Sheila Bair

Sheila being the head of FDIC must be a very busy woman therefore seeing her with a notebook computer is not a surprised to anyone – even when she is out for lunch.  She has  a tough job assuring the American public about the country’s financial situation. I admire the fact that despite so many ill reports on her ability – she still forged on. I guess she keeps ahead by having a notebook computer wherever she goes even if it was relaxing by the pool.  A woman to look out for is Sheila Blair – as I watch her speak today on the news – I hope the economy turns for the better.

Irene B. Rosenfeld

Everyone knows who Irene Rosenfeld is right..?? well .. those who eats Kraft product would definitely know.  She became the big boss of Kraft in 2006 and during the first 2 years, the rumor has it that it was a tough 2 years. But she really did good and turn the company around on her 3rd year .. and Kraft had its best revenue growth 2001 with a 10.4 billion.  It’s still not all profit yet but Irene Rosenfeld did a great job.  She holds a Ph.d in marketing and with some new gimmicks, she really did the company good.  Take for example .. the Oreo cookie .. whereby the health conscious can now buy them with less sugar and in thinner shape.  I heard this product brought $1 billion in sales.   I wonder if she is interested in  microdermabrasion since she is ultra smart in my opinion.

Simon Cowell

The icon of America and the music industry has got to be Simon Cowell.  Known for his cruel and mean remarks, i doubt he is this way in private though. Touted as one of the highest paid celebrity in the world, Simon Cowell born in October 1959 is a television producer and entrepreneur as well.  Known for his role in American Idol, he is also the owner of the television production and music publishing house Syco.

Cowell is notorious as a judge for his unsparingly blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their singing abilities, or lack thereof. He is often parodied in pop culture. He is known for combining activities in the television and music industries, having promoted singles and records for various artists, including television personalities. Having most recently featured in the 8th of American Idol and the 3rd of Britain’s Got Talent, Cowell has just finished working on the 5th series of The X Factor.

Angela Merkel

With $3.3 trillion in GDP, Germany is Europe’s biggest economy, and Merkel’s reforms are sparking a rebound, with unemployment falling (although consumer confidence just hit a five-year low). She pushed through a later retirement age, put more women in senior government posts, and raised payments to new parents. Bulldozes through controversy: hosted the Dalai Lama, chastised Mugabe, and wants to make the euro a bigger player in global financial markets as the dollar wanes. Also trying to make Germany more eco-friendly with steep greenhouse-gas cuts. Europeans voted her their most influential politician. — Tatiana Serafin

Sylvia Chang

Title : Actress/Writer/Director

Birthplace : Chiayi, Taiwan

Born : 1953

Sylvia Chang has been in the movie industry for the past 30yrs.. and to say that she is any less extraordinary would be a sin. She had an very creative film career and has become something of a renaissance woman with her accomplishments in the fields of acting first, directly, then writing and producing. Born in 1953, like most brilliant Asian artiste, she started acting really young at the age of 16 in Taiwan and she has gone on to act over 90 films.

She has appeared in many classic films and worked with some of the great directors – King Hu in Legend of the Mountain, Ann Hui in her breakthrough New Wave film – The Secret, Stanley Kwan in Full Moon in New York, Ang Lee’s very popular Eat Drink Man Woman and Tsui Harks favorite film by his own admission – Shanghai Blues. She is perhaps best known to many though as Inspector Nancy Ho in the series of comedies – Aces Go Places. I find her immensely enjoyable to watch whether in comedy or drama. She is not a classical beauty – but the passion and heart felt characterizations she brings along with an impish sense of humor make her a treat in any film.
A few other enjoyable films of hers to see are Eight Taels of Gold, All About Ah Long, The Fun, The Luck and the Tycoon, He Lives by Night and 800 Heroes.
Not satisfied to be strictly in front of the camera, Sylvia has directed and produced a number of films – Mary From Beijing, Passion (for which she also won the Best Actress award) and the recent well received Tempting Heart with Karen Mok, Gigi Leung and Takeshi Keneshiro.  I should add that I also have a CD of her singing that is terrific and i save some of these songs in my flash memory.

Princess Diana

Title : Princess Of Wales

Birthplace : Sandringham, Norfolk

Born : 1961

Princess Diana, also known as Diana Spencer was the first wife of Prince Charles of Wales. A fairy-tale Cinderella story, where a commoner married the Prince came true. It was said.. that Princess Diana was into becoming a princess since she was young. There was absolutely no scandal to her past.. making her the perfect choice.. for being the Princess of Wales.

She had two sons, Princes William and Henry .. both who are in their 20s now, are second and third in line to the thrones of the UK. From the very minute of her engagement.. Princess Diana became the very public figure. She was well loved.. she was focus.. even though she had trouble from the minute she married Prince Charles.

After her divorce, we didn’t think that anything bad was gonna happen to Princess Diana, and when her sudden death in a car crash was the most tragic thing that happened not only to England but to the rest of the world who had grown very fond of Princess Diana. The prolonged show of public mourning and responses to Diana’s life and legacy is a mixed of popular fascination.

The Princess of Wales became very well known for her support of several charity projects since the 1980s. This stemmed naturally from her role as Princess of Wales—she was expected to engage in hospital visits where she comforted the sick and in so doing, assumed the patronage of various charitable organizations—and from an interest in certain illnesses.

In 1987, when so many still believed that AIDS could be contracted through casual contact, Princess Diana sat on the sickbed of a man with AIDS and held his hand. She showed the world that people with AIDS deserve no isolation, but compassion and kindness. It helped change the world’s opinion, and gave hope to people with AIDS.  She had exquisite taste not only in fashion .. but furniture as well.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is a name even my 5 yrs old knows.  If you have ever been sick before and stayed in the hospital, you will know that folks like Florence Nightingale are heaven sent.  Definitely, they deserve the amount of money they are paid.  They not only take care of you when you are sick.. they never complain.. and they do the dirtiest stuff.  From bathing you .. to taking your poop to get it checked out in the lab.  I am definitely forever grateful to these ladies… and men in this profession.  And for those taking  medical coding training courses don’t think it is not an important job. because i bet Florence Nightingale would love to be able to do what you are doing.

Major Anne Reiffenstein

Major Anne Reiffenstein was the first woman to command a combat arms sub-unit with the Canadian Forces.  It was the 1987 Human Rights Tribunal ruling allowing women into combat arms.. that infpired her to join the Canadian Forces.  She graduated in 1991.. alongside two other women .. from artillery training as the first female officers in combat arms.  In 2003 .. Major Anne Reiffenstein is the first female to command .. in combat arms sub unit.  She is currently a Battery commander at 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery at CFB Shilo.  Anne Reiffenstein delivers military traning to 350 officer cadets.

She is a wife and a mother with 2 children .. and has served overseas in Cyprus .. Central Africa – Uganda, Rwanda and Former Zaire .. and in domestic operations in response to floods, ice storms and fires. Highly commendable in my  humble opinion.  I wonder how her office or home look like..?? does she have  office furniture at home..??