Heather Voorhis

Heather Voorhis is only a senior and may not sleep in fine linens like Sferra but she sure inspires a lot of young people when she was named the Youth Recreation Queen of Fundraising Campaign.  I myself loved the fundraising and helping others – therefore it is good to see a young girl make sacrifices and spending her time to chair and raise funds for others.   At only 18 – she plays the ambassador role and is said to have raised $150K that benefited her own community.   I hope for more young girls like Heather and that my daughter will take after these girls and do good for others – yet excel in other activities and her own studies.

Janet Holmes

Janet is one of Australia’s richest woman – that was what intrigue me – and started my read up on her – after all – all wealthy woman is of interest to me – for I want to learn how they got rich and what inspires them and motivates them and maybe learn a thing or two from them.

She is the chairman of one of the largest private company in Australia – Heytesbury Pty Ltd – a company that deals with cattle stations, vineyards and winemaking. Rumor has it that she had the company turned around after her husband’s death by selling off some of its assets – therefore reducing the company’s debt load considerably.   But Janet is  also very involved in many charitable organizations and very active in social issues in Australia.  She is included in the list of 100 living treasures in Australia – now that is not something that just any ordinary person can achieved I would think but I think it can be attributed to her involvement in the Australian Republican Movement.  Of course,we don’t want to forget about the Artists’ grant that she is involved with that provides help to artists and funding for these professionals who have financial difficulties.

Modest about her success for turning her late husband’s company around – and giving time and money to the younger Australian is what she strive to do.   The world needs more people like Janet Holmes who are willing to share their wealth and time to those with needs and have lesser.

Marguerite Peggy Guggenheim

After reading about Peggy – I had to take a breather – because her life seems to be quite dramatic – even for someone who can be dramatic.  But you can be sure that this millionairess life is not quiet nor is it secretive for as I read on – Peggy was well-traveled, well loved and definitely collected some of the best arts around the world.  I hear that there is a movie about her coming out?

Born with wealth and an inheritance of a few million dollars at the age of 21 – she also married a few times – and is rumored to have slept with thousands – she died in 1979.  But she did have the Art of This Century Gallery in her name and also another called the Palazzo Leoni gallery after closing the first a year later.  Her collection which included 10 Picassos, eight Miros, four Magrittes, three Man Rays, three Dalis, one Klee, one Paalen and one Chagall. She also accumulated 40 Ernsts, now must worth billions  were left to the Solomon Guggenheim Founda­tion but her condition was that her remains remained in Venice.

Conan O’Brien

I’m sure everyone knows who Conan O’Brien is – and if you don’t know check out the youtube video below.  Conan O’Brien inspires me because of the you-tube video – I liked the classy way he spoke when he left NBC – I wished I did the same whenever I leave an employment – maybe my ex-bosses might admire me too eh.  But what is Conan doing after he left the late night show – I hear you asking ?  I’m sure he could be emceeing at celebrity engagements if he wanted to – but he obviously did what he did best – and when on a comedy tour.  The tour was sold out and very successful – but now of course we all know that he has his own tv show – Conan.  But what I found most inspiring was what he said about he didn’t like people to be cynical because no one in life get exactly what they thought – but if you work really hard – amazing things will happen.  So if you want amazing things to happen – remember this – but of course if you want Conan to be in your engagement party – unless you are a celebrity – you probably won’t be able to afford him.

Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault isn’t called the Master of Brand for nothing – he comes with a backing of $41 billion – and that my friend is to be admired by a lot of people around the world. Arnault is a French businessman who is said to be one of Europe’s richest man.  Best known as the chairman and CEO of LVMH – Arnault’s business plans wasn’t as smooth sailing as we all may think – but he is now a very successful billionaire -so what is the lesson to learn here?  Shrewd and knowing that the competition is like – and what they are doing is his key to success.  And because of this – he survived the recessions, the terrorist attacks – SARS and many corporate battles.   Said to be a man who thinks long – term and also someone who is hands on in his company.  Arnault is 61 yrs of age – but doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows who Hilary Clinton is right?  but maybe you all only associate her with the past president?  maybe most of us do – but Hilary is more than just the wife of President Clinton – she is a great health care activist and one who is very supportive of children’s rights.  So if you ask Hilary Clinton about Coding Educator Jobs or a job with children – she could probably tell you a lot or might even introduce you to the relevant people – but for the rest of those who don’t know Hilary Clinton personally – well we have to rely on the internet eh.

But besides being the wife of the past president – Hilary is a woman with her own smarts – for she is currently the 67th secretary of state – she has been in the State department for decades now and also an attorney and Senator before the appointment.  Born in Chicago  – she moved to be with Bill Clinton and married him after meeting him in Yale.   The rest – well as we all say – is history.  I admire her most – for her actions and behavior when Bill Clinton was found having and affair with an intern.  I don’t think any ordinary woman can be so calm and would stand by their spouse after being publicly humiliated by him.  I take my hats off to her if I had one – and she continued to walk tall – and stand tall despite how others looked at her then during the scandal.  A very strong woman – and definitely one to watch closely.