Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the moon – now that deserves a page on my blog right?  He is an American astronaut and a commander of the Apollo 11 – and set foot on the moon in 1969.  That was a historical moment/day.   Rank as #1 space hero – I would sure loved to shake his hand.

Venus Williams

My niece took up tennis because she fell in love with Venus Williams ! yes! i kid you not!  but there is a lot to admire of Venus Williams too right?  as we all know that it’s not easy to be a sports champion – you need lots of dedication and ambition.  So when I saw the niece training so hard during her tennis class – I decided to get her a donjoy wrist braces so that her wrist is supported by these braces as she practices every waking hour she can get.  Does Venus Williams wear wrist braces – I don’t know – but I won’t be surprised if she did.

My niece who wants to be the next Venus Williams knows all about Venus – from the date she was born and all the games she played in.  Venus turned pro at the young age of 14 and was formerly ranked No ! around the world  – she also won a gold medal during the Olympics and many other titles and has the fastest serve ever.

I don’t know if my niece will be the next Venus Williams – but I know that she is determined and with the wrist braces that I hear is good for people who types a lot or have carpel tunnel – I think it’s the best gift anyone can give their kids, friends, spouse who plays strenuous games using their hands and wrist.

Jason McElwain

The sky is the limit according to Jason McElwain – and as I watch the video on u-tube with my phone the htc sense – I cannot but feel a sense of pride and sadness. Born with autism – Jason became famous after he played in a high school basketball game and scored 20 points.  Yes! he made history that day.  But he gave home to many who have kids with the same health issue – and even though he has autism he finished his GED and  continue raising funds for creating awareness for autism.  Certainly an inspiration to everyone eh.

Sean Swarner

What so special about Sean Swarner?  after all, we’ve met cancer survivor everywhere around the world right?  but like they said – Sean Swarner isn’t just an ordinary cancer survivor – this cancer survivor not only beat cancer but also beat the Hodgkin disease and then the ASkin’s sarcoma and climbed the Mount Everest.  While doctors said he wasn’t gonna survived – Sean beat one illness after another and not giving up.  So if you ever think of giving up – think of Sean Swarner !

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a french painter who is known for the impressionist movement and who impressed me many years ago – with the potrait he drew of Little Irene.  I liked it so much – I told myself that I had to look out for paintings from him from then on.   But what impressed me most about Pierre was he was so passionate about his work that even though he had severe arthritis and very much in need of  arthritis pain relief he still continued drawing with the brush tied onto his wrist – so they said.

Born in France – Pierre wasn’t a painter in the beginning but because he liked painting so much – he ended painting China instead.  He did enrolled into art school and studied under some French Master painter – and if you look closely at all his paintings – the colors used were all very vibrant – and I do like it very much.  It is so sad to hear how his arthritis condition deteriorated so bad that he was on wheelchair and was in so much pain.  But back then – I’m sure there were no arthritis pain killer or any kind of relief – unlike now.  I bet I wouldn’t be like Pierre-Auguste Renoir who had so much strength and determination and painted till the day he died.

Sun Ming Ming

Known as the tallest basket ball player – Sun Ming Ming is 7 ft 9″ – born in China in 1983 – he started playing basketball when he was a teenager.  He wanted a dream career playing basketball for the NBA but didn’t get drafted but found out that he had a benign brain tumor instead.  Since he had no insurance – and would have considered some insurance which i doubt any insurance company would have taken him in at that time – therefore a $100K medical bill was almost impossible to get.   But his sport agent – did the impossible and raised money for the surgery and was successful removed.  I don’t know if he would still be considered high risk for any insurance company now – but I know that there are insurance company who takes people with diabetes and other high risk cases – so hopefully – after that surgery – he would have gotten himself some insurance.

Anyhow, Sun did not make it to play any major league but was in some minor ones – he continued to strive and work harder in his move while in Japan – he also had 67 dunks in 49 games.  He also appeared in several movies alongside veteran actor – Jackie Chan and famous ones like Chris Tucker and like he said – whether he was playing for Japan or United States – he would still do his best but he rather play basketball.  I liked Sun Ming Ming’s attitude and how focus he is even though he is so young.