Liz Murray

The U tube clips says it all.  yes.. Liz Murray inspires me.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Murray’s life started off on a bad note. She was born to HIV-infected, drug-addicted, poor parents that were not able to provide for her. At nine years old, Murray found herself and her family living in an extremely dirty apartment. At the young age of 16, Murray was left alone once her mother died of AIDS. Her father also abandoned her, moving to a homeless shelter. She went to high school, but often found herself sleeping in subways, park benches, or at a friend’s home. Without a great education, Murray was able to graduate in only two years and was able to attend Harvard. Today, Liz is an inspirational speaker who speaks out about determination and how no matter how hard life is, you have to move on and continue to work your way through the battles. Many movies have been created about her life.

Donald Trump

Who doesn’t know Donald Trump right..?? Famous for the reality show – The Apprentice.  Donald Trump in my humble opinion although a University grad and a successful businessman with a net worth of more than $1.6 billion, may need help his apprentice by recommending an  online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership course, instead of just telling them “YOU’RE FIRED”!

For those who are intending to be Donald’s apprentice, you will be happy to know that by taking the above course, you not only learn how to take on a leadership role in any professional field but also learn how to be creative, a problem solver and feel inspired by these highly professonals who had been working with students and motivating them.  You may not be born with a golden spoon but you definitely can make good like Donald Trump.

Andrew Carnegie

Tell me you don’t know who Andrew Carnegie is..??  No way..!! i knew about this man.. when I was 13 yrs old.. and my believe for world peace began.  Born in scotland to a poor family, it didn’t take long for Andrew Carnegie .. to show the world who he really was.  “All is well since all grows better” was  his favorite words.. in his search and effort to find world peace.

An immigrant like myself, Andrew Carnegie and his family left UK in search of a better life .. for the entire family .. because of the lack of jobs in Scotland.. during their time. He started work at 13 upon his arrival to USA and became a telegraph messenger for the Telegraph Company in Ohio – in 3 short years .. and was working for the cotton mill before that.

He worked really hard.. and was even offered a job as a secretary to Pennsylvania Railroad Company.  Of course, his story didn’t end here.. but he went out to bigger and better things every year. And using the money he saved up .. he invested in companies.. and the rest was history.  He is one of the richest man in the world..  with the worth of $120billion..!!!!  Now tell me that’s not inspiring..??? one can be anything or anyone they aim to be.. and Andrew Carnegie just proved that to me.. at the young age of 13.

Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad is no stranger to the world.  You don’t know him..???  Have you been to Ikea..??  Well, if you  have been to one.. than you have been to his store.  He owns Ikea .. and is the world’s richest retailer and is net worth like $31 million but he wasn’t born with a golden spoon .. for he was born in a farm.

This billionaire had such a good head on his shoulder since young, from selling matches to neighbours on his bike and then going out to find cheap matches and buying them in bulk and then reselling them at low prices to entice his customers and reap profit, I bet he can be selling top diet pills at competitive prices as well.  Of course, he didn’t just sell matches to become rich.. but expanded  his business to selling fish, and just about anything he can make money on.  At 17, when  his father gave him some money for doing good in his studies, he used his money to establish what we have now IKEA.

Roman Abramovich

For someone who had dropped outta college and eventually made a fortune after taking over Russian oil giant Sibneft which he then later sold.  This ophaned boy definitely made it good.. and is networth at $23 billion.  Gifted as he is called for a shrewd acumen for business, he is an entrepreneur who was willing to take risk.  Just as the Soviets reformed and permitted the opening of small business,  Roman Abramovich was one of the first to jump at the opportunity.

Selling plastic ducks in the very beginning of his career .. and in his own tiny Moscow apt .. it is amazing that it took him only a few years to accumulate his wealth and spread it to oil conglomerates to pig farms and even got himself into the inner circles of the Yeltsin’s government.  But one can say it wasn’t easy to get where he is now.. judging from the among of bodyguards surrounding him.

J.K. Rowling

Everyone knows who J.K. Rowlings is .. i’m sure.  Irregardless if you have kids or not, this British writer and author is too famous not to know.  She is the one who is responsible for bringing you and your kids .. the fantasy series of Harry Porter.

A networth of $1 billion, J.K was not always rich… in fact was a single mom on welfare while finishing her first Harry Porter story.  I even heard that she had to write the book in a cafe.. because she didn’t have money for power and heat in her apt.   And now.. see where she is.. living from welfare to becoming a multi millionaire and all within a short 5 yrs.   I wouldn’t mind spending 5 yrs of hard work.. and thereafter be as successful as J.K. Rowling.. !!  see good ppl do get good things eh.

Jim Carrey

Fellow Canadian Jim Carrey wasn’t reach or famous when he was young.  In fact, he was from a middle class family that didn’t work out when he grew older.  Because of that.. they moved away to start anew.. but Jim being of age to help out worked for 8hrs a day.. and still had to attend school.  Things didn’t get any better .. and in fact at once time Jim Carrey and his family had to live in a van.

Eventually, Jim had the courage to stand up and decide to act on his dream of being a comedian. He did stand-up routines and loved it, so much he dropped out of high school. Jim was able to land gigs and eventually got a part on a sitcom called The Duck Factory. He also became part of the In Living Color cast. This was a hit for him and he has since been able to play important roles in movies such as The Mask and Ace Ventura. Today he is one of the most highly paid comedians.

Most Powerful Baby

It’s crazy to think that some one so young and small can be this power as Suri Cruise eh.  Suri Cruise is the most photographed celeb’s kid if you asked me.  Every other week, you can see her pictures all over magazines.. and on the net.   She is also very fashionable .. and pretty cute if you ask me..   after my own.   But yes.. it’s amusing .. and i bet this kid is gonna grow up to be as pretty as her mom.. and would never be overweight ..  but even if she did.. she can definitely afford the  best weight loss pill.  I often wonder what these celeb kids would grow up to be.. so i’ll be watching Suri Cruise .. closely . .if i were you.

Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman is mystical.  Born in 1960, older than myself but definitely better looking and more successful than myself.  And she has the million dollars voice.. that i want.  She sings Soprano and classical music and if you’ve heard Sarah Brightman sing live in concert, you will know why she is my inspiration.  I first saw Sarah Birghtman when she was in her ex-husband’s Phantom of the Opera, she certainly had changed since i first saw her.  More confident and certainly a lot more lovelier.

After her divorce, she became even more popular and even though some thought she wouldn’t be as popular as she was when she was with Andrew Webber, she proved them all wrong.  Sarah Brightman has a network of US $42 million.. and because of her. .i had the courage to walk out of a bad relationship.  Thank you Sarah..!!! watching you on stage even lovelier than when you were married that year.. brought me back to my senses – that one donch need a man .. to become successful.

Hideki Matsui

Swoon .. is what i feel when i see Hideki Matsui.  Born in Japan in 1974,Hideki is a left fielder and designated hitter for the New York Yankees.  And if you don’t know he bats left handed and throws right handed – amusing eh.   If I am in US, I would definitely be getting those  New York Yankees tickets just to see my favorite Yankee player.

In 2003, when Hideki Matsui signed his contract with the Yankees, i heard that a parade was held to honor him. I watched his first game at the Yankee Stadium and it was awesome and Hideki hit a grand slam.  His currrent earning is $US 13 million…!!!!  But he is generous and definitely very charitable and donated US $500,00 for the flood victim.   He is definitely my inspiration..!