John Gokongwei Jr

John Gokongwei Jr. from the Philippines is of 81  years of age –  founder and chairman emeritus of conglomerate JG Summit Holdings. Announced at his 80th birthday celebration in August 2006 that he was giving half of his shares of the company worth $200 million then  – the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, which he chairs. That donation is the country’s largest ever and is now funding the first batch of 34 Filipino postgraduates with  China Scholars who are in Beijing for 14 months to study the country’s language and culture.  Not many people can come out to say that they are giving half their fortune – I mean how many can say they will give $100 USD to charity near home?  not many ! the world needs lots of people like John Gokongwei Jr.

Terry Fox Run

My daughter participated in the Terry Fox run last week in school – she asked me why did Terry Fox have a metal leg?  Yes ! kids!  they do ask the darnedest questions don’t they?  the other day – she asked me how to lose belly fat and she is only but a child! she said it was for her friend in school – who wants to lose her belly fat and be as slim as herself.  So I told her that kids don’t need to lose belly fat – except for adults who eats too much junk food like daddy – and of course, she wouldn’t let go – and she asked and asked and kept comparing her belly with her dads for days now.

Anyhow, Terry Fox run – yes an inspiration – I told my kid – and for those who kept his dream going on for this long – even more admirable.   As we all know that the Terry Fox run   is an annual non-competitive charity event held in numerous regions around the world in commemoration of Canadian cancer activist  – Terry himself.

Chen Shu-Chu

Chen Shu-Chu was so poor that she didn’t finish her elementary school but in May this year – this woman was recognized by Times as one of the most generous giver – for the better tomorrow – a good cause.  Chen who is an ordinary woman – with no special skills – but a vegetable seller in Taiwan gave close to US 330K to charitable organization.  Living frugally and being thrifty was how she was able to save up all the money she gave away.  Forbes named her one of the Heroes of Philantrophy.  Chen didn’t want any award for what she did – she just did it out of her heart – she said it wasn’t a contest.    Now if only every one of us has a little bit of generosity of what Chen has – the world will be a better place.

Beauty Icon Of Yesteryears

I’ve grown up watching beauty icons of the yesteryears – and Audrey Hepburn was one of them.  I wanted to be like her – so beautiful – no blemishes – nice hair – huge eyes and unlike myself – waking up in the morning – when i was a teen – needing blackhead remover to get ready for school.  I’ve often wonder how these women do it – look so beautiful no matter what the situation.   I guess I now know better – and all real woman need special care.  But yes!  if only I could look like Audrey Hepburn for just one day – I would die without any regrets.  Does she inspire me?  yes of course – to look and dress more beautifully and to take care of my health and skin.   Do you have a beauty icon you admire and in awe of ? i still prefer the beauty icon from yester-years.

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside from  Australia/New Zealand, 59 years of age is one of Melbourne’s leading commercial barristers. Puts in hundreds of hours each year in pro bono work on human rights and refugee cases. Became involved in 2001, when he represented Afghan asylum seekers at center of Australia’s “Tampa” crisis. Since then Burnside and his wife, artist Kate Durham, have housed asylum seekers in their Melbourne mansion as part of their Spare Rooms for Refugees initiative. Also a big supporter of the arts, funding an innovative performing arts space and buying paintings from young unknown artists “because they need the money.”

Michael Jackson

Born in 1958, who doesn’t know who Michael Jackson is right..?? Even the aliens from Mars would know who he is.  Did he die in vain..??  Well, if i am half as famous as he was.. when he was alive and commanded so many ppl paying their last respect to him.. i wouldn’t think it was in vain.  Given that he died in such a manner.. but still this man inspired many.. and did many good.. as well as the weird.   I don’t really care if he had  male enhancements or even if he had cosmetic surgery or whether the kids were really his – I still think the is a hero in his own way.  How can anyone hold it against him – for wanting to do the stuff he wants to do.   i donch really know.. but still in my humble opinion.. he did inspired and changed the world.  Till today so many months after his death – we still hear stuff about MJ –  but to me – he is still the King of Pop and this man will go down in history.  It was the world’s lost !

Syed Moktar Albukhary

Syed Mokhtar is from Malaysia and 56 year of age.  He controls malaysia mining Corp and hold huge stakes in Johor Port and other business. He started the Albukhary Foundation  – a Muslim charity to help the needy – regardless of the religion or the color of the people.  He was the only donor in 1996 and gave $30 million and another 25 million in 2010.  His foundation funds remedial classes in English, Science and Math for more than 20,000 under achieving students from poor families each year.  His hopes is to bridge educational divide between the rich and the poor.  His foundation runs a college scholarship program for 300 students in more than 40 countries.

Valentino Rossi

If you are into motorcycle racing you would know all about Valentino Rossi – originally from Italy – but currently residently in London UK – also known as “The Doctor” is one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time.  He is the only man to have won world championships in the 500cc two – stroke and 990cc and 800cc four stroke classes.  How do I know?  the spouse is a ardent fan of Valentino Rossi and he reads all about him.

Young and well toned – and because of him – the spouse is into toning muscles, eating a low carb diet and thus reading all about it on glucomannan. But Valentino is a very private person – and keeps his training and personal life away from the public eye – so the spouse said.  But he makes no secret of his favorite football club Inter Milan.  Owning his own brand name of his own merchandise store – Valentino is definitely loved by lots of his fans and is up for Sportman of the World Award 2010 recently.

Y.F. Chang

Y. F. Chang from Taiwan is an  80 yrs old –  Chairman of container shipper Evergreen Marine.  He has given $64 million to the poor in the past two decades through his Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. Also funds education, museums and a publication to promote charity. Finances the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, which last year released a dvd of Taiwanese folk music, “Isle Formosa??here Mountains Meet the Sea.”

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is actually called – Eilleen Regina Edwards and a Canadian seriously I didn’t know about it till i came to Canada.  Quite terrible eh?  Coming from a broken home and a poor family – Shania Twain sure came a long way – not only in her career is she successful – she is definitely a beauty icon – that doesn’t have a need for any weight loss pills nor weight problems.  Now if every woman could look like Shania or be as confident as she is – that would be awesome.

Even after her breakup with her Swiss husband for his infidelity  – Shania was strong and was very gracious towards her fans.  Fans who loved this 5 times Grammy award winner – for her country and pop singer who sold over 39 million copies of her music – was only too pleased to see Shania come back in 2010 and radiantly happy.  From nothing to somebody – from happily married to divorce – but held her head high – yes – a true inspiration for all women out there.