Inspirational People & Christmas

So you must be wondering what do these inspiration people do during Christmas right?  while the rich goes and have a private and expensive party – inspirational people attends charity balls? and collect money for the poor?  Elton John is an inspirational person – everyone knows who Elton John is – good friend of Princess Diana – he has seen many of his closest friends die of HIV/AIDS over the many years – therefore, he has established the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992.

Every year the 61-year-old legend opens his house to hundreds of celebrities and invited guests for a themed “White Tie and Tiara” ball to raise money for the foundation, and also holds post-Grammy and -Oscar parties as fundraisers.

“I have lost many dear friends to this terrible disease,” he said on the EJAF website. “In the mid-1980s, I began channeling my grief into efforts to help raise money for the pioneering charitable organizations that formed during those dark, grim years to fund AIDS research and provide vital services to people with HIV/AIDS.”

EJAF raised over $125 million to support programs in 55 countries to help people living with AIDs.  Elton John also gave his own personal wealth to charity.  He is the most generous person in the music industry donating up to 43 million around the world.  He also donated 120 motorcycles to African nation to be used by doctors and nurses for their work in visiting patients living in remote places.

J.T. Wang

J.T. Wang, 55, CEO of the Taiwanese PC maker Acer Group, is a harbinger of the future. When Wang became top executive in 2005, it ranked fifth in the global PC market. Acer has since stormed up the charts to No. 2, with more than 14% of the market, ahead of Dell and behind only HP.

Wang, who has worked at Acer for 29 years, is winning out with his knack for tapping into consumer trends — jumping headfirst, for example, into the craze for netbooks. “We don’t judge,” Wang once said. “We do what the customer really wants.”

Gifts For December Babies

December babies are so special – just like my daughter – born in December – this year we are getting her a   birthstone jewelry december – something I’ve been wanting to get for her for a long time now.  All December children are pretty special – just because mine is born in December – my extended family said – hahha!  but yes – everyone has their own birthstone – and it’s a pretty unique gift to give them their own birthstone – for Christmases or birthday – I think each stone says a different thing for each child.   Blue topaz is the one for a December child.

Drew Barrymore

I was flipping thru’ a magazine today and saw Drew Barrymore as CoverGirl model – yes the cosmetic brand CoverGirl.  I was kinda surprised because I expected Drew Barrymore to look a lot older – but she still looked as beautiful as ever.  Drew Barrymore must be as old as myself – coz’ i watched her in Exorcist when I was a kid – in fact we were about the same age – when she acted in that show.  But nope apparently she is 10 yrs younger than I – but she still looked very good for a 35 yrs old – in fact she can passed off as being only 25 yrs old with the Cover Girl pictures.  Some people recommended that i use the best hgh releasers if I wanted to look young and beautiful like Drew – what do you think?  It is said to restore your youthful looks, increase energy ( i so need that) and reduces fat.  Now if i can look like Drew – I would take anything!

Agnetha Fältskog

This is how Agnetha Faltskoy look like now – she is the famous singer with ABBA – the swedish group.  At 59 years old this year Agnetha still looked very good and I do envy.  Everyone who lived during my time – must at one time or another been touched by the music.

I played the ABBA music for my daughter this evening – and she wanted me to turn it off – because she said she had already heard it before in the show Mama Mia – hahahha!!  yes my 7 yrs old told me – it’s boring.  But little did she know that Agnetha and ABBA were my inspiration during my childhood days.

Last year Agnetha  and Anni-Frid Lyngstad both accepted a lifetime achievement award in Sweden – now wasn’t that something to brag about with your grandchildren and great grandchildren.  How many of us – achieved anything significant in our lifetime.  But Agnetha I read is a near recluse now – it`s just sad they are not like the Carpenters and singing and traveling still.  I would have loved to hear them one more time live!

Celebrity Philanthropist

Yes! Eva Longoria Parker – from Desperate Housewives – i feel terrible I didn’t know that she was one of them besides Oprah Winfrey.  So it’s not only Oprah who sends generators to warm up the orphanage and old folks.  I don’t know if they sent the honda generator eu2000i but in cold winters like ours – any kind of generator is a good back up plan.

Eva is also the spokesperson for Parents Against Cancer,  this is a a nonprofit  organization that iwants to make sure that the lives of Latino children with cancer and their families, are taken care of.  They worked with another non- profit group – the Shine Global,  and she served as  the executive producer of “The Harvest”, a documentary focusing on the plight of the 500,000 child farm workers in America.  So yes for the cold and needy – I’m sure she is all for keeping them warm with a generator – and you can be sure Eva will help.  I am very proud of Eva – because I liked all her shows very much – and now that I know that she is also using her position as a celebrity – to help others – more kudos to her.

Sam Pynn

If anyone would know about door hardware it has to be Sam Pynn from HGTV! She is no stranger to us in Canada of course – as she is the host and creative director responsible for styling and creating many interior features for the magazine – and she also worked with the top Canadian designers and appeared on tv with interviews with many famous designers from all over the world.  I like her work and follow it constantly since I’m a homeowner myself and wants to make my home as beautiful.  I wished i had her kind of talent – for she can turn ordinary homes into exquisite and unique looking ones.  So yes! if you want any kind of home or hardware advice – check her out.

Wu Yi

Title : Vice Premier/Minister of Health

Born : 1938

Birthplace : Wuhan, China

For a woman to be successful in China.. it’s really tough.. and for one to be a Vice Premier and Minister of Health.. now that has gotta take alot more than tough.. eh..??  Having risen up the ranks of China’s Communist Party leadership since 1962, Wu Yi, 66, became a member of the Central Committee in 2002, adding the post of minister of health in 2003. Wu Yi has been busy this year as she helps China battle disgruntled textile manufacturers, due to the lifting of World Trade Organization quotas. In a bold June speech in Hong Kong, Wu Yi called for an end to politicizing economic issues. One key move by her country should help here. Bowing to international pressure, in July China revalued the yuan by a modest 2.1%, scrapping the yuan’s ten-year-old peg to the U.S. dollar and replacing it with a tightly managed float against a basket of unspecified foreign currencies, in which the dollar will likely occupy a prominent place.

Christmas Present For The Working Women

Christmas is just round the corner – if you don’t know what to get for the wife, girlfriend or sister-in-law – or the working mother-in-law – try a blackberry phone like the spouse is getting for my sister.  Yes!  definitely a good idea for any busy woman out there, these days with a 3 years contract – I don’t even think it is that expensive.   She can get her facebook updates – emails and some even let you browse the net.  I remember when I received a new cell phone for Christmas one year – and I loved it!  No one can resist a Blackberry – can you?