Stacy Cohen

Stacy Cohen is the wife of tech savvy entrepreneur and philantropist Mouli Cohen.  Israel born Mouli Cohen businesses created thousands of jobs in United States and generated more than $3 billion in stockholder value.  So there should be no one who don’t know the famous couple whom I heard travel with their Asus everywhere they go.  And since they are so busy – with Stacy being an author to her own book called Kosher Billionaire’s Secret Recipe – I guess it’s important to have gadgets – like skype phones and LCD monitors   around you all day eh.  Raised and born in Texas – she converted to Judaism and offers her reader her personal guidelines to living a kosher life grounded in spirituality.  There are real recipes in her book and it is said to be a well being nutritional program for all.  Overall, I think Stacy Cohen’s lifestyle may not be for all – but the philanthropy part from Mouli Cohen may be a lot more interesting to some.

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