Chip Foose

If I ever get a car designed by Chip Foose – I would definitely need some really cheap car insurance because the car designed by Chip must cost a fortune – and if you have seen the cars designed by Chip – you too would agree with me  that I should start looking for  cheap car insurance quotes a first before getting a car designed by Chip Foose.

Chip Foose is only 2 years older than myself and he is definitely more accomplished than I am and he is one creative man!  who started designing cars when he was a kid.  He started working for his father’s company and moved on to open his own car design firm called Chip Foose Design.  He now builds customized cars for private clients and won many awards for his work.  Partnering with Ford to design Ford vehicles – he had his first auto show in 2007.  There are also replicas of his work with Johnny Lightning – and even though he is so famous and successful, Chip made time to sit on the board of the Progeria Research Foundation as his youngest sister died of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome.   But yes, he is truly an inspiration to all the young people out there sketching and designing and dreaming of having their car marketed and in auto shows.

Cameron Diaz

Everyone knows who Cameron Diaz is – I am pretty sure about it – well, except my 7 yrs old – but she recognizes Cameron Diaz as the girl from Something About Mary.  Cameron Diaz’s eyes and smile are the most attractive – you can’t miss her in the crowd and as successful as she is – Cameron too is like any ordinary girl who suffered from dealing with acne.  Of course, you can’t see it in the movies and poster pictures now – she must have had the  best acne treatments because her skin is almost flawless now.   And although she doesn’t speak about her acne when she was a teenager – she did once admit about her struggle with it.  So it’s not all a bed of roses for this successful actress – but she did overcome it – and see how successful she is right now – and the dream girl of every man out there.

Sonia Gandhi

Named by Forbes as one of the most powerful people in the world – Sonia Gandhi is not like Princess Diana at all.  I find that her earlier pictures – showed she was more foreign than she was in her later years.  Perhaps being married to an Indian and India – changed one’s look?  If I didn’t know any better – I would have really thought she was from India.  But not so true because Sonia Gandhi was originally from Italy and met Rajiv Gandhi while he was in Cambridge.

Sonia’s husband as you all know is the member of the ruling party in India and Rajiv (husband) grandfather was India’s first prime minister and his mother Indira Gandhi also was in the office in the 70s.  Sonia’s husband also was the prime minister in the 80s but only for a short period till he was assassinated.  It was much later that Sonia followed the husband’s family footstep and entered into politics.

Meaghan Waller

Meaghan Waller was 19 when she was crowned Canada’s Next Top Model in 2009 – and she definitely was your girl next door who made it big.  Everyone at that time wished they looked like Meaghan – even the niece who was already very slim asked if she is taking some over the counter appetite suppressants in order to stay this good looking and win the title.  I wouldn’t blame her if she did – she does really look good.  But the niece who loved food – but wants to be very slim – well, she uses the appetite suppressant to help her not overeat.

Anyhow, Meaghan is from Winnipeg- and besides winning the title she also won a $100K beauty contract with Procter and Gamble and a modeling contract and of course fashion magazine shoots. Even after winning and working as a model – Meaghan remained very down to earth.   Very inspirational to young girls out there.

Liz Murray

Liz Murray is definitely an inspiration to the young teens and young adults we have around the world.  If Liz Murray suffered being poor and born to drug addicted HIV parents and went to Harvard then there is no excuse why people who come from bad background and bad parents to end up in jail.  If I were Liz – I would definitely had needed a lot of wrinkle cream because I won’t be looking like her at all – I would have been very worried – and may have turned out to be mentally unstable from worrying about the next day.

Liz’s mother died of AIDS when she was 15 and was then put in a homeless shelter, even though she started high school late – she still managed to finish school and graduated and has a degree in psychology.   There is a movie out there make about her life and she is a professional speaker who inspires people around the world.  I can never be a Liz Murray but I hope that by posting this up – those who are having wrinkles from worry about tomorrow because you come from a bad home or bad parents – can take a leaf from Liz’s life.

Marilyn Bell

Title : Athlete – Swimmer

Birthplace : Toronto, ON

Born : 1937

Marilyn Bell at the age of 16 .. was the first person to swim the 32 miles across Lake Ontario in 1954. The swim took her 20hrs . .and 59 mins. In 1955 .. she was the youngest person to swim the English Channel.. ! awesome girl eh..!! And in 1956 .. she swam across the Strait of Juan de Fuca off the coast of British Columbia.

Since her record setting swims.. she has worked as a volunteer, and taught swimming to children and adults with disabilities. In 2003, she was awarded the Order of Ontario, the province’s most prestigious official honor.

Ben Underwood

Wow!! what an amazing story of Ben Underwood – when my daughter is a little older – I am going to show her this video of Ben – doing just about anything a teenager can do.  Ben’s eye was removed when he was three because of cancer.   Within a short amount of time, he developed the ability to echo-locate and actually see things using sound. You absolutely must watch the videos to see how Ben operates. He left even renowned doctors stunned by what he could do. He’s apparently the only one in the world who has been able to do this. Unfortunately, Ben Underwood passed away in 2009 from cancer at 16. His story lives on to inspire us with what humans, and especially children, are capable of doing if give the proper environment of courage, determination, opportunity, and unlimited potential.  But so sad!  so sad! for me.

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein is the founder of Helena Rubinstein Incorporated and its beauty salons around the world.  I didn’t know that they are still around these days – truth be told – but looks like I was wrong – because I happened to see Demi Moore in a poster picture representing Helena Rubinstein new perfume a few years ago.   And we all know that Demi Moore is an A-list movie star and wouldn’t just be a doing an ad for just any cosmetic company.

Helena was born in Poland in the 1870 and she died the year I was born at 94.  Her parents did a great job in making her a bright and intelligent young lady with elegance and style.  I heard she was in medical school for 2 years – too bad she didn’t stay and learn all about curing   eczema – during those days and make medical cosmetic instead of just cosmetic.  But she was definitely a brave young lady then – who at those time – we never heard of rejecting a marriage – but she did and even moved to Australia.  I’ll have to say pretty brave even by my standard.

There she started her cosmetic salon and manufacturing cosmetic till 1965.  She left a great fortune – many houses and had a million dollars in art and jewelry collection.  The Helena Rubinstein brand was still growing strong after her death – and I do remember my mom using them when i was a kid.   Definitely, a inspiration to young woman around the world – who are struggling and trying to make it in life.

Nick Vujicic

I saw Nick’s video a few months ago – and if you had seen it – you would be crying too  – not of tears of sadness but tears of hope and tears of joy – tears of exuberance.  Nick proves that someone with a handicap does not mean that life is over – therefore people like me – should never complained about anything – no matter how tough it gets.  So now – when the tough gets going – I think about Nick   Vujicic.

check out this video and be inspired.

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild is 60 years old – and if I at 60 look like her – I would be the happiest woman on earth.  She first shot to stardom playing Constance Weldon playing Flamingo Road – and that was the first I saw her on TV.  I still think she has the most beautiful eyes – I’ve ever seen – and her skin – oh my! to die for – I’m sure she could be the spokeswoman for any cosmetic product – even for an adult acne treatment or for any hair product.

Morgan Fairchild was considered one of the sexiest women on television back in the glitzy and garish ’80s, when tons of hairspray and heavy makeup were the in thing. But at 60 she is still a very good looking mother and acted as  Matthew Perry’s too sexy mother, Nora Bing. But she is not only a good actress as the years went by she is also one of the original members and on the Board for Hollywood Women’s Political Committee who helped raised $1 million at a dinner to honor Nelson Mandela.