Manmohan Singh

Mr Singh is the current Prime Minister of India and he has a lot of specials in him – being the first sikh to hold this position in India.  Born in 1932 – he is slightly older than my own mother – named as the most respected world leader by Newsweek – he is loved by not only his own people but by people around the world.   Forbes named Mr Singh as one of the most powerful people around the world and said that he was one of the best Prime Minister ever in history for India.  Why is Mr Singh a special Prime Minister?  he was the only one who would back up special courts in India against corruption and recently reshuffled his cabinet due to corruption scandals.  Since his ruling, Mr Singh has promoted globalization in India – thus allowing India’s products to be shipped worldwide and economically viable for the nation.  Opening of schools all over India was also his priority in India.  Mr Singh’s impact on working with foreign countries to bring world peace is highly commendable as well.  He traveled to various countries meeting with various leaders – to come up with agreements and pacts that his predecessors had worked on before him.  A man with uncommon decency was what he is being called and a man with lots of grace.

Sister Carol Keehan

A true inspiration to everyone around the world.  Sister Carol Keehan reminds me of Mother Teresa – who respect the poor and everyone – treating them with dignity.  She wants health care to be better for the people and fought for those who don’t have insurance for health care. Sister Carol is the Chief Executive of the CHA and wants to make improvement in health care for the millions of people across USA.  They also called her the daughter of Charity.  There had been controversy report about her work and speech – but anyone who is willing to speak up for the right of others – has my respect.

Aishwarya Rai

The former Ms World with flawless skin is also an actress in her own rights in Bollywood.  You wouldn’t hear Ms Rai ask you how to get rid of pimples anytime soon too.  I was very impressed not only by her looks but by her radiant and beautiful skin.  She certainly don’t look like your everyday Indian girl – in fact, I strongly suspect she has some western ancestors somewhere a long the line.

For those who thinks that Aishwarya Rai is just another beautiful bimbo than you are wrong – she was studying to become an architect but gave up to become a model.  It is no wonder that Ms Rai had been named one of the most beautiful woman in the world.  Born in 1973, she continued to enjoy success in movie making – and married to another successful actor – she is said to be very religious.  I love looking at Aishwarya myself as a woman and envy her beautiful skin.

George Burns

George Burns said :  In what other business can a guy my age drink martinis, smoke cigars and sing? I think all people who retire ought to go into show business. I’ve been retired all my life.  So if anyone knows about  enjoying life – it had to be George Burns – and I bet – he knows all about choosing the best cigars like humidors – my father-in-law would have loved to have a cigar and a martini with him – that’s for sure.

They say he was a living legend – I say he was more than that – not just anyone can smoke 10 to 15 cigars a day for 70 years and without a complain but enjoying life to its fullest.  Some said that the cigars he smoke contributes to his longevity – hahah!!  I don’t know if there is any truth in it  – but my father-in-law who smokes the cigar occasionally is closed to 70 now.  But George Burns lived to a ripe old age of 98 – he started smoking cigars when he was 14 – for 5 cents.  George led a very interesting life – after reading his biography – I’m going to look for his life story on a movie – easier for me that way.  There is a road in Los Angeles named after George Burns – wow!!  I’ve always liked George Burns – and grew up watching him in movies and in comedies.   But yes ! who could’ve missed the man with his cigars.


Billie Jean King

Sports lover like myself must know who Billie Jean is ?  She was one of the greatest and most well known female tennis champions of all time – winning 20 titles in Wimbledon. But she was most well known for her role in fighting for equality in men and women tennis.  She campaigned for better pay – better recognition for female tennis players and was named one of the most influential people in America.  Even after retiring she was actively involved in Gay and lesbians rights in American – she is bi-sexual.

Eva Peron

Everyone in Argentina loves Eva Peron who is also the wife of President of Argentina – and became the first lady of Argentina.  She campaigned to help the poor and also wanted to make sure that the women folks had the right to vote in Argentina.   She was dearly loved and people in Argentina worship her because she was born of the poor and didn’t stand for any injustice even then.

Eva being the illegitimate child did not stop her from being the President’s wife in 1945.  After being the President’s wife – she fought for the poor and wanted improvement for the very poor.  Civil rights were granted to the Argentinean women because Eva Peron was tireless and relentless with her campaign for justice – for equality.  Eva Peron was only 32 when she died  – it’s too sad that she died so young but she remained a figure that most Latin American women look up to – for humanitarian reasons.   Passionate about her belief in righting the poor – Eva was truly an inspiration.

Holidays For The Rich & Famous

So where do the rich and famous go for holidays?  my kids asked me the other day when we were looking at the vacation places that my friend had gone for during their vacation last year. We want to visit our friends in North Carolina – so to bring the entire family – we are not going to stay in a hotel but instead rent a house near a beach.  Definitely, would be a lot cheaper and a lot more convenient – that’s why the kids want to know if there is going to be the rich and famous at the Outer Banks.  My answer to them was – you never know, for I’ve seen some very nice Beach houses fit for the rich and famous.  There is the beach front –  and hot tub with game room – pool table –  so there – full amenities in a vacation home.

Coco Chanel

I thought that everyone know who Coco Chanel was but I guess I was wrong – so I figured I should state that Coco Chanel was a woman who inspires me when it comes to fashion.  My first perfume bottle bought from my first job was by Coco Chanel – who is also the leading french designer and was named by Time as one of the most influential people in the 20th Century. In fact, a musical was made about her with Katherine Hepburn in it.

Coco died in 1971 and even though I was still quite young at that time – I still knew who she was – she was a legend in my humble opinion.  Coco changed the world’s thinking about fashion – she was the one who introduced different ways of wearing clothes and jewelry.  If you’ve heard of Chanel – then Coco Chanel is synonymous with it.

Arlene Blum

Arlene Blum is only 10 years younger than my own mom but she is definitely a lot more active than my mom.  Now I know where I get my in-activeness from hahahah!  Arlene is not only a mountaineer who loves the outdoors and going out into the wild in a minutes notice with her RV, (wonder where she gets her rv insurance ) she is also an accomplished writer and a health scientist for the environment.

Well known for her success in climbing the ascent of Annpurna in Nepal and the first woman to attempt to ascend the Mount Everest. Arlene writes books about her expedition and spends time in the outbacks for writing.  I read that she would drive in her RV for days on end to get her inspiration for her books but of course with someone like Arlene – I’m not surprised that she would park her RV near the mountains and take in the mountain fresh air just because.  Her books are pretty inspiring and according to one magazine  – it said that Arlene’s book will teach you everything you really need to know about business.   So the next time we are out camping with our RV, I’ll have to remember to get Arlene’s book to read – everyone needs to be inspired every now and then right?

Nando Parrado

Nando Parrado was an ordinary man who survived a plane crash and turned his life into an extraordinary one.   To survive a plane crash – now that must be something eh and Nando Parrado had also written one of New York Times Bestsellers called the Miracle in the Andes.  The movie Miracle in the Andes – was based on Nando’s experience and if you haven’t watched the movie – you should.

He is now a successful tv producer and businessman and also the CEO OF 4 companies in his home country – now doesn’t that inspire you?  not that I’m asking you to get a plane crashed but someone who lost half of his family in the crash – survived the ordeal – and lost 40 pounds – yet he stood up on his own and make his life an inspiration to others.   As far as I can see Nando Parrado is not only a survivor but something I can grow to respect.