Gem Of Life Episode 31 – An Inspiring Show

I wonder if watching Gem of Life will make me understand how to buy & choose diamond rings better the next time.  I love the show.. and it is an inspiring show I have to say.  In fact , this is just as good as Moonlight Resonance.  Did you know that shows can actually help a person with building up their character..?  I did.. the show Grease actually helped me during my teen years.  What about you ..?? what shows..?? or what movie stars inspired you ..??

Gem Of Life Episode 30

Gem Of Life Episode 30 is ready to be watched and i’m watching it right now.. as i typed.  Woohoo..!!!  So if you want to know who inspires me right now.. it has to be the cast.. and all these socialites.  Elise inspires me too.. in this show.  I wished i was more like her.. when i was young.  Did you see how beautiful Elise teeth is..?? she must be visiting Washington DC dentist.

Goh Chok Tong

Currently the Senior Minister in Singapore.. but was the Prime Minister for a good 14 yrs.  Being selected to succeed Lee Kwan Yew.. and trying to do as well as Mr Lee did was a big shoe to fill in my opinion.  Whereby Mr Lee’s administration was with an iron hand., Mr Goh was somewhat more compassionate about a lot ot things.

As the Prime Minister, he did well at it.. and he does remind me of a loving father to his children.  Not a very outspoken person.. but he impressed me with employing gay members of our society.. even though Singapore was not ready or will no readily accept them.  I’ve never personally met him.. and besides the numerous changes he made with Medisave and the Vehicle Quota Scheme, I cannot say a lot about him.  But as it is.. he was the Prime Minister .. for a good 14 yrs. .and definitely .. that must mean something.. to every Singaporean.. because he didn’t rack up any national debt.. or had a scandal.

Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun is a local artist from Singapore.  I believed she is about my age.. born in 1961 .. actually she is older than myself.  Married to Caldecott Hill’s hunk, Edmund Chen, they are known as the golden couple.  Truth be told.. Xiang Yun had always looked a lot older than her hubby.  But what i admired most about her.. is her continous steadfastness in her professional life and personal one.  Humble and completely down to earth, unlike some of the other stars back home.  I think she does have a few kids .. and she never looked a day older than she first started her career in the entertainment industry.  I hear that she does all her shopping for baby bedding in your friendly neighbourhood store.. and not into branded stuff.  Like i said… pretty down to earth.

Barack Obama

Title :  President Elect of United States of America

Born  :  1961

Birthplace :  Honolulu, Hawaii

Truth be told, I don’t really know Barack Obama very well .. I haven’t been following his political career till recently … after he announced that he was running for President Elect. Even then, I was putting very much hope on seeing the first black President in United States.  But as the election went on.. or was running .. I was impressed by some of the things and speeches I’ve heard on tv and on the net.

At the back of my mind… i knew that if Barack Obama was to be elected, this will go down in history. On November 4th .. I too was rooting for Obama.. even though I am not a US citizen.  We all know that whatever happens in US, it will ultimately affect the rest of the world. Barack Obama not only defeated John McCain and became the first African American President of the United States but is one of the youngest President elected. Obama Barack is not only going down in history as the 44th President of United States but he will also be very much watched and debated on .. in many years to come.

Obama Barack has a very tough job if you asked me because of his predeccessors… and the things they had been doing.  He will be, in my humble opinion have the toughest time .. to bring the economy back to stability and also to undo what Bush administration had done.  But whatever he will be facing in the near future, you can be sure .. that Obama Barack is gonna move the world.  Is he an idealistic like most of us are.. looking for a difference.. ?? looking for a change..??  Yet to see.. and the world will be watching.

Toy Makers

The people who makes toys for children are people who really inspires me.  Not only are they smart.. because what better way to make money than those of the parents or doting grandparents right..??  No matter the cost of it… as long as it is a useful toy or gadget for the kid like some kids wagons that i saw in the mall the other day.  Every one in my town has one and those who don’t already have one .. are definitely planning it for their Christmas list for a grandkid or a god daughter.  I bet my kid’s god mother would get her one if we so much as hint to her.  So pray tell me .. why are toy makers so smart..??

Gem Of Life Episode 15 For Inspiration

Watch Gem Of Life Episode 15 for some inspiration on how to get hook up to a rich fella and how to behave when you are in the midst of a some socialite.  Dressing up .. and looking pretty .. and the kind of restaurants they go to .. the way they behave, one can pick a tip or two from them.  Wanna be inspired..???  watch the show.

Jeff Hipson

Jeff Hipson is an office supplies dealer,  he was one of the many business friend that i really liked because of his very  humble nature.  Jeff is never rude nor is he arrognant.  You can always count on Jeff if you need advice or just someone to hang out with.  Although very quiet by nature.. Jeff is a very witty person.  It is the town’s lost .. that he had closed down his store.. due to the fact that the old boys in town wanted to bring in the Big Boys like Staples and Walmart.  I guess Jeff just didn’t wanna compete with them no more.