Vanessa Collingridge

Vanessa Collingridge is an author and broadcaster born and raised in England and attended Oxford and started her career in television as soon as she graduated.  Vanessa loves anything pine – from  pine beds to pine chairs and walks in a pine forest.  Loving nature is what she does best – and because she thinks that pine forest reminds her of the stages of life itself.  I think I got to know more about Vanessa – after her exploration of the life of Captain Cook  – it was part travel journal, part biography and it was very intriguing. She also directs and own a production company – that makes radio and tv programs for broadcast.  What an amazing woman eh.

Katherine Graham

A remarkable woman does not do enough to describe this woman – I’ve always read about Katherine Graham – especially during my college years – we did a paper on her then – I was still young but was definitely impressed with Katherine Graham.  Born in 1917 and lived to the ripe old age of 84 – in fact – I don’t think she knew she would go so soon – it was an accidental death, a fall and a trauma on the head – and she quickly left within 3 days.  I was in Canada then and was truly sad when I read about it.  Katherine Graham is no stranger to anyone who reads the papers – I am sure you all know that she headed the Washington Post as President of the most important paper in USA.  What inspired me about Katherine is how she went into the papers not knowing what to do – but had the right frame of mind – and made the Washington Post successful during her reign.   She showed me that women who put their mind to do something can do anything.  Thank you for teaching me that Katherine Graham.

She guided The Washington Post through its historic coverage of the toppling of a president, won a Pulitzer Prize for her autobiography, Personal History, and ruled Washington’s political and media scene in a style that was inimitably her own. Occasionally, she went to the movies with Henry Kissinger.

Dr S. Leahey

Love this doctor and she definitely inspire me to not only take care of my health – but to be a better person.  She is my doctor and my kid’s and we are definitely so blessed – she is such a big hearted person and kind, caring and loving and knowledgeable and the list goes on – and I cannot say enough good things about her.  In fact, having Dr Leahey as our doctor is a huge blessing especially when you come from a town with not enough doctors.  In fact, patients young, old, woman, man – kids of all ages love her to bits.  And if anyone knows anything about  Medicare plan well it has to be her – she can tell you anything and everything and not afraid to consult another doctor for a second opinion or recommend you to somewhere for more help.

Dr Leahey had been practicing since 1975, she owns her own family practice in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and is a mentor to many foreign doctors who have just graduated. She has served as president of the College of Physicians & Surgeons since 2008.  I’m very sure that the doctors that she had mentor will continue her spirit of serving the public the way she is doing now.

Holly Hirshberg

Inspired by Holly Hirshberg – I now understand why my in-laws grow their own fruit and veggies – they never have to worry about not having food.   Holly Hirshberg is an inspiration to all – who might be having difficulty because of a bad time in their lives – like Holly – many may have experience a recession – and lay off from their job.  When Holly’s husband got laid off – she started growing her own food in her backyard just to make sure that she has food for her children and husband.  But this spunky lady didn’t stop at that – she founded the Dinner Garden and helped people from all over America by sending them seeds to grow in their garden – so that they too can have food in their backyard.  How awesome is that?  Holly lives in San Antonio Texas –  but it doesn’t mean you can’t get some seed if you are in other parts.

Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega

Humbled by this 74 years old grandmother – I had to tell you about her.  In the world where danger is not a stranger to her – she still insist on doing what she most people would turn and run as fast as they can – traveling to the dangerous part of Mexico daily and helping people in the health center she helped build some 30 yrs ago.  She visits patients regularly and is very active with running the health center and also financially supports its.  Saving lives and a passion for helping the sick – to health and educating the women folks enriches her life – she said.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page must be closed to everyone’s heart here in Canada especially Nova Scotians for she was born and raised in a town here in Nova Scotia. Famous for her role in Inception that was out recently – Ellen Page is also a high tech endorser – and loves her electronic so I’ve heard.  I wonder if she has a  htc touchscreen since that seems to be the latest electronic, cell phone, camera with email access capabilities.  Anyhow, Ellen is only but very short but it didn’t stop her from acting or becoming famous – like what most people would think that actresses who gets to go to Hollywood are tall and very slim.  She has acted in many movies – Juno was another big hit with everyone here and in United States – but she continues to live in Halifax with her 2 dogs.   She believes that school should be a place for healthier choices – this Oscar nominated actress even teamed up with a social network to share her ideas and petitions for growing organic food in school.

Susan Burton

Many ex-convicts are not given a 2nd chance – and because of that – many fall back into their old habits and go back into the system because of it.  Is it the society – many people asked – that would not accept them to be blamed or is it the convict themselves?  One can see it either way – because it is hard for an honest person to trust someone who was convicted.  Would you hire someone who had robbed a store in gun – point?  sure we all want to give ex-convicts a chance but how many of us – would really risk it?

Susan Burton is an ex-convict herself and she knows how hard it is to get back on track – so she founded A New Way to life just to help ex-convicts like herself get a real life back.  A New Way of life is a non – profit organization located in Los Angeles and its sole mission is to help women and girls break the cycle and lead a healthy and normal live.   They provide housing and support to women and the children of these women – who are trying to change for the better.  Susan is definitely a special woman not only did she rise against diversity – she went beyond and above to help others like herself.  Courageous, leader and definitely someone who is an inspiration to me.

Yao Ming

The news about Yao Ming retiring yesterday made me think of him – when I started taking  apidexin – although Yao Ming doesn’t – I do because I used to play basketball too in school.  We all aspired to be the next Yao Ming – and being overweight as a teenager didn’t helped with trying to be him eh.  But I remembered watching Yao Ming play and even today – a poll taken – said that folks would not watch the NBA as much if Yao Ming retires – so yes – he does have a lot of pull in this game.

As for me – I’ve tried all sorts of diet pill when I was taking sports during my teenage years – so that I wouldn’t feel so bloated and bigger than my friends – I don’t know how other athletes do it – but it’s hard to keep in the game – and I certainly admire Yao Ming for doing it all without the help of any medication.  Yao Ming who turns 31 – had to sit out in a few games and had many injuries during the games he played.  He even went under the knife in January  – but it’s confirmed that he is retiring because it would be a huge risk to his health.  We are all sad to see him leave – but wish him all the best – basketball will never be the same again.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to me because of his part in bringing multi-racial democracy in South Africa.   Whenever, I hear people calling me a `chink`or talking down to me – because they think I am a Chinese and I come from China – I think of Nelson Mandela and all his courageous effort and his belief.  He fought for the things he believed in.

Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 – he was the first African president elected by a full democratic election.   He has received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and more than 250 awards.  Mandela was thrown into prison for plotting to overthrow the government and because of his imprisonment – I think he had gain so much credibility – so much so that when he was released he became the people`s hero.

Mahatma Gandhi

We`ve seen movies about Mahatma Gandhi – we`ve read about him in our history books – we`ve heard people refer to his story when it comes to freedom – so Mahatma Gandhi is not a stranger to anyone around the world.  He who inspired other freedom and human rights movement and led India to independence.  Mahatma Gandhi reminds me to be humble – he reminds me to be selfless – he reminds me to be courageous and act through honesty and integrity – not for the good of myself but others.