Abdul Satta Edhi

We should have more people like Abdul Edhi in this world – why?  because he is known also as the Mother Teresa of Karachi – or the equivalent.  Abdul and his wife apparently worked with people and helping them for a long, long time and they are folks who doesn’t like the publicity either.  Folks like Abdul and his wife are proof that you do not need to be very rich nor very educated to care and help others.  They are totally committed to helping the poor and needy.

Abdul started the Edhi Foundation on his own in a one room office but is now one of the largest welfare organization in Pakistan.  The foundation now has over 300 centers across the country providing medical care, family planning and emergency assistance.   The foundation refuses to get any help from the government to maintain its independence and in 1985 the foundation received the Nishan – e – Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan and in recognition of their services the Government of Philippines awarded Abdul and his wife the Magsavay award.

Hospitality People

For those who are not aware of this – I worked in the hospitality industry for many years before migrating to Canada in the name of love.  Working a  customer service representative work –   is not as easy as you think – or see – because back home in Asia – we bend backwards to keep our in house guests happy.  So when I first came to Canada and our the hotel room wasn’t reserved for us as planned – and no apologies given – I cannot but wonder how people survive here in the hospitality industry.

Back home to work in the hospitality industry – you have to go to a school called the SHATEC – Singapore Hotel Association & Training, Entertaining and Catering for 2 years and you pay for it – thousands of dollars to get into a hotel. Of course, here in the West – you are indeed lucky – you can become a front desk clerk – without the school.   But yes – you have to admire the customer service people – because they deal with all sorts of people.  Sure we all hope for great in house guests or paying customers – but some customers can be really nasty and abusive.  Plus when you work in a hotel – and on a night shift with drunk customers coming back from night club – you really need to be very tactful – inside story.   Having said all the above – I’ve had great joy working in the hotels i worked for and I’ve gain so much experiences from them – I learned a lot and brought it a long with me – when i came to Canada.

Yoko Nagae Ceschina

This Japanese lady who is 75 years old lives in Italy – married to an Italian businessman who died in 1982 – leaving her a fortune.  But she decided long ago – that her mission in life is to support the arts and help fund many, many orchestras and musician.  Ardent supporter of the New York’s Carnegie Hall since 2005.  Underwrote the New York Philharmonic’s first concert in Pyongyang on Feb. 26, as well as its show in Seoul two days later. As part of the tour, music students in North Korea took classes with Philharmonic musicians and attended their rehearsal.

Yoko’s favorite quote is :”I know nothing about politics, I don’t care about the conflicts between North Korea, Japan, United States. I love music and music is a universal language. I am pleased I can make the concert possible, I hope it can contribute to peace”  And more people should be like her.

Carol Channing

I’ve actually only know more about Carol Channing after listening forever to this song “Diamonds Are The Girl’s Best Friend”.  Carol was the original singer of this song in Broadway – or rather introduced this song to everyone.  And in most places that I’ve seen Carol in ?  are award shows – so I’ve often wondered who this person is.

Born in 1921, she is an singer and an actress – won 3 Tonys and including a lifetime achievement, a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.  Married 4 times – she now resides in California with her 4th husband – her high school sweetheart.  Ahhh – so sweet!

Patwant Singh

Bhai Patwant Singh is a famous Sikh writer, commentator, journalist, editer and publisher, as well as a frequent TV presenter. He was born in New Delhi on March 28, 1925. He grew up and carried out his school and University education in Delhi. He began his career in the family business of building and engineering but soon merged these interests with his love for writing. He started up his first periodical, The Indian Builder, in 1953 as publisher. In 1957, he unveiled his most influential journal, Design, the only magazine of its kind in the world at that time.

Singh wrote over 10 books on history, politics and international affairs. His latest ‘Empire of the Sikhs: The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ was released in Washington DC on June 18. Educated in Delhi, Patwant Singh, who made headlines with path-breaking Design magazine before turning his focus to issues that the Sikh community was grappling with, authored a definitive biography of Bhagat Puran Singh and several books about Sikhs.

As Chairman of a family Trust, Patwant Singh established a unique rural medical facility in the state of Haryana in 1977. The Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre is today acknowledged as a one-of-a-kind initiative in providing medical coverage and promoting preventive health in rural India. It was born out of Patwant Singh’s conviction that very little was being done for the medical and educational needs of the rural population in India, and that private initiative must play a role in providing these. A school was also founded next to the hospital a few years later. Both continue to flourish.

He travelled to many countries, often as a guest of their governments. Among these are Germany, USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Teachers Who Works With Special Kids

I have never met teachers who worked with special kids till coming to Canada and because my kid’s class has a special kid.  Having to explain why this good kid is different to my kid was a wee tough but seeing how one of her teacher dealt with this special kid was very touching.  The patience and the kindness from this teacher really taught me something – it touched a sentimental chord in me.  One can never imagine – what a teacher like that have to go thru’ daily – everyday is a new challenge – for i know one day – the kid ran outta the class into the streets because she thought that recess bell was the going home bell.

So at the end of the school year – we all decided to chip in and get this special teacher a gift – a thank you gift – even though she wasn’t dealing with my kid – but I figured it would be a thoughtful thing to do as well for a teacher so special.  So we decided to get her an ipod touch and I read up on some ipod reviews to make sure we get the right ipod for her but instead chose a ipod nano for her gift.  Why?  with an ipod touch – she needed a subscription to go online where else the ipod nano – she can just use it for her daily walking and exercises – that was all she needed according to the rest of the parents in school.  Yes ! special teachers deserve something special from parents – regardless whether it’s your special kid – we should all honor and appreciate these “special” teachers.

James Woller

I don’t know much about James Woller but an article I read online – made me stopped and thought for a bit that if everyone would be a little like James Woller – wouldn’t this world be a much better place.  Why? James Woller can be a lot of things – afterall, has a BA in International Affairs with a concentration on Economic Development.  But instead – he is helping children who were abandoned, orphaned or destitute and is permanently now in Bulembu.  Where ? i hear you asking.  Yes where is Bulembu indeed.  Bulembu is located in Swaziland  – not Switzerland ok – Swaziland is somewhere in South Africa.

James Woller works with AIDs orphans, helping them with developing a life skill – also creating AIDs awareness within the public school system to bring understanding of the illness to children.  I cannot imagine what the condition of the place is – but it cannot be anything like where we are – now his hometown Vancouver.  It takes are really “big” man to leave the comfort of everything to do something so incredible and selfless.  That’s James Woller – I hope the world has more James Woller.

Terry Gou

Known to be Asian 10 biggest philanthropist – at 57 runs Hon Hai Precision in Taiwan- also known to be Taiwan’s richest man with a fortune at $5.5 billion – is said to turn over his massive wealth to charity before he dies. His philanthropy focusing mainly on health care – last year alone funded a medical research for $500 million for the Taiwan University.  Wow! right?  $500 million is a lot of money!  for someone with that kind of wealth – i’m sure he uses some good document management software for all his work and personal properties. His company is now the world’s largest contract manufacturer after leapfrogging Flextronics – therefore, I know that a good management software is what he will be needing even if he did not have one now.  Terry is said to be very eligible and receiving lots of attention from hopeful woman around the world.   Busy, busy for this important man! who puts his shares into a trust for his employees bonuses!  I want to come work for Terry Gou too!

Yu Peng Nian

Amazingly generous – Yu Peng Nian – 88 yrs of age – gave everything away last month – to a foundation – he established 5 yrs ago.  I’m sure it rocked China – in a huge way -= what this philanthropist did.  Coming from a poor background but now a real – estate magnate – who would think that he would not leave anything for his family but to aid his pet causes – student scholarships, reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and paying for operations for those like him who suffer from cataracts.  His total donation is entirely what he had  3.2 billion yuan (about $500-million).

Mr Yu was asked if his children were upset about his donation?  in which he had replied that if they were capable – they would have made their own fortune.  He also made sure that none of his donation will ever get inherited.  Harsh perhaps..?  or eccentric like he is well – known for ?  As a multi-millionaire i hear he doesn’t really display his wealth but chose to live in a hotel – his own perhaps..and eat in the restaurant like the rest of the people.

Mr. Yu, who is ranked the 432nd richest person in mainland China, has topped the Hurun Report lists of the country’s top philanthropists four years running – and will certainly do so again this year – leading by example as the idea of large-scale giving has quietly taken hold among a growing number of China’s superwealthy. His rag to riches story is quite inspiring i must say.  A man who doesn’t care what others say but just to make himself happy.  Wished i could say the same too eh.

Shirley Douglas

Shirley Douglas is the mother of Kiefer Sutherland from 24 – the tv series that had been running for years now.  It is only today that I learned about this – and what a beauty she was – i mean she still looked really stunning for her age.   I see where Kiefer gets his good looks from eh and I bet if she was living in Asia – her dad would need some good deadbolt locks to keep the suitors/admirers out hahahah!!   But of course in the West – things are quite different and locks are only meant to keep the crooks out and not those who genuinely admire their daughters.   Shirley Douglas, the daughter of the Greatest Canadian, Tommy Douglas carries on his legacy by being actively involved in lobbying federal and provincial government officials to retain and improve Canadians’ medicare system.