Yeo Loy Khim

Yeo Loy Khim probably doesn’t remember me but  until this day, I remember her as the one who taught me how to pronounced “failed” .. which incidentally I had  insisted that it was “filled” .. i was but only 9 yrs old.  But her kind act of teaching me over and over again.. made me remember her so well.  Every time i used this word.. i think of Loy Khim.  Loy Khim’s chinese name was Yang Li Chin .. and after Primary 4, she left to go to Canada… if my memory didn’t fail me.

She was very kind to me.. we were in a convent school together.. and Sister Agnes was our teacher.. who used to love to pick on me .. because I wasn’t an “elite” student.  But Loy Khim was alot more mature than her age and sitting beside me in class.. she was always poised and quiet.  We didn’t become good friends.. but she would always nice.  And because of her kindness.. i too learned to be kind to other students who weren’t doing so well in the later years when i finally did better in school.

PS :  And no.. i haven’t met Loy Khim again.. because we were too young then to exchange phone numbers.. and address.

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  1. Hello ! It’s amazing to stumble upon this in the internet & with your kind words. This is Yeo Loy Khim, I did immigrate, but to Melbourne Australia. However, I have been back to Singapore for over 20 years now. I hope you reply because Pri 4 was a very long time ago & I don’t remember who I was sitting next to in class ;(

    Rgds ! Khim

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