Generous Actors

Generous actors like Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell who does both movies and tv shows had some big heart because they donated to pay for their fellow actor – Heath Ledger who died last year, for his daughter Matilda education.

Yes.. these guys inspires me because yes, they can afford it.. but they didn’t have to do it.. because Heath Ledger did leave some money for his daughter.  I hope that more ppl .. whether actors or not.. will continue to show their fellow human some compassion in time of need.

Condoleezza Rice

Truth be told.. i’ve always been in awe of Condoleezza Rice, and who wouldn’t be if you read up about her.. and her many appearance as the Secretary of State.  Now I’ll have to say .. not many woman can be like Condoleezza Rice.  Not only is she a woman.. she is a very strong, firm and also a black woman who rise above all odds .. and came to where she currently is right now.

Born in 1954 and the very first black woman to serve as the Secretary of State after Madeline Albright and also Colin Powell.  She was also Bush’s National Security Advisor .. and before joining politics was a profession in political science. She certainly had traveled far and faced many challenges and indeed, it is not everyday, you see a black woman poised and holding herself so well and darn fit too.. i bet she doesn’t need any diet pill.   Condoleezza Rice also amazes me, because she is also an accomplished pianist.. something that I had hope to take up even till today.. but never had the time or chance.  I saw her performed with Yo-Yo Ma .. and at that time. .i was so naive.. and didn’t know who she was.  I’m sure she inspires woman all around the world.. and I wished I had gotten to know about Condoleeza Rice, because I may actually be a better person because of her.

Shoring up her legacy before the Bush administration leaves office, Rice continues to try for peace in the Middle East; the U.S. is cautiously engaging North Korea and trying to contain Iran. But her efforts are coming to naught around the world: In Pakistan, U.S. support for anti-al-Qaida ally Pervez Musharraf, who resigned, may have jeopardized ties with his successor; Russia is growing more autocratic; and her State Department has come under fire for its lax oversight of contractor Blackwater. Successes: ties with Japan, China and India have solidified.

Rupert Murdoch

If you don’t know who Rupert Murdoch is.. you’ve gotta be an Alien..!!! Rupert Murdoch is an  Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch and rumored to have  used the U.S. government’s increasingly lax media regulations to consolidate his hold over the media and wider political debate in America.  His satellites deliver TV programs in five continents, all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and The Times of London.

Rupert is most famous for being the owner of  Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network, and 35 TV stations.  But of course, you have to read about his able channels iand 19 regional sports channels. A lot of American homes will have one of his station tuned on at any one time during the day.  With a young wife now, I wonder since he is a lot older .. born in 1931, he is a lot older than my mother .. but his wife is younger than I.  Would he be retiring anytime soon..??  and leisurely tend to his garden and his favorite Dwarf Little Gem Magnolia trees .  Born in Melbourne Australia, he is an American media mogul and the world’s 109th placing for riches.  He came from a family background of newspaper, so it is no surprised that he himself owns a media empire .. but one have to admire him.. for building his empire, single-handedly – rag to riches i hear.

Cristina Fernandez

Cristina Fernandez is the 54 yrs old lawyer who won her seat in parliament by a landslide for President.  Born in 1953 and is the wife of former President of Argentina Mr Kircher. She is the first femaile President in Argentina and definitely no easy feat to be a woman in politics.  But she held her head high…. i remembered the speech she gave when she was sworn in, in 2007.  She praised her husband’s work for Argentina.. and the many reformed he had made.  Of course, not all is easy sailing.. but she stood steadfast and like any woman standing on the opposite side, you can i know it cannot be easy being the President and what more a lady President.  I heard she uses Lipovox to keep fit.

Andrea Jung

Andrea Jung is the CEO and chairman of Avon in USA. Everyone knows Avon.. even if you are not a woman.  If you don’t know the brand name Avon, you must be from another planet.   Born in 1959 and in Canada.. just like my daughter, now if my daughter.. turns up as smart as Andrea Jung, I would have something to boast about.  Serving in Avon for many years and is in charge of all business of Avon worldwide.  The Company of Woman was Andrea’s idea of bringing the company together. .and showing the world that there is a company just for ladies.   In fact, Andrea Jung is in the board of directors for Apple Inc.

Torill Kove

Title : Writer/Director/Animator

Birthplace: Hamar, Norway

Born: 1958

Kove was raised in Norway but moved to Canada, where she continued her education and worked in urban planning for several years. Her childhood hobby of drawing and sketching grew into an interest in animation and she returned to school to study animation at Concordia University in Montreal, winning the Kodak Award for her quirky films All You Can Eat, Fallen Angel and Squash and Stretch.

Kove has worked in a variety of roles on several National Film Board of Canada productions and wrote.. the script for the animated short, Snails by the Norwegian filmmaker Pjotr Sapegin. She has also illustrated three children’s books. Kove’s first professional film, My grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts, co produced by the National Film board of Canada… and Studio Magica of Oslo. Kove’s latest film, The Danish Poet won the 2007 Academy Award Oscar for the best animated short film. I bet had she moved to USA instead.. she would be needing some California auto insurance for she would be traveling a lot around the states to promote her books and film.

Jennie Chua

Title : Chief Strategic Relations Officer

Birthplace: Shanghai

A figure so small.. you would think she would be missed in a crowd.. but nope.. that’s not the case for Ms Jennie Chua. Remembered fondly for being the General Manager of the Raffles Hotel Singapore.. and yes.. I’ve met Ms Chua personally before and worked not alongside with her.. but for her in another hotel she was overseeing at that time.

She was the Chief Strategic Relations Officer, CapitaLand Limited and Director, The Ascott Group Limited, was President and CEO, Raffles Holdings Limited till January 2007. She still wears many hats today. From being the Chairman, Community Chest, Chairman, Singapore Film Commission, Chairman, International Advisory Council For Tourism and Sentosa Cove. She also serves on the Boards of several companies, statutory boards and government committees, both local and international. She was appointed Justice of the Peace in September 2005, and Non-Resident Ambassador to the Slovak Republic in February 2007. She is also a Member of Temasek Advisory Panel of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited. Ms Chua holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, USA and is presently on the University’s Board of Trustees.

Anson Chan

Title : Former Chief  Secretary of Administration

Birthplace : Shanghai, China

Born : 1940

I love the name Anson..! so strong.. and destined to do big things in this life.   Anson Chan, a leading democrat and one of the most popular political figures in Hong Kong,  seeked election to the local Legislature, giving a significant boost to a push for full democracy by 2012.

Certainly not a name unfamiliar to people around the world.  Anson Chan inspires me.. over and over again.. with her promised to use her candidacy for the Legislative Council to press for faster progress in setting a timetable and mechanism for the direct election of Hong Kong’s political representatives.

The former Hong Kong chief secretary, was the first woman and the first Chinese to hold the second-highest governmental position in Hong Kong.  Identifying herself with the Pro-democracy camp, Anson won the 2007 by electioin for the Hong Kong Island seat in the Legislative Council as an independent.

Robin McGraw

I’ve always liked Robin McGraw, the supportive wife of Dr Phil, who is always on every of his show.. sitting with the audience and appearing at the end of the show.. walking off the set with him hand-in-hand.  But all is not so happy these days for rumor has it that Dr Phil ain’t too happy about his wife success.  Looking a lot younger than her age.

Married for 31 years.. and raising 2 kids with Dr Phil.. i would think she had done more than enough for Dr Phil .. in my opinion… and he shouldn’t be stopping her from getting her own career.  Now that would be very selfish of Dr Phil, but i bet those are just untrue rumors eh…??  Well, if it isn’t true.. then Dr Phil will be losing a lot of lady fans.. and he probably need to get his own insurance quote and not depend on Robin to do everything for him eh.

Steve Job

Steve Job.. ! now tell me who doesn’t know him right..???  If you haven’t heard of Steve Job..  you must be an alien ..!!!  Steve Job is one of the 25 most powerful man in business.  It will take more than just one compact flash memory card to record all his achievements and contribution to the world.  He is also the Chairman and CEO of Apple  – the man responsible in bringing you the iPod and iPhones.

Just so you know.. Bill Gates and Steve Job has nothing to do with each other.. when it comes to each other’s company. But definitely a leading and significant figure in the computer and entertainment world.. that no one on this planet earth do not know him.  Steve Job earned lots of awards .. and definitely and inspiration to me.. because he started out just like you and I .. and in fact.. was an adoption case who did tremendously well.. and admired by everyone around the world.