Mary Riter Hamilton

Mary Riter Hamilton was an Artist and born in Teeswater, Ontario – at the age of 23 she didn’t go into rv repair but became a professional painter after her husband died only 5 short years into their marriage.  She traveled, studied, painted and exhibited her work around the globe until she lost her eyesight in 1948. What a shame eh!  anyhow, her work didn’t go to waste.  In 1905, two of her works were shown in Paris Salon and thereafter, as much as 150 paintings in Toronto.

Cecilia Krieger

I found  Cecilia Krieger while reading on diets for quick weight loss , yes google does funny things at times.  Cecilia Krieger was born in Poland in 1894 and in 1920, she helped her mother and sisters fled to Canada to escape the persecution of the Jews in Poland.  Supporting herself, she entered the University of Toronto and became the first woman and the third person, to earn a mathematics doctorate at a Canadian University.

She remained at the university first teaching and then as a lecturer in 1930 and finally an assistant professor in both Math and Engineering in 1942.  Married to a Jewish survivor of the Nazi holocaust, she officially retired in 1962 but she did continue teaching at the university till she was into her 80s.

Because of Cecilia, the Canadian Mathematical Society now awards the CMS Krieger-Nelson Prize Lectureship for Distinguished Research by Women in Mathematics in honour of Cecilia Krieger and Evelyn Nelson.

Violet Clara McNaughton

Violet Clar McNaughton is a feminist leader who was born in 1879 – born in Kent – England – she settled in Saskatchewan in 1909, where she and her husband John spearheaded an organization of the Grain Growers’ locals.

She was instrumental in founding the Women Grain Grower’s in 1914 and served 4 yrs in the organization as President, she is a very strong woman who knows everything but doubt she knows anything about weight loss products, still she was the first woman to be elected to the Sashatchewan Grain Growers Association board of directors.  She also helped organized United Farm Women of Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba and in 1922 was the first woman on the executive team.  And when she died, she was one of the most influential women of her time.

Bella Delamare

Bella also known as Marie Lloyd was a Music Hall Singer and was born in Hoxton England in 1870.  She was the Queen of the Music Hall.  She was very well known for her vulgar and rude songs – i remembered her from my grandmother’s days.  My grandmother who used to watch her performed said she was a very kind and compassionate woman who paid for 150 beds for the homeless during the Musicians’ Strike.  And she would pay for boots for the kids who lived near the stage and for those that needed phentermine without prescription .  Unfortunately, good fortune did not stay with Bella who did not make it to the chosen artists list to perform for the Royal Command Performance.  But she continued to entertain soldiers and workers in factories from all over the country during Great War.   Bella died in 1922 while performing because of her love for alcohol.  It was a sad day for all – my grandma said that had she made it into the list – she believed Bella Delamare would have done a lot more for her countrymen.

Elizabeth Arden

Seriously, I didn’t know that Elizabeth Arden was a Canadian. I’ve always thought that the Queen of cosmetics, skin care and wrinkle remover was from USA.  See how little I know about the woman behind all the cosmetics that I had been using for half of my life and was also known as Florence Nightingale Graham.

Elizabeth Arden is a legend in her own rights.  At 24 she dropped out of nursing school in Toronto and moved to New York City – worked briefly for Eleanor Adair and the rest was history as they said. Training in Paris and then went into business with a chemist to produce all those wonderful product for the woman folks.  She married an American banker and became an American citizen and when she died – her estates were worth 30 million and more.  Her company was sold for $657 million !  wow!

Eva Ault

I used to play hockey myself but not on ice mind you.  I figured playing on ice must be more difficult – we use to need to get effective weight loss pills just to be on the right weight and right tone for one’s body.   Eva Ault is a star of Ottawa Alerts hockey team – i had read about her when i first arrived in Canada.. because she was one of the best women hockey players in Canada.  She was known as the Queen of Ice by her fans.  Not a easy title to get in my humble opinion.

Eva helped put women’s hockey on the map in the 1916, as at that time – women didn’t have their own leagues nor held any championship games.  Thanks to Eva hardwork and non deterrent attitude, women’s hockey soared in popularity around the time of the First World War.  WOW ! right..!!  even before my great grandmother’s time.

Charlotte Nickinson

I was at the local play house in town – when i saw this picture hanging on the walls – so i got a  little curious and while wondering what best face cream i can buy, I read up about Charlotte too since I am interested the local play house this days – i cannot help but want to know more.

Charlotte Nickinson is an actress and theatre manager born in Quebec in 1832, and at the young age of 14, she made his debut as an actress in New York and only retired in 1858.  She wed a newspaper editor and settled in Toronto where she returned to theatre after her husband’s death. She didn’t really succeed in being a Theatre manager but became the Presient of Toronto Relief Society instead.

Henrietta Muir Edwards

Sitting at hotel new orleans and looking at some historical character, i came across Henrietta Muir Edwards – who was the co founder of YWCA – also known as the Working Girl’s Association then.  She not only co – founded the YWCA, she also started the first Canadian working women’s magazine, Working Women of Canada in Montreal.   Now wasn’t that courageous!   Born in 1849 and died in 1931 – now you know why i said she was courageous..?? those were the days.. where women folks were actually considered anything.  Inspiring is an inadequate word for women like Henrietta Muir Edwards – with women like her – we cannot fail.

Alice Wilson

While doing my online backup i found Alice Wilson in one of my files that i had planned to write about for a long time now.  Another great woman here – born in 1881 and died even before i was born – like i said before i believe all Alices are great woman.  Alice was the first woman to hold a professional position at the Canada Geological Survey and that was in 1909 – she was a Asst Palaeontologist.

Now in those days, women weren’t allowed to work in that field but wait a minute was women allowed to work then..??  not many i think.  But Alice was very persistence and was assigned to Ottawa – St Lawrence Valley.  For 50 yrs of her life she studied and mapped over 16,000 km on foot and by bicycle as well as by car – and may i add she bought her car on her own – no company’s car back then.

She was 48 when she received her doctorate in geology, she pursued her PHd then.  In 1935, she became a member of the order of the British Empire.  Shortly after that she even published her work and after she retired at the age of 65 – 5 ppl had to be hired to replace her.  Now wasn’t that a great woman !

Charmaine Lim

There are many people who comes in and out of our lives.  People who upsets us a lot but there are people who touched our lives even without meeting them or knowing them personally.  I’ve met ppl who has malignant Mesothelioma and here we have Charmaine Lim who hasneuroblastomthis last February a rare form of cancer that strikes the adrenal glands of infants and children.  These are the small glands above the kidneys. They control the heart rate and blood pressure, among other functions.  It is not only Charmaine a feisty few years old kid that inspires me but her mother cynthia as well as Jolene a friend who started this awareness campaign.  Fight on ..Charmaine.. and Cynthia.. and I hope the world has more Jolenes.