Bob Parson

Truth be told I didn’t really know who Bob Parson was till he was on news in April about the killing of the elephant in Africa.  It had caused so much boo ha – one would have thought he had crucified Jesus Christ – but his side of the story was totally different from what the media had played it out to be.  What Bob Parson was doing was just helping the farmers who needed help with their crops and not like he went with his rifle and  barska scope just to hunt those elephants down and bring them back to made elephant purses for his girlfriends or wife?   While PETA the animal rights activists accused Bob Parson of being arrogant about his killing – Bob said he was actually relieved – I would too – wouldn’t you – going out in the dark and worrying if the elephants would kill me instead.

But yes! lets get back to why Bob Parson inspires me – he is the CEO and founder of Go Daddy!  and how could I not know it right? being a blogger and all.  Some say he is an arrogant person *shrug* but who wouldn’t be – a little at least – when you own such a big company – coming from very humble beginnings.  To me – what one read online or in the papers may not be all true.   Bob Parson was someone who almost didn’t finished school but turned his life around by joining the Marines and then building up a company which sold for $64 million in a short 10 yrs of opening this company.   Of course, they don’t called a serial entrepreneur for nothing – and started one company after another – his never give up rule for his business and life – is highly commendable and definitely one that I’m trying to learn and follow his footstep.  He is an award winning business leader and not many people can follow that – not even closely.

Wael Ghonim

I read about Wael Ghonim because I follow what Google is up to – and knowing him first as a Google executive and now an international figure who is into the pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt -and after an interview was questioned and interrogated by the Egyptian police and is now named as Time 100 most influential person for the year 2011.

I’m very touched by his interview and because of his movement which lead to 12 million Egyptians removing Hosni Mubarak and his regime.  He was so humble standing during the ceremony honoring people like him at TIME – was humbling to me as well. Born from a middle class family in Cairo – Wael grew up in Saudi Arabia, he currently resides in UAE.

John Polanyi

John Polanyi is a immigrant in Canada – born in 1929  – he won a Nobel Prize in 1986 and for someone as famous as he is must have the famous  rfid blocking wallet just so that no one steals his identity eh.  Born of a Hungarian scientist father – John Polanyi is said to be Jewish-Hungarian-German-English-Canadian – all in one.   Brilliant is the understatement for this man – for even at his age – he couldn’t sit still but was the move constantly – doing something.  Born in Berlin and moved to England to study – he then got married – have two children and moved to Canada and served in the  Board of the Ontario Laser and Lightwave Research Centre.  He also won Canada’s Most Prestigious Science Award for 50 yrs of contribution to science and society. This prize meant a $1 million research funding for 5 years for him and his team.   I truly admire a man like Mr Polanyi – and it’s easy to see why right.

Gordon & Betty Moore

Must be the most generous couple in the entire world – giving more than $7 billion dollars in charitable organization and more. Mr Moore is the co-founder of Intel Corp and Chairman for Emeritus – he also co-founded Fairchild Semi – conductor in the late 1950s.  Born in California – he has a B.S in Chemistry and another PH. D  in Physics.  Married to Betty Moore who grew up without a father – she met Gordon More when they were in college together in San Jose. She also has a B.A in Journalism and has 2 sons with Gordon Moore.  They now have a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that is actively trying to make a better life for the people and the Bay Area.

Jared Fogle

I’m sure everyone knows the story of Jared Fogle – after all he is the spokesperson for Subway – the guy who went from fat to fit.  I loved to read about his story – because he is a true inspiration – even my spouse – eats subway everyday to keep fit.  But I on the other hand don’t like eating subway – so instead I need to find some diet pills that work but yes!  Jared Fogle – is a true inspiration to those who wants to lose weight and loves subway.

Jared Fogle lost 245 Ibs just by eating subway with no exercise – so if you are one who don’t like to exercise you know what to do eh.  But he did start walking after he lost so much weight – and I guess part of all the eating right – it comes with needing to do a little exercise as well and we all know that exercising is good – and walking is a kind of exercise.   Jared Fogle said he is never going to get fat again – now I wished i could say the same too.  Maybe, I should read more and put Jared Fogle picture in my bathroom to remind me all the time.

Randy Pausch

I know I read about Randy Pausch before but only today – did I really sat and listen to him talk on u – tube.  Randy Pausch is no ordinary person – he is a Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor- who fought pancreatic cancer with such gallant.  I think he inspired a lot of sick people – to live life to its fullest and not be defeated by a illness.  A very courageous man that’s for sure !  who lived up to his childhood dream till the day he died. He was a brilliant teacher and even wrote a book – leaving a legacy for his children.  Randy Pausch died in 2008.  Check out the u-tube video and be inspired.

Lady Truckers

photo source : the vanguard

Here in the West – a lot of my friends and neighbors are truckers – look for example Andrea who now drives a truck from Canada all the way to USA because she lost her job as a courier driver a few years back. It was quite heartwarming to read about her story in our local papers but I cannot help but wonder if they have insurance or an attorney – after all, being a lady truck driver can be quite dangerous on the road – especially if you see the size of the truck they are driving. I now wonder if they have attorneys for the truck drivers from Canada as well besides your regular insurance? after all Andrea is only 40 yrs old and by my standard pretty young and knowing how insurance companies work in this area – I really hope she does find a good attorney if she did get into trouble –  – truckers like Andrea needs to protect their families as well.

Yes !  Andrea is from my small town – and I’ve always known that she is a tough lady – but I didn’t know all about her losing her job and her going thru’ so much hoops to make a living in this town.  Andrea has my absolute respect from now on – and if you know her – you would agree with me as well.

Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates is definitely no stranger to anyone .. and definitely not only because of her husband Bill Gates, she did earned her popularity .. in her own merits.. and was holding several impressive position before joining Microsoft.

Born and raised in Dallas to an engineer and a stay at home mom, Melinda Gates did score well in school from getting an MBA to a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Married Bill Gates in 1994 and has 3 children with him and since August 2006 she quit everything to concentrate on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in which she and Bill Gates donated more than $24 billion into the Foundation in the quest to end poverty. Named one of the most powerful women in Forbes for 2 consecutive years since 2006.

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Jessica Cox

I read about Jessica Cox on the internet when she was visiting a local school back home and I also watched a video how she learned how to fly a plane.  What an amazing young woman!  definitely an inspiration to everyone around the world. Jessica drives with her feet and the first person without arms to get a black belt in tae kwon do in America and also the first pilot who flies with her feet.  Jessica is an motivational speaker – so if you think that life is hard on you – check out Jessica Cox’s.

William Yokley

William Yokley born in 1977 is a pro atv racer and very famous in his own right – my nephew is in love with him and follows his career very closely.  Born in Ketucky, USA – he started riding his first ATV at the young age of 9.   He started his first race at the age of 18 but at 15 he was already running events for it.  24 yrs into pro clas racing for ATV – you should check out all the  ATV Lights he has on his bikes.

Like my nephew said – William Yokley inspires him because he believes in safety first even for racing – and that he works a lot with children around my nephew’s age.  My nephew told his father when he was 6 yrs old that he wants to be like William Yokley.  And he volunteers by working with kids – and creating awareness of the safety needed in becoming a pro-rider like himself.  Riding an ATV is a passion amongst a lot of kids and adults – so I’m happy that some kids are learning from a Pro icon that safety is the most important.