name in Atlantic Canada, everywhere you go .. you find a frenchy.. or two.. and maybe even three.  Carol Ann Garland was norminated for Female Entrepreneur of the year 2008 .. and she is also the owner of Frenchy’s Thrift boutique who saw a need in St John’s for a Frenchy’s franchise.

Believing that anyone can put together an outfit for $25 .. she overcame challenges with her positive attitude and believes that bad experience brings good life lesson.  My kinda girl!! i think the Canadians are really lucky .. because they do get some kinda help from the government .. for being a young entrepreneur.  Like my spouse.. he was able to get a business loan with no interest .. for opening his business. But having said that.. opening a business is easy in Canada.. but keeping it profitable .. now that’s the hard part.

Fong Bo Bo

Title : Actress

Born : 1954

Birthplace : Borneo, Malaysia but Hong Kong Citizen

Fong Bo Bo is known as the Shirley Temple of Hong Kong.  Look at the above picture.. and won’t you fall in love with that cute looking face..?? she is even more cuter.. than my daughter.. now that has gotta say a lot from a mother who adores her kid.

She was the smartest child actress i’ve ever come to know.  It was such a delight watching her shows. .even though .. i was so much more younger than her.  She acted in more than a 100 movies. .and quit at the peak of her career and got married.  Moved to Canada.. she has 2 kids.. but her marriage didn’t worked out.. and she came back into the limelight in Hong Kong .. and started acting again.   I heard her marriage ended badly. and she was in bad shape then.. but she stood strong because of her kids.

Currently semi-retired.. Fong Bo Bo is rumored to be residing in Malaysia.. and married.  We all remember Fong Bo Bo .. she brought us many evenings of entertainment… and joy .. during the 70s.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas had been my favorite actor for the longest time and he looks a lot like those Latina Guys that my girlfriends would fall head over heels for when you hear them talk.  We all love the way they speak, so quiet so gentle and absolutely musical.  Well, if you are single and looking to meet with latina guys, search no further, this site is one of the most active sites is absolutely free to join.  Have fun eh.

Siao Fong Fong, Josephine

Title :  Actress/Writer/Psychologist

Born : 1947

Birthplace : Shanghai, China

Siao Fong Fong and I go a long way, I literally idolized her when i was a kid.  She was what we asian girls want to be when we grow up.  I’ve watched her act in all the movies.. and even after she retired.. and did some guest appearance, you can be sure i was the first to watch it.

Siao Fong Fong inspires me not only because she is an accomplished writer, child actress, actress who won the Berlin Film Fest for being the Best Actress but because she overcome her handicap of slowing becoming deaf and continued her studies .. and raising a family with 2 kids without her husband and an ailing father.

I love watching her act and she is an excellent example that even being an actress, you can still lead a normal life.  She retired in 1997 and is working in child psychology.  And an strong campaigner against child abuse.

John Wayne & His Cowboy Hats

Everyone has heard of John Wayne and his cowboy hats.  Even my grandmother when she was alive used to watched his cowboy movies.  I really think my grandfather collected his cowboy hats all because he idolized John Wayne.  I can’t remember where my grandfather bought his cowboy hats but if you need one check out Cavender’s Boot City.  It is a great one stop source for not only cowboy hats, but boots and all kinds of western accessories for men, women and children. Wrangler is my favorite brand but they also carry brands like Ariat, Lucchese and Justin.  Check them out ..all John Wayne fans.

Patrick Tze

Title :  Actor/Producer/Screen writer/Director

Veteran in the HK Film industry

Born :  1936

Birthplace : Guang Dong/China

For as long as I can remember Patrick Tze was also known as 4th brother in the Hong Kong movie industry, and fans are known to call him as such.  Patrick Tze is of the same age as my mother but he is definitely looking a lot better than my mom.  Sporting a 6 pack in a recent travel show for TVB, one cannot help but envy this very fashionable older actor, who never fails to amaze you with his stories and philosophy in life.  He is currently retired and had migrated to Canada with his family, but Patrick Tze is still the best looking man and most well dressed up person I’ve known in my entire life.  I bet someone like him would look good in a  Roca wear coat and the co-founder of Roca would be proud to have someone like Patrick Tze wear his clothing lines.   The Roca line of clothing represents global lifestyles and who is better suited than Patrick Tze.

Heather Reisman

Title : Businesswoman

Birthplace : Montreal, QC

Born : 1948

Heather Reisman caught my interest because of the so many Chapters bookstore i saw when i first arrived in Canada.  It’s everywhere..!! for those who are not from Canada.. Chapters is actually Starbucks to coffee lover.  Well .. Heather Reisman was the founder of Indigo that merged with Chapters.  Being the President and CEO of Indigo since 1996, she was both praised and criticized for banning Hitler’s books from sale in her stores, at that time .. i had only just arrived in Canada.. and i had followed closely this news.

From being a social worker to starting her own business called the Paradigm, Heather Reisman had come a long way.  Married, she and her husband is Canada’s largest employer for a manufacturing tech business.  And most importantly .. Heather Reisman inspires me because of her generousity in helping Canadian schools to obtain books on a cost basis.  As shrewd a business woman as she is, what she is doing is highly commendable.  My children and yours. and all those from Canada.. or migrated here.. will benefit from Heather Reisman’s kind act.

Dawn Yang Should Wear Tights

Dawn Yang is a popular model/professional blogger from Singapore and with legs like hers, she should be wearing tights don’t you think..??  More so now that she is in New York University to further her studies.  There had been a lot of controversial reports on Dawn Yang because of her looks, some claimed she went under the knife while others said she was just a partying gal.

Whatever may be, I think Dawn Yang held her head high and was truly a champ when all those nasty reports came out about her.  I wouldn’t say she is high profile at all, in fact I think she is every girls dream to grow up to be like her, and every guy’s dream girlfriend.  She has great fashion sense and you can see why I think she would like Hue Tights since they are not only fashionable but of great quality and are really comfy & sleek. But most importantly, New York can get cold, so it will keep Dawn leg’s warm and cozy.