Alice Wilson

While doing my online backup i found Alice Wilson in one of my files that i had planned to write about for a long time now.  Another great woman here – born in 1881 and died even before i was born – like i said before i believe all Alices are great woman.  Alice was the first woman to hold a professional position at the Canada Geological Survey and that was in 1909 – she was a Asst Palaeontologist.

Now in those days, women weren’t allowed to work in that field but wait a minute was women allowed to work then..??  not many i think.  But Alice was very persistence and was assigned to Ottawa – St Lawrence Valley.  For 50 yrs of her life she studied and mapped over 16,000 km on foot and by bicycle as well as by car – and may i add she bought her car on her own – no company’s car back then.

She was 48 when she received her doctorate in geology, she pursued her PHd then.  In 1935, she became a member of the order of the British Empire.  Shortly after that she even published her work and after she retired at the age of 65 – 5 ppl had to be hired to replace her.  Now wasn’t that a great woman !

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