Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy was definitely an inspiration to all bloggers out there on the WWW.  A 30 something entrepreneur who believes in working hard and playing harder.  A year ago today I still very much wanted to believe in this gung ho young entrepreneur. Things have changed however and when you are only making a $100 a month with this man who had envisioned great things for future bloggers in his company, things which seem to be going downhill at an increasing rate of speed, that is when you cut your losses and move ahead with other projects.

I really tried so hard not to give up and to continue finding the kind of inspiration and belief in this company, but one needs money for Leptovox and daily necessities. If sitting in front of the computer for 16 hrs a day only gets you around 100+ dollars in a whole month for it, then you can understand where I’m coming from and why all the other good bloggers with this company are quite upset.

Christmas is the time for giving and I’m pretty sure everyone needs the little extra, sure Ted Murphy doesn’t owe us a living, but we really do look to him for direction. But with 40 opps available everyday, mostly grayed out or paying peanuts, no one wants to take it for various personal reasons, something doesn’t seem too right, eh?  Yes! He was my inspiration once upon a time but for now I’ll just stay in the shadows, happy that I’m in a greener pasture now and didn’t put all my eggs into one basket.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is definitely no stranger to anyone, not only does she models, she also is an actress.  Born in England Hamsphire in 1965, my age .. but of course better looking than I in everyway is no longer the girlfriend of Hugh Grant.  One cannot imagine that she was once a struggling actress when she first met Hugh working on a Spanish production.   I think Elizabeth Hurley became famous after Huge Grant made a very successful movie in 1994, from then on.. everyone knows her as the girlfriend of Hugh.   You can say that their relationship had been really high profile.. and after Hugh got hooked up with a hooker.. well.. Elizabeth was sympathetic.. and understanding.   Looking hotter than ever.. Elizabeth is definitely someone who holds her privacy in perspective. .and never once bad mouthed Hugh.  You would think with someone like Elizabeth,  she definitely wouldn’t need any Fenphedra eh..??

Ann Murray

Title : Singer/Songwriter

Birthplace, Springhill, NS

Born : 1945

Murray’s first big break happened while auditioning for Singalong Jubilee, a CBC TV show. She was turned down, but 2 yrs later.. the associate producer tracked her down and asked her to appear on the show. In 1968, she recorded her debut album What About Me. In 1969, she was offered a long term recording contract by Capitol Records. She released another album which carried Snowbird, her hit single that made her the first Canadian solo artist to receive an American Gold record.

Murray was the first inductee.. into the Canadian Association of Broadcaster’ Hall of Fame. She has a star at Hollywood and Vine, and in 1998 was added to Canada’s Walk of Fame and Nashville’s Walkway of Stars. In 1999, Murray finished work on her 31st CD, What a Wonderful World. By 2005 her worldwide sales amounted to about 50million units including approxiamately 5.9million in Canada.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is an inspiration to a lot of women from all over the world.. and all walks of life.  Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 but everyone knows her .. and for those who doesn’t.. where are you from..??  MARS..???!!!??  

A sex goddess in the 50s ..  Marilyn Monroe was born poor .. and had a really hard life.  At a very young age, she got married.. because she had no one to turn to and after spending so many years in the orphanage and foster homes, i guess it is better than going back to the orphanage..?   Two year into her marriage, they divorced.. after Marilyn Monroe found fame with photographer David Conover.

Quickly rising to fame after signing her contract with Twentieth Century Fox, she changed her name from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe taking after her grandmother’s name.  I heard she even did some shows or modeling in las vegas strip .  And of course, the rest .. is history.  Making quite a few movies..  Marilyn Monroe became quite a household name.  Every American woman wants to be like her.. and every other woman.. in my generation look up to her.. for her curveous figure.. and alluring looks.

Married baseball superstar in 1954, she quickly divorced him in the same year as well.  Again got hitched in 1956 to a playwright this time but marriage ened in 1961.  And the part she played in Misfit written by her then husband was the last completed film she made. In 1962, she was named by the Golden Globes as World Film Favorite.  But in the same year.. the world lost their favorite film actress and sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe died in her sleep.  There were lots of speculation as to how she died.. and we can never be sure .. of it.  She was 36 only.. way too young.. way too young.. *sigh*

Margaret Thatcher

Title : Baroness/Ex Prime Minister of England

Birthplace : Grantham, Lincolnshire England

Born : 1925

One of the very few lady Prime Minister in around the world, Margaret Thatcher was well know for being a catalyst who set in motion a series of interconnected event. Margaret Thatcher played a part in all those transformations, and it is not easy to see how any would have occurred without her.

Born in 1925, she played a huge role even in her young life. She studied on scholarship, worked her way to Oxford and took two degree in chemistry and law. Her fascination with politics led her into Parliament at the age of 34, when she argued her way into one of the best Tory seats in the country. Her quick mind and faster mouth led her to be one of the most statutory woman at the age of 44. And the rest was history.

Gem Of Life Episode 38 – Lee Si Kei

Lee Si Kei claimed Best Actress in HK TVB drama Heart of Greed that kept views very busy for 40 episodes .. is a veteran in acting.  Also known as Miss Hong Kong Princess, a title she won in 1967 and joined tvb shortly after and became top actress during the 70s and 80s. During the peak of her career, she migrated to Canada to be with her husband..  but all was not bliss .. as they divorce after many trying years.  She isn’t even bitter about her separation from her daughter for 7 yrs.. and faced adversity bravely.  Her comeback to TVB .. is definitely a viewer’s bliss.  I do like her acting a lot.. and cannot wait to watch Episode 38, so even though I’m scheduled to buy some discount furniture , i told the spouse that it has gotta wait.

Gem Of Life Episode 37

Gem Of Life Episode 37 is what we are all waiting to watch.  My girlfriend’s blog has it online .. and i know she will be the first to have it on her blog.  It is getting pretty exciting too.  Did you check out the previews on www.crazychinesewoman.com ..???  well.. what are you waiting for .. she has the previews for so many episodes for next week.  I can’t wait for my home theater seating to arrive next week.. then i can enjoy the rest of my Gem of Life TVB series.. on my 52″ plasma.   All the actresses really inspires me.

John Chow

Title :  Pro-Blogger/ Dot Com Mogul

Don’t know him..??  which planet are you from..?? if you are a blogger.. or have a blog.. i’m sure you’ve heard of John Chow.  He is from Vancouver, Canada.. and makes like $30K  or  more a month.. blogging.. and selling ads on his blog.  You have to pay him $500 for a review of your blogs or products.  Yes.. the man is famous for telling people how to make money online .. and he is a pretty generous person too.. who believes in giving back to society.  John Chow reminds me a little of a Frankenstein and he talks a wee bit funny too. But overall, he is a damn fine person.. and yes.. he inspires me as well.

Gem Of Life Episode 35

Gem of Life Episode 35 is using used cisco in their shows, i heard from a reliable source.  I am also waiting for it to check it out.  An impressive show with impressive actors and actresses.. some are even veterans.  Don’t miss it! I wonder who in the show inspires you ..?? because I am very inspired by Constance mother.. i hope when my daughter grows up, i can be that kind of mother to her too.

Gem Of Life Episode 34

Gem of Life Episode 34 was up for watching aleady.. and I can’t believed it ..   because i wasn’t expecting it.  Anyhow .. i was done watching it a few hours ago.. and to say.. i was impressed with the UGG boots that some of the actresses were wearing.  But what was most  impressive was the mother of Jessica … she was really insighthful.. i’ll have to say.  Now.. if only .. my mother was this way.. that would be awesome..!!!  One does learned a lot from movies.