Famous People & Famous Hotel

I used to work in one of the best hotels in the world and when you are working in such a hotel – you get to see all the famous people too.  I’ve met Phil Colins because of that – and many other famous people and you’ve gotta love it – so much so – I wished I worked in the concierge instead of the business center.  But we still got our perks – and most importantly, working in luxury resort or hotels – you get to stay in other famous hotels like the setai new york at a good price.

I may not be famous – but I’m quick picky when it comes to staying in a hotel – I wouldn’t want to stay in a average hotel when I am traveling for leisure or business – firstly because it is not comfortable – and secondly because of safety reasons – I need to make sure that the hotel has top class security.  More so if I am on business travel and staying in the hotel because the convention is in the hotel.  Meaning that I would be in the hotel for hours – so having all the amenities from room service, spa, swimming pool and within walking distance to anything and everything is important.   Plus, if you are famous, important or needs special attention – these hotels have special elevator and special entrances to avoid the press or people you don’t want to meet or see.  Gotta love famous people and famouse hotels.

Shiro Nakamura

Shiro Nakamura is the Chief Creative Officer of Nissan and has the nickname of “Fingers”  – they say that one can interpret his nickname in many ways – I am sure good ones.  Mr N – is very hands on with his creativity and a music lover who plays cello.   Apparently, he gets his inspiration from shoes, video games, and even bumblebees.  The first global mass market electric car is made to sell – and not just for specified buyers but for everyone.  Mr N who is 59 understands the market and what people needs and that is what he is giving to the people in his creativity with the Nissan cars.  Named as one of the most creative people in the world – I bet a day in Mr N’s life would be very insightful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

May be a little hard for some to believe but Arnold Schwarzenegger who was an actor and professional body builder turned into a politician not too long ago is a strong supporter and advocate for health care as governor of his state.  Yes !  I too cannot believed it when I remembered Mr S publicly defended his use of anabolic steroids during his bodybuilding career.  I don’t know if he promoted diet tablets but I know that he had an open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve and publicly defended his use of steroid but ever since the state made them illegal had stopped using them. So yes ! it does make sense now to me – that he is one of the most influential people in health care and taking it upon himself to make sure that his people are treated right.

Al Gordon

Many may not know about Al Gordon – but I grew up reading about him because my grandfather was very into financial news and Al Gordon who died in Sept 2009 – will have an ardent fan waiting for him in heaven.  I bet my grandfather is having a hell of a time with Mr Gordon – also known as Mr Harvard –  a veteran in the financial market – as he  had been the oldest living graduate of Harvard College and of HBS and for many decades was a notable friend and supporter of both the University and the School.

Al was born in USA, Massachusetts, in 1901 and raised in Brookline,  he was a Harvard College graduate, took a job with Goldman Sachs after HBS.  With 2 partners, he acquired a firm called the Kidder, Peaboady & Co  – the company was a not even a prominent company at that time.  But this was that company  became one of the top underwriting firm in the world.   And Al Gordon was known to give financial opinions to the past presidents of United States.

Al lived to a ripe old age of 105 and that was because he believed in sleeping well, no alcohol or tobacco and lots of exercises.  Famous for walking the stairs of skyscrapers and from airport to downtown hotels – he even went for his first marathon in London at the age – where most grandfathers would be sitting in the park or in the hospital – Al was 81 yrs old then.  Al never stopped – besides a personal trainer at 99 yrs old – he was also active in his work as an investor till the day he laid down.  Not many of us – can say we lived our lives the fullest and all that successful as Al Gordon.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga known not only for her music – but also named by Elle fashion as one of the most influential woman in the fashion industry.  We saw her perform last year in December and look at how skinny she is!  My best friend said she wants to look like Lady Gaga! so she is going out to get some safe diet pills for the new year and loose all the weight she can.  I wouldn’t mind looking like Lady Gaga either after eating so much during the holidays.  As I’m writing now – I’m still chewing on a cookie !  you see what I mean about needing help? but yes – as much as I want to lose a lot of weight – I want my diet pills to be safe too.  The girlfriend said maybe if we jumped and dance a lot like Lady Gaga – we might lose some too – but at 45 with a kid and a store to look after – it’s hard to keep dancing and jumping like Lady Gaga – so yes!  safe diet pills – I need that’s for sure.

Jonathan Ive

Known as Steve Job’s creative sidekick – I wonder if it should be taken as a compliment or a joke?  Oh well, we all know that Jonathan Ive is considered one of the smartest people in the world of technology – after all, he created the iPhone. Jonathan Ive is 43 years old  – Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple of course and is an expert in the manufacturing industry – and hailed from Britain.  A quiet man I read and a perfectionist like his boss – Steve Job.  Married with twins – moved to United States to finish his studies and currently living in San Francisco and very low profile.  I know someone in Denmark who would love to meet Jonathan Ive – that’s for sure – since he is so into the Apple products.

Nigella Lawson

I happened to chance upon the new u tube video of Nigella Lawson at her home, this episodes was in her garden and I love how her backyard was decorated for a BBQ and loved the birdhouses she has – they were really charming and gave the backyard such a wholesome and cozy feel – which makes me want to re-do my garden starting from spring.  Pretty inspirational after watching that video.

Everyone knows Nigella Lawson right?  The Domestic Goddess and English Muffin which she is  also known as.. but of course Nigella Lawson is more than that as you can see – a wonderful home maker as well with 2 lovely children.  Nigella was a name given by her grandmother and  Nigella is anything but common. Her father is a Baron and her mother is from some influential family.  Host of Nigella Bites became so famous.. even people from Asia loved her and her shows, plusbooks. Sold more than 3 million books worldwide. – Nigella enjoyed a very successful career with Food Network in USA.

I fell absolutely in love with her for her unpretentious and easy cooking style, thus making every woman i know feel that conquering the kitchen is not that difficult after all. She doesn’t have an empire like Martha Stewart but she is definitely an inspiration to all woman  from all over the world. and most importantly that a that a bigger size woman can be sexy too.

Dr Noeleen Heyzer

Title : Executive Secretary of UN Escap

Birthplace : Singapore

Born: 1948

Dr Noeleen Heyzer was awarded the woman of the year award 2007 in Singapore by a well known magazine there. The very first woman to hold a senior rank of under secretary general of UN, I am in awe..! But that’s not all, in July 2007 Dr Heyzer was appointed to head the UNs Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific.

Dr Heyzer is the recognized and highly commendable for her act in putting issues that affects women on the agenda of the UN. Based in New York for a good 12 yrs, under the umbrella of the UN again, her work strengthens women’s right and economic security. Ending violence against women and combating HIV/Aids is definitely in her agenda. Praised by UN officials for her quiet determination and charm, Dr Heyzer was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

Cameron Woo

I’ve never personally met Cameron Woo but I’ve seen a lot of property – especially residential ones designed by Cameron Woo.  Singapore being a very affluent country and as a home owner – we always bring in a good interior designer to help us with our renovation work – so when I was at a house warming of a ex- co-worker and saw how Cameron Woo used ceiling fans around the patio area – so beautifully not only as a fan – but as a creative way to separate – the children play section in the patio and where the adults can sit and enjoy a cup of tea – I knew that this designer was going to go places.

I loved the way he used ceiling fans for the outdoor areas but for certain rooms as well – to bring out the country like feeling – and the coziness of the home.  As you all know – it’s very hot/warm in Singapore and most people would just use air-con – but not this designer though.  Every lighting in the home indoors and outdoors were also carefully picked and I love how he brought out the rustic feel in the home right in the middle of the city.  I’m definitely inspired by designers like Cameron Woo – who made my co-worker’s home – look so rustic with so many modern amenities.

Peter Lim

Everyone in Singapore would know who Peter Lim is – I would think by now – he is one of the 10 richest person in Singapore – where I come from.  When I was still living in Singapore – we often hear about Peter Lim doing this and that as a investor.  But yes ! Peter Lim is a shrewd investor and a name often associated to Manchester United because of his interest in this football team.

Lim, 57, ranked as the eighth-richest Singaporean with an estimated wealth of £1.01 billion by Forbes, has exclusive rights to own and operate a chain of Manchester United-themed restaurants and bars in Asia.  And for those who are into fashion – you too will know that Peter Lim is the 2nd largest shareholder to FJ Benjamin a high end fashion retailer in Singapore.

Peter Lim wasn’t born with a golden spoon – he is the son of a fishmonger and earned his fortune as a stock broker and became a private investor in 1996.  Amazing isn’t it?  and he has always been a low profile celebrity in his own hometown.  Yes! he is everyone’s inspiration that’s for sure.