Leonard Maltin

If you are someone who likes movies or acting then you will definitely know that Leonard Maltin is one of the best teachers around in acting.  But as we all know Leonard Maltin is more than that – he writes – he journals – and the person behind Variety and TV Guide.  But yes – he is a popular teacher at the University Of South Carolina and if you like Leonard Maltin – and is Movie Crazy – check out his 2012 Movie guide.

Bram Cohen

One of the most influential people on the web has got to be Bram Cohen.  Don’t know who he is ?  don’t blame you – but here is Bram – if you want to know all about BitTorrent – for he is the brainchild of math wizard and the programming person behind BitTorrent which was first introduced in 2001.  What is BitTorrent – I hear you asking – well – those who are constantly on the internet and watching shows and the internet is no stranger to BitTorrent – for BitTorrent is the way whereby one can download a large file.  Although it is wrong because of copyright infringement – people are still doing it – and for some – well – they use it to the max – not just personal usage.

Originally a programmable by profession – Bram is best known for the above and the author for P2P. Grew up in New York and must be a genius because he learned basic programming at the age of 5 – wow!!  we can all say that again.  Some may call him a genius while others may call him a hacker – who teaches others to steal from the web – but whatever name he is to you – he is definitely influential enough that my 10 yrs old nephew knows who he is.

Jimmy Wales

If you’ve ever searched for someone or something on the internet – you will noticed that Wikipedia is always the first that comes on the search engine and the person behind this wonderful free digital encyclopedia is none other than Jimmy Wales.

While folks like me used to need to wait for the library to open to find out anything – my kids and grandkids can now search online in any language they desire thru’  the somewhere 3.5 million articles – for what used to be confined in big huge encyclopedias that we can’t afford and somewhat outdated by the time we can get our hands onto.  Definitely an internet celebrity by most people’s eyes and won many awards on only for Wikipedia but for a Pioneer Award andthe Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize.

Craig Newmark

Founder of Craiglist – that everyone is fond of – and everyone uses at one time or another.  Craiglist is a place where you can advertise your wares for free – whether you are selling a car or a crib.  Up to millions of page views a day – it is said to have made a big impact on other media of advertising – besides on the web.

Jewish and born in 1971 – Craig Newmark believes that the internet and its information should be free – hence the birth of Craiglist – I suppose.  He also donated $10K to a non profit group even though he isn’t rich – pretty admirable I have to say.  But it inspiring isn’t it – I want to get to know someone like him – so smart!

Demi Moore

I’ve always liked Demi Moore – she seems to be the kind of gal – that don’t get into people’s face or problems – nor does she wants people to get into hers.  But I guess what attracted me to Demi Moore was like 20 years ago – when I first saw her in a magazine smoking cigar – haha!  You know those were the times where you don’t see many woman smoking cigars – but Demi Moore did – and I’ve read that it was one of her passion.  Demi Moore is one of the very little actresses that is known for smoking cigars leisurely and I’m guessing that it’s a lot easier to get cigars and also more women are smoking them since you can get acid cigars free shipping online now.  I wonder if Demi Moore had a part to play in making cigar smoking more attractive to women around the world.  Or did smoking cigar with Demi make the women look stronger and refused to apologize for who she is and what she believed in because that was what Demi Moore is.

Alicia Sacramone

I’ve always loved gymnast and always admire them for their determination and hard work – they put into doing what they do.  It’s not easy being a gymnast – it takes a lot of dedication and discipline – therefore i follow some gymnast and watch them when they are performing.  Alicia’s performance for the first few years – were quite inconsistent – but she didn’t give up – and finally won the floor gold in 2005.  I was very happy for her – if you see pictures of her perfomance – you can see Alicia’s thighs and legs – they are very muscular showing a lot of work put into it.  I think she was very courageous – and never let anything stop her from trying.

Danica Mckellar

Danica Mckellar is not only an actress – author and education advocate – she is also a published mathematician – who will know everything about  CD type annuity rates if you asked her – after all, she is one of the best in numbers right?  But this pretty lady has more than just her looks unlike a lot of Hollywood entertainers.  Born in 1975 – Danica majored in Maths like her 2 brothers and even has a blog – that she writes. She graduated with the highest honors in 1998 and even her teacher had much praise for this young lady at that time.  Married with a child – Danica was also named Person of the Week by World News.  She definitely have a very good head on her shoulders – unlike other actresses that we’ve read about and heard of.  So if anyone knows about good money returns – it has to be her.

George Soros

They say that this man is a billionaire because he bet against the pound on Black Wednesday.  Born in Budapest, Hungary  – Mr Soros just turned 81 yrs of age recently.  Has 3 children from different spouses and migrated to England in 1947 and in 1952 – received a Bachelors of Science for Philosophy. After moving to USA – he even changed his original surname to his present one.  Soros has been active as a philanthropist since the 1970s. He has given away $7bn to various causes since 1979. In 2010, Forbes listed Soros as the 35th richest person in the world, and the 14th richest person in America, with a net worth estimated at $14.2bn.

Ritchie Valens

I saw several Personal Creations doormats that reminded me of Ritchie Valens because a family friend of mine loved Ritchie Valens and had doormats made for his cottage and house with Rock Stars – Ritchie Valens  & Buddy Holly on it – and La Bamba – recorded by Ritchie Valens before he died of a plane crash at a very young age of 17.  It was a tragedy of course – for Ritchie Valens career lasted for a short 8 months – but till today – the La Bamba is still remembered and sung by many.  I cannot helped but wonder if he had lived – how famous would he and Holly be.   But at least – he is remembered by many – who were crazy about him – enough to put his pictures and name and his history on memorabilia even on doormats.

Martha Graham

For 70 yrs Martha Graham danced and choreographed many, may performances around the world and even the white house.  She spent her entire life dancing and was surrounded with dance – her dedication in her performance was remarkable and no one has yet to be compared with her – in this area.  She was so famous that even Lord Google- turned their logo into a logo dedicating to the life and legacy of Martha Graham on her 117th birthday. Born in USA in 1894 – in 1926 – she opened her own dance center and many of her students were famous people as well.  She was named Dancer of the Century by TIME.