Alice Walton

Is Alice Walton a business plan consultant or behind the Walmart empire and fortune..?? i have been asked many a times.  Net worth of 17 billion ..  i heard.. but they were actually inherited.  Alice is the daughter of the founder of Walmart – that is where the inheritance came from.. and thus making her one of the richest woman in the world. Alice Walton is said to be one of the biggest individual contributor in the US presidential election in 2004, donated an US $2.6 million  – wonder.. wonder.. and one wonder why she played no part in the Walmart reorganization..??

Magaret Iris Duley

Margaret Duley born in 1894 and died in 1968 just shortly after i was born graduated from college and went to England in 1910 with a father for a wedding where you continued to stay for 4 years.  You and I know that in those times .. traveling was quite different from what it is for us now, as different as our furnace filters ..?? wait a minute.. did they have furnace filters back then..??

Anyhow.. when Margaret returned to Newfoundland where she was orginally from, she took to writing and became the first Newfie writer and not only that she received international attention for her writing.  With 5 novels, a non fiction book, a number of short stories, poems, radio broacdcast scripts and volumes of correspondence to her credit.. you would think that Margaret will be a well know novelist in her time.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1955 and fount it until her death.

Margaret Newton

I’m beginning to think that all Margarets are great woman – why..??  because i was looking at some destin florida condo rentals for our next vacation .. and came across another lady – besides the ones I already know about from home, like Margaret Chan – the actress and Margaret Chan the food expert and of course the Margaret who is with the World Health organization and Margaret Thatcher.

Anyhow, this Margaret is a scientiest from Quebec and lived to a ripe old age in 1971.  She is also the first Canadian woman to ear a PhD .. woohoo..!!  Due to her expertise in grain rust with a special emphasis on wheat, Margaret Newton was in charge of a new rust lab in Winnipeg, where she wrote over 40 papers on rust fungi.  She had received many awards during her time .. and so famous in the University of Victoria that a residences was named after her.

Jean Wallbridge

While in a building for disability appeal for a friend, i cannot helped but looked at the pictures of Jean Wallbridge.   She was one of the first woman in Canada to form her own architectural partnership, which lasted till 1979.  Born in 1912 and died in 1979 – Jean was the thrid woman registered with the Alberta Association of Architects in 1941.  You and I know that those were the times.. where women weren’t supposed to go outta the house to work.. nor even have a career.  Jean specialized in domestic architecture winning the Canadian Housing Design Coucil Award in 1957.  She not only was a great woman but a generous one.. who bequest to Alberta a large some of money to be used for environmental conservation.   Now tell me you are not inspired by her..?

Steven Spielberg

Who wouldn’t be inspired by Steven Spielberg right?  the man who is paid at least a few 100 million for his movies and work done in the entertainment industry.  Even if he walks and jogs with his Bluetooth headset religiously and looked ridiculous in them.. he still inspires me.  An American producer and film director – this man’s work never ceased to amaze me.. sometimes jaws dropping as well.   E.T.,  Poltergeist, Twilight Zone were some of the very new movies he produced and i saw all of them and many times.  Born in USA in 1946, this man is undoubtely the most influential person in the movie industry.  I can go on and on about his achievement but I know he is no stranger to anyone – well, unless you are a hermit – but even the spouse’s brother who is somewhat a hermit.. well he too knows who Spielberg is.. so no excuse..!