Being Happy – Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews was one of my first read for inspirational books.  It was a light and humurous book.. and not too expensive either.  I remember liking this book so much.. that i would recommend it to everyone i met.. and 10 yrs later.. i still bought this book for someone in Canada.. to encourage her… for being a unmarried mother.

Lots of ppl do touch our life in a lot of ways.. and Andrew Matthews did too.. in fact .. i think I’ve read all  his books.  And was i really inspired by him..?? yes.. definitely..!! i do recommend it to teenagers.. and young adults.. and even older adults.  The illustration were a wonderful thing to look at .. and have a good laugh.  I’ve never met Andrew Matthews before.. but I bet he is a very happy person.

Gigi Lai

Goddess of Beauty is what Gigi Lai is known as in Hong Kong and all over Asia.  She had just recently announced she will be retiring.. after the Gem of Life TVB series.. currently airing all over the world even in Canada.

At 14, Gigi Lai entered the entertainment industry.. in Hong Kong to support her family when they went bankrupt.    In all her years as an actress, there was not one scandal or bad publicity .. of Gigi Lai.  Staying so slim is an envy.. of most people both in and outta the entertainment industry.  Some rumored that she was on alli,  while she denied it.. and said she ate right.

Her decision to retire at the peak of her career, took everyone by surprised and she is still doing it because of family commitments.  I really wish Gigi all the best… and she is truly an inspiration to those who are considering joining the entertainment industry .. that not everything is so frivilous as most ppl think so.

Roofer Pete

Roofer Pete is your typical American guy and as compared to the asian fellas that i have come to know all my life.. well.. lets just say they are quite the difference.  I don’t know if it is the culture..or it is the upbringing of our Asian fellas.. but the Western guys.. are very handy.. and they can do their own repairs.. without having to hire someone to do it. Guys like Roofer Pete really is an inspiration.. and reminds me why i married a westerner instead of an Asian.  Someone who know what a roofing  is .. and also know how to change a light bulb in the bedroom .. without sweating a bucket.   I kid you not.. when i said that.  No racism or anything.. but yes.. i’m met guys back home.. who can’t change a light bulb.

Alice Munroe

No silly..!! this is not Alice Munroe.. this is the book that got me interested in her.  Alice Munroe won her first Giller Prize in 1998  but it was Runaway in 2004 that actually caught my attention .. because in 2004 .. i was in Canada already.

Alice Munroe is a very interesting author.. born in 1931, that means she is older than my mother.. who was born in 1935.  But she is still a very stunning woman.. if i may say so.. looking at her recent pictures.. during another Giller Prize award.  Famous for short stories, she had her first story/book published in 1950 while she was attending university.  Now you tell me how many of us.. did get anything published at that age right..??  Her first collection of stories, Dance of the Happy Shades won the Govenor General’s Award.

It is definitely inspiring for me.. to know that women in those time ( my mother’s time) were not as helpless as some made out to be… and Alice Munroe was one of them.  She continued to write many more short stories and won many international awards for them.

Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos.. although not someone who really inspires me.. she did helped to change the face of the world .. don’t you think..??  Well… actually it’s her massive collection of shoes.. to be exact that made history. When anyone talks about Imelda Marcos .. the widow of former dictator of Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.  Together with her shoes .. of 2700 pairs.. there were lots of gowns.. that she had collected.   Known as the steel butterfly..  I often wonder what Imelda Marco’s home looked like to house so many pair of shoes.. and gowns.  Did she have  bed frames made of gold.. like some rumors i’ve heard..??  or was it the toilet bowl..?? that was made of gold..??  But what a sad ending it was for Imelda Marcos eh, even with so much money in the Swiss bank.. one cannot help but feel sorry. .. that she  was in exile till 1996.  She had tried to run for presidency for many years.. but she never won.  Fortunately, for her.. her son and daughter.. is still in their last term in congress, so all is not lost.. for imelda Marcos.

My Ex Boss

My ex boss .. Mr Tsingos is the best boss i ever had .. in my entire working life.  In my short 2 years that i was working for him, i have to say that he treated me with more than a lot of respect but a lot of patience.  Why..?? because i can be quite opinionated and even though he is better at computer store and knows all about system memory and what not.. i still wouldn’t let him win. .when we were arguing.  Plus, he was the most gracious man .. for he never failed to come out from his office.. and admit he was wrong.. when he was. To me.. he was the “biggest” man ever.  I am truly blessed to have worked under him in this life time.

Janice Chuah

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Janice Chuah is someone from back home.. and found her blog while blog hopping to another blogger also from Singapore.. but residing in United States now.  When i first read about Janice and her family .. i cannot helped but feel so humbled by her.. because Janice Chuah is not just an ordinary mom or an ordinary wife or an ordinary woman.

Janice is a woman who wears many hats.. and she is currently a full time homemaker and a part time teacher and writer.  She is also a mother of 3 kids and one who is very special Yi Hang.  Yi Hang has a special condition.. and I know.. that Janice is doing everything with the love of her family and extended ones.. is coping really well.  She pours her heart out .. and wants to bring up Yi Hang and her other boys up with lots of love because they are her little loved one.  Whenever i think i am having it hard in Canada.. i draw strength from a stronger woman.. Janice Chuah .. and things don’t seems so tough afterall.

Her blog shows you her fear, her love, tears and hope and her love for her boys.  If i had to vote .. i would vote that Janice is the best mother .. I’ve ever met on the blogosphere. I cannot tell you how much I am inspired by her teaching of her boys.. her housekeeping ideas . .and all the outdoor activities she shared with me thru’ her blog and most importantly .. her love for her 3 boys.  Thank you .. Janice.. ! you truly made me a better person.

Israeli Uncensored News

Freedom of speech and freedom to read all about the happenings around us is what Israeli Uncensored News is all about.  This website not only talks about what is happening in Israel, but provides insight on what is happening around the world.

I appreciate news that comes uncensored, one that feeds you with real information.  I’m that kind of person who doesn’t want any icing on top of my news, that can be kept for my cupcakes. When it comes to things that may affect us or others we know, I like it raw.  If you are like me then check out Israeli Uncensored News and take a look at the open letter by famous Israel writer Maya Kaganskaya, one can feel the real and genuine frustration of the writer and of those she spoke for.

Aunt Helena

Aunt Helena is 66 this year .. and she was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Aunt Helena really isn’t my aunt.. but the spouse’s aunt. I’ve known Aunt Helena as long as I had known my spouse.. and personally known her for at least 8 yrs if not more.

Aunt Helena is truly a very, very sweet person. and carries the sweetest smile.  She never in all the years that I had met her.. criticized nor had any harsh words for anyone. She is an absolute angel.. and so nice to be around.  A lesson that I can learn from Aunt Helena .. is to be nice.. and never say anything bad . .nor gossip just to make conversation.

How many of us. .are quick to judge.. or even quick to retaliate.. when we don’t like something we hear or see.  But not Aunt Helena.. she is as calm and cool as a cucumber.  She is definitely one of the most generous person I’ve ever come to know.  Not in terms of monetary gifts or anything of that sort.. but the food she cooks.. and shares with us.. and absolutely thoughtful all the time.  Yes.. she is someone who inspires me to be a better person. .and more like her.   Thank you .. Aunt Helena .. for being you.

Martha Stewart

I used to like Martha Stewart a lot .. but these days.. i just can’t seems to get into her cooking show.  She used to inspire me too.. being a woman and all.. and owning and empire. of cooking stuff.. her own studio.. just like Oprah.  Unfortunately, Martha Stewart is never as generous as Oprah .. in all her shows.  I mean.. you can expect Oprah to be giving away talking watches but you can expect Martha to do the same.  As far as I know.. she never gave anything away for free.. and unconditionally… like the Oprah shows.  Sad hor..?? for someone who is so rich.. and yet don’t wanna pay her taxes.