Ella Webster Bronson

Ella was not an ordinary lady but she was married into a wealthy family called the Bronson in Ottawa, she was a devoted mother who was very active in community work after raising her kids.  Ella was the vice president of the Ottawa Local Coucil of Women during the period of 1894 – 1911.  She was also lobbying for the teaching of domestic science, a free library system and cottages for consumptives.  She started the Associated Charities of Ottawa, coordinating the efforts of various agencies, setting standards for recipients of charity and more.

Ella also founded the Ottawa Maternity Hospital in 1895, where she served as President for the next 30 yrs with an all female board.  The hospital provided obstetrical services for a small fee.  It also trained more than 600 nurses and served more than 10,000 patients until the mid 1920s. In 1925, Webster signed over the maternity hospital property to the city, where it wa absorbed into the Civic Hospital.  She took ill the next day and died a week later.

Emily Pauline Johnson

Daughter of a Mohawk leader – Emily Pauline Johnson was a poet and was born in Ontario and who wasn’t interested in severe acne treatments like her girlfriends but interested in books only.   Emily was quite the popular poet of the late 19th to 20th centuries.  She was hailed by Theoddore Watts – Dunton as an authentic Indian voice – and we all know how important it is to give recognition to the Indians in Canada.

A public reading at the Young Liberal Club of Toronto led to invitations and her tour around the world from 1892 to 1909, until she became ill and settled in Vancouver.  In 1895, Emily wrote her first book – The White Wampum, which focused on First Nations themes.  Her most fmous book came out in 1912 which included poems from her first two collections.  Do check it out if you can find the time as Emily explores theme of inter-racial relationships.

Jean Wilson

After watching the winter Olympics in Vancouver for the first time this year – i cannot help but think of Jean Wilson – who was also an Athlete and a Speed Skater.  Born in Glasgow, Scotland – born during a time where there was no computers nor internet or free seo software .  Jean was a rising Canadian athlete in speed sakting, a career she bgan at the young age of 15.   In 1932, at Lake Placid Olympics Games, woemn’s speed skating was classed as a demonstration event.  As Canada’s 1931 North American Champion, Jean won a gold in the 500m and silver in the 1500m.  It would be another 28 yrs before women’s speed sakting would become an official Olympic event at the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley California.

Sadly at the age of 23, Jean contracted a rare muscular disease called myassthenia gravis.  It was months following the Olympics when she was admitted and batter her rare disease for a year before she passed away in 1933.  When i watched the women event this year – i cannot helped but think of Jean Wilson.

Netti Covey Sharpe

Netti Covey Sharpe was a collector from Quebec – born in 1907 and was dedicated in finding and preserving folk art and antiques of the traditions that Quebec inherited from New France.  She was a very good looking woman too and if there was such a thing as the  best slimming pill during those days – i won’t be surprised if she did take them.

Nettie purchased her first collectible in 1934 at the young age of 27 and in those time – there were very few connoisseurs who took an interest in Quebec antiques or folk art.  Most people of this era were eager to replace handmad antiques with modern furnishings and I’m guilty of it too.  The many pieces that Netti collected she actually found them from the street.  By the 70s, most of her collection had been established.  Many of her collection are now acquired by Civilization of Man.

Martha Munger Black

Martha Black is not only a politician but also an adventurer – I came across her profile while looking for the best weight loss pills .  Martha was born in Chicago IL in 1866 and you and I know that women during those time were more conservative.   What was quite remarkable about Martha was that she gave up her rich society life and her first husband because of the Klondike Gold Rush.  She then gave birth to her 3rd son in a trek over Rocky Mountains.

With her 3 sons , she then formed a gold mining partnership and opened a saw mill in Dawson during the early 1900s.  She then married George Black a few years later and became the commissioner of Yukon Territory and an MP later.  In 1935 – when my mother was born, Martha eas elected to the Parliament and she was then 70 yrs old – not only was she not young anymore .. she was also the second woman ever elected into the Parliament.  Known as the mother of Yukon she died at the age of 91 Black Street in Yukon was named in memory of Martha Black.

Lydia Gruchy

Lydia Gruchy was born in Paris, France and died in 1992 – she was a minister by profession.   I was looking at some  personalized basketballs when i came across this article of her in church.  She arrived in Saskatchewan in 1913 and studied and graduated in the Theological College there now known as the St Andrew’s College.  She then spent the next 13 yrs of her life serving the community there as their lay minister.  She was one of the first woman who was ordained as a minister and it didn’t come any easy either.  Lydia then moved on to Toronto and served in the national church there and became the first woman to receive the Doctor of Divinity degree from St Andrew’s College.  And in 1994 after her death Lydia Cruchy Chair of Pastoral Theology was established in her honor and in memory of her.   And in 2003 the chapel at St Andrew’s United Church was named the Lydia Gruchy Chapel.

Sergey Brin

Everyone knows who Sergey Brin is – I bet even my mother would be proud of him.   His age is only 36 but he is already a billionaire who might need a  Symbol LS2208 to count his fortune if they were cashed out from the bank.   Yes ! he is RICH!  rich and young and good looking too.   This tech darling is loved by everyone and everyone uses his program everyday – Google and Google Chrome.

Surely by now – you would have heard his rag to riches story –  boy come to America from Russia- met his future partner Larry Page at Standford but the two did not finish school but instead drop out of school and started google from his friend’s garage – well – like they said – the rest is history.  Unfortunately, he is married – so the grand scheme to snatch him up is poof ! hahah!!

Liliane Bettencourt

I almost missed this person in my inspirational blog – Liliane Bettencourt!  what a name eh.   But she sure looked healthy for someone her age – 87   – must be using some great dip station for her daily exercises if you asked me.

L’Oreal makeup heiress – founded by her dad, I hear she still has very much say in the company – but her daughter might be another inspiration person one needs to watch out for – Francoise Bettencourt Meyers.  But alas mother and daughter no longer speaks to each other due to well known photographer.

So who is Liliane Bettencourt?  well, one thing you all know by now is she is one of the richest person in the world.  With a net-worth of $20 billion – no wonder the daughter wants to bring the photographer to court to stop him from allegedly took advantage of an older lady.  I seriously don’t think so – since this french lady is known to be the iron fist and the controlling stake holder of a cosmetic giant for more than 4 decade  Liliane was the only child and her mother died when she was very young – 5 yrs old i think – must be very hard on her too.

Ursula Burns

Ursula Burns is the first African American woman to become the head of a Fortune 500 company – she is the CEO of Xerox.  Any woman who heads a company like Xerox has my full respect – and you will need a flash drive to take in everything you need to know about her.   I think what i admired most of Ursula Burn is that even though Xerox wasn’t doing that good – she still took on the position and is still working hard to strengthen the company.  Currently ranking #9 most powerful women – and reported a revenue of $ 17.6 billion in 2008 – Ursula Burns came from humble beginnings – that must be one of the best qualities i hope to tell my children – that you don’t need to come from a rich family to succeed.