Jim Skinner

For those who don’t know who Jim Skinner is – I’m sure you do know the fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s – yes that Ronald Mcdonald clown that serves burgers and fries that your kids love so much.  Jim Skinner is the CEO of Mcdonald’s Corporation.  Yes ! he is the biggest guy – I guess you could called it – at Mickey D – hahah!   But when you are the person who influences they way people eats and think of fast food – I guess he is an inspiration to all right – especially if you are one who loves food – whether healthy or not.

Born in 1944 – Illinois USA –  this man has one of the greatest power in the food industry since his company has 32, 000 restaurants in 117 countries.  Now how many people can say they head such a company right?  Mr Skinner’s salary in 2009 was at more than $1 million !!!!  wow!!!  and currently the 45th best paid executive in the world.  He is 67 years old and he is one guy I would like to get to meet one day and shake his hands – he probably teach me a thing or two you think?

Reed Hastings

Many may not know who Reed Hastings is – but when you talk about Netflix – you all definitely know about this entertainment company that is currently one of the hottest commodity in the entire North America.  I know so – because Netflix is all everyone talked about when it comes to movies and of course all the tech jobs they had been offering for a few years now.

Reed Hastings is a successful entrepreneur who dares to dream the impossible it seems – for one who had $10 in his pocket and hitchhiked across Africa – of course starting a new venture is not as hard as we may think for Reed Hastings. Netflix started as a mail order for your movies but you can get Netflix on your computer, your game consoles and even tv – we have it on our kid’s computer – for cartoons and only pay as little as $8 for it.  She loves it for the old cartoons – since we don’t have the older cartoons.  Reed Hastings is named as Times 2011  – 100 most influential people in the world –  now for those who needs a tech job – you know where to go – for Netflix is the current and future big thing in town.

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan is the Patriach of the Morgan family of millionaires and because of him – his sons and grandchildren inherited all the wealth that came with this investment bankers.  Born in the 1700s -an started with humble beginning helping his father till he passed away and then started JP Morgan with the inheritance left from his father’s estate.  With good business sense and acumen – he quickly acquired a stagecoach line, a tavern and also a 50 room hotel in Connecticut.   Well known also for collecting coins that were passed down to his son and then his grandchildren  – rumor has it that the Morgan family not only come with money but lots of rare and valuable coins.  And like they said – the rest is history – but I sure would like to view his coin collections if i ever get a chance.

Harry Jerome

Harry Jerome was also Mr Canada and known to be the world’s fastest man and one of the best athletes known of all times even though he had many injuries during his career.   Born in Saskatoon but lived in Vancouver Harry came in third in the 1964 Olympics and in 1966 won a first place in the Commonwealth games.  His 100m sprint set a world record of 10 second flat !  wow!! 10 seconds????  that must be something !!!

But what made Harry Jerome an inspiration was he never gave up even though the doctors told him he would never run again because of his injuries in a Common Wealth games in Perth.  He was determined alright – and he made a comeback after several months of physio and won that bronze medal that everyone was not only surprised but was definitely admired by even the ordinary people.  But Harry was not only about sports – he did well in the academic arena as well – earning both undergrad and grad degrees in the University of Oregon.  He helped younger athletes with sports equipment that they cannot afford and became not only a voice for the Black people in Canada but also help create jobs for them.  They called him a Canadian hero – and inspired many people and the African Canadians most.

Henry Ford

There is so much to share about Henry Ford – and I don’t know where to begin – but one thing I know for sure is that if there had been document scanning software then – Henry Ford would be the first to be using it.  Why?  because he is known to be super efficient and also a mind for innovation and anything new.  While back then they may not have this software  but I know that the local Ford Agent here uses the same software around their office because I’ve heard about it when we bought our first Ford some 11 years ago.

Anyhow – lets come back to Henry Ford.  Mr Ford is an American industrialist – that I’m sure you all know by now and of course he is also the founder of Ford Motor Company – and that is a fact – and he goes down in history just because of that.  Born in the late 1800s – Mr Ford is best known for his business acumen and the way he treated his employees.  While during those time – most employees get a wage of like a few dollars – Ford employees gets an equivalent of $110 by today’s standard for a day’s wages.  So if I was a Ford employee then I wouldn’t want to leave the company.

Mr Ford made car so cheap that he made it possible for everyone to own their own car and he introduced modern workshop and cars – high pay and cheap and good consumer products. Thus making him one of the richest man in American and famous as well.  I remember when i was in my teen – if you were driving a Ford instead of a japanese car – you are what they called an influential person with taste.  So how can folks like Mr Ford not like document scanning software right.  I can go on and on about Henry Ford – but you can see why I take a page outta his life all the time.

Richard Branson

You don’t called a person Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson for nothing you know!  Richard Branson wears many hats – he is a very successful entrepreneur – born in UK – and runs the Virgin Group of companies. Branson started as young as 16 yrs old with a business venture of a magazine  – now you tell me – how many 16 yrs old owns a business at that age?  none that I can think of to be honest.  And by the 70s he opened the Virgin Records brand and even set up the Virgin Atlantic Airways.  Branson is also in the Forbes’ list of billionaires and has a net worth of US$4.2 billion and here I only want one.

Branson is also pretty adventurous – who attempted many world record breaking adventures – guest starred in many tv shows – playing himself.  But it is Virgin Mobile that impressed me most – for I had been following Virgin Mobile due to the mobility of internet access using a turbo stick.  And in the latest news -Branson wants to create a sanctuary for lemurs – very noble of him – you would say?  Branson is 60 years old but he seems to be going really strong still and in all sorts of activities and functions – from movie premieres to the Virgin London Marathon recently.  I loved his relationship with his daughter Holly – I envy in fact – successful, busy and he has still got time for his family, needy and the disabled.  What a guy eh!

Barry Diller

Barry Diller was a school dropout but this school dropout is no ordinary fella today – he was the one who started Fox Broadcasting Company and is also currently the chairman of Expedia and CEO of IAC/InterActive Corp – that is synonymous with Tickmaster and the Home Shopping Network.  Born and raised in California – Mr Diller is younger than my own mother – is also known as the always clever chairman is also an internet conglomerate.  Some said he was bi-sexual till he married his wife – a fashion designer in 2001 at the age of 59.   Some said he was the worst boss – but those he mentored had actually turned out to be very successful people in the media industry.

Michael Dell

If you were being introduced to someone with the last name of Dell – I bet you will stop and think if he had anything to do with computer giant – DELL Computers right?  well – how many people have that last name?  not many I bet – but yes – most likely he has something to do with Dell Computers.  Known for their generosity  – Susan and Michael Dell Foundation gave a $50 million grant tot he University of Texas to be used for children’s health and education in the city of Austin.   Wow! right?  yes! if my university received money like that – we can do a lot of the needy that’s for sure.  But that’s not the only wonderful and unique thing about Michael Dell – but he was also a very brave young man – who dropped out of college with only $1000 towards starting a PC company – he and DEll became the most profitable PC manufacturer around the world. Such bravery that I can’t see myself doing at all – can you?  and do you know where you got that $1000 from?  selling stamps at the age of 12 !!! holy moly! how many have more than $100 at the age of 12?  well – i guess this guy is destined for great things eh?  well – as they all said – the rest is history – so now I know who owns and founded the Dell company.

Terry Semel

Born in 1943 – Terry Semel was famous because according to Forbes, he was the best paid CEO of all times.  $230 million altogether – when he was the CEO of Yahoo for 4 yrs.  Now how many even make a million in their lifetime with a company ?  and Terry Semel made 230 million!  wow! In 2008 – after the stock in Yahoo went down – Terry resigned.

But while he was at Yahoo, he quickly brought Yahoo around and expanded not only the revenue but online advertising and up to 90% of Yahoo’s revenues.  Unfortunately, Terry’s business acumen didn’t see fit buying Google – who had asked for $1 billion – of course, Google’s revenue tripled while Yahoo went down.  A man of few words according to the newspaper – Terry didn’t like the limelight as much as its founder and he was quick not to answer any questions – that he deemed inappropriate – and how I wished I was like that instead of blurting out just about everything.  But at this moment – I think Terry Semel is just enjoying his accumulated wealth made from Yahoo.

Maya Angelou

She was a writer, a dancer and an African American born activist and unlike any other lady – she strive despite having a bad childhood and became someone whom the world admires and is inspired by her determination.  You would think that having a son at such an early age of 16, this girl will not succeed in life – but she not only had her baby but toured Europe and African in a musical company she joined.

Her passion for justice caused her to write seriously and she became involved in black activism and lived in Ghana for a few years. She wrote with her own life experiences and passionate about offering advice. Maya also was asked to write a poem for Bill Clinton’s Presidential inauguration – she became the 2nd person to read a poem in an inauguration.  Plus many would have remembered her for hosting a radio talk show with Oprah.