Little Charmaine From Singapore

If you look to the right of my sidebar – you will see a banner for Princess Charmaine – a little girl fighting a rare disease – that I’ve had on my blog since 2009.  I’ll be taking it down shortly because little Charmaine from Singapore passed away a few days ago.  I found out about this a few days ago – but only could pen this down today because I’m at a lost of word as to what to write.  I may not have known lil’ charmaine personally but i’ve followed her story for the longest time.  My heart goes out to her family, her mother, her brother and her godmother- Jolene – and all those who’ve joined her for this long fight.  Lil’ Charmaine did not lose the fight – she was courageous till the end but I know now that she is with angels and without pain.

Sometimes, I wonder why such a little and innocent kid is made to suffer this much – I hope no one has to suffer the way lil’ Charmaine did.  But she was the bravest little kid I know and so are her loved ones.  Here I pray for peace for her family and her loved ones – and that they take comfort that she is loved and will always be remembered and she is in eternal happiness now.  May you rest in peace lil’ Charmaine and may angels play with you all day long from now on – and you will be smiling from heavens above us and look after those you loved.

Nancy Pelosi

Voted as one of the most stylish female politician – because she is into Armani fashion and wears biagi beads – but her heritage comes from Italy and we all know that italian women are all very fashion oriented and into big kind of jewelery as you can see in her pictures. Nancy Pelosi is said to be the highest ranking female politician in history – she was the first woman to hold the office.  Coming from a family of politician – it was no surprise that she became one herself.

Married since 1963 – Nancy has 5 children – 8 grandchildren and lives in San Francisco – and it’s woman like Nancy Pelosi – that makes me want to continue to work and contribute to the society.  It’s definitely not easy to keep herself looking so well – and having a huge family and also being so successful at work and continues to be involved in the Italian – American community.  Not afraid to speak the truth -I admired her when she responded to President Bush about being a total failure and losing all credibility with the US people on the war and having to sweep up after his mess over and over again.   That must have taken a lot of courage – because who would dare say something and have it tabled.

Michaelle Jean

Michaelle Jean is a ordinary person who uses Iphone accessories like you and I but she is also an extraordinary hero not only for the womenfolks here but the black people.   With Michaelle Jean – she seems to be the first in a lot of things – from being the first black governor general  in Canada to the first black person to open the Olympic Games.  I read up a little about Canadian heroes and came across Michaella Jean’s accomplishment – and I was totally blown over by how much she has achieved despite having a tough childhood.  So for those people who blames broken marriages and single parents for not doing well – here’s is a living example of one who went thru’ all the hardship and yet turned out to be pretty well and balanced and helping others.

Born in Haiti but raised in Canada since 11 years old as a refugee status, MJ survived racism in Quebec and now champion those who have been incriminated because of it.  She is proficient in 5 languages – helps and setup and network shelters across Canada.  Was a Journalist – received many awards for being one and believed in the freedom of the country – Canada.  Yes, I’m sure she is just like you and I with iPhone, iPads and all the gadgets to  make life easy – but she sure didn’t take the easy way out – in fact she triumph and is admired by a lot of people for her courage.

Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi is the defender of Human Rights – woman like her make me humble – because they do so much but ask so little in recognition.  A Nobel Prize Winner for her efforts and the first few who believed in human rights, democracy for women, children and refugee rights – Shirin Ebadi was a lawyer and Judge in Iran but currently lives in England.

Being a woman in Iran is not easy by itself – and she was a judge then – therefore that must be at least 100 times harder  – for she was also speaking out and writing about the injustice to certain people.  After reading all that she had gone thru’ and how she was an exile in Canada – I believed that she is a very strong woman with strength that no ordinary person can do what she did.

Simon Hui

Simon Hui is from Hong Kong and many may not have known about him till January of this year – when he selflessly donated part of his liver to a co-worker who was injured during duty.  Both men are custom officers but are not related in anyway.  Simon Hui’s selfless deed not only saved a life – but also encouraged others to follow his footstep and become an organ donor.  Now that people can see that Simon is alive and that giving part of his liver doesn’t mean the end of life – perhaps more people would understand organ donation slightly more clearly and less fearful.  Hui has been crowned the Hero of Hong Kong by the people there.

Evan Williams

Evans Williams is named the 25 Most influential People in the world because of Twitter.  For those of you who don’t know what twitter is about – it is microblogging –  a stream of short posts to update your friends and enemies – haha!!  but really, Williams is famous because he first launched Blogger in 1999 and that allows people like you and I to have an online diary.  My first blog was on Blogger as well and I’m sure a lot of us bloggers are the same. Blogger was sold to Google of course and after which Twitter came a long and of course – that was a success.

While you might think that he is so rich now and must be owning homes that cost millions in dollars – you are definitely not wrong about it – I heard that his latest home cost like 2.4 million – a Victorian home.  But before he invested in properties, he like other famous folks in USA, did home rentals for the longest time.  I don’t think it is strange at all – because many celebrities are still renting their homes from $34K a month – to more than this amount – I think mainly because they don’t know where they want to stay permanently at yet.

Williams is a vegetarian and lives with his wife currently in San Francisco – in his 30s – Williams is more than successful – even though he has stepped down as CEO of Twitter.  He is said to be spending more time with his wife and child.  I curious to know what Williams is up to these days – because everything he touches seems to turn into Gold.  So if I were you – I will follow him closely.

Steve Ballmer

We’ve all always associated Microsoft with Bill Gates and little did we know that Steve Ballmer is the one heading Microsoft after Bill Gates step down on the daily running of Microsoft.   So who is Steve Ballmer? Steve Ballmer now runs Microsoft and is supposed to bring Microsoft into new heights in the ad division which I read was hurting because of Google and even after buying Yahoo, it did not help.  And in June this year Ballmer had announced that a Windows 8 will be out in 2012 and that tablets were going to be a core part of Microsoft.

Microsoft is said to bring in $1.8 billion a month !!!!  Steve Ballmer who is born in 1956 is said to have a net worth of US$14.5 billion.  Hired by Gates himself in 1980, Ballmer starting salary was $50K and stock options.  He is said to own an 8% share of Microsoft at one time but sold some in the later years.  I would like to have met Steve Ballmer when I was much younger – perhaps I could have been a richer person.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner must be every man’s hero ?  everyone thought he would marry his long time girlfriend but instead he proposed to a 26 years old Crystal Harris this year – luckily, no bridal shower invitations were sent out – else it would be quite an embarrassment or would it be disappointment for those who were invited?   Born in 1926, Hugh Hefner is the icon for Playboy magazine and anything to do with Playboy – and even though he is in his 80s – he is still very active as you can see in this picture – and i’m sure a lot of men out there wished they had all those playboy bunnies around them all the time like Hugh Hefner.  I can just imagine his funeral –  all those beautiful bunnies showing up – and giving him the last goodbye.

Hugh Hefner was a copywriter before publishing his first Playboy magazine in 1953 after he was denied a $5 raised in his salary.  But he definitely had it made after the first publication and never looked back – I mean who would right?  selling 50,000 copies with Marilyn Monroe in his first publication – was definitely great success if you asked me.  With a bank loan of $800 and raising another $8000 with 45 investors – he started the Playboy magazine – now that’s what I called entrepreneurship and a good business acumen.  1953 is not a time where people are as liberal as now – where they would easily accept a adult magazine but as you can see – it was a success even till now.   I think the Playboy magazine stands for part of the First Amendment Right of the American Citizens – freedom of the press.

Michelle Baker

Some said Michelle Baker’s hairstyle resembles the Firefox logo and if you see someone with this hairstyle – it is probably Michelle Baker of Mozilla Foundation. Baker was trained as a lawyer and is currently the chairperson of Mozilla Foundation.  Hired by Netscape – she was in charge of legal issues with product development.  And in 1999, she became the general manager of Mozilla – and coordinated the Mozilla open source project.  And despite the fact that she was fired by America Online the parent company of Netscape – she continued working with Mozilla on a volunteer basis.  Now isn’t that something!  Michelle Baker was passionate about keeping the web open – and free – and is recognized for all that she had put into the organization.

Ed O’Neil

Best known for his role in Married with Children – I’ve just started watching Modern Family and loved it – and then I realised he looked so familiar.  I got some coupons for walmart for the first season and loved the show.  Anyhow, born in 1946 Ed has 2 golden globe nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in TV series.  He recently received the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even though he thought it was weird at first – he did so – after the advise from his 11 years old daughter.  TV Veteran – Ed is – and he is so good in his acting – I can’t get enough of Modern Family – so I’ve getting Season 2 now and then watch Season 3 on tv – good thing I found these awesome coupons – I don’t like buying things that are too expensive.

Ed O’Neil didn’t start his career as a actor – in fact, he had quite a repertoire  – from bartender to steel worker – and he didn’t exactly make it the first time he started acting – but he was determined and as you can see – still pretty popular.

Ed was also the first Fox star to host Saturday Night Live on January 13, 1990, on NBC where he played on three sketches: he was a shopkeeper, he was one of Lothar’s hill people and he was the local driving instructor on Wayne’s World. Ed was also one of the presenters at the 1989 41st Emmy Awards (with Katey Sagal) and at the 1990 42nd Emmy Awards (with Julia Duffy). He was a guest on Late Night with David Letterman in November, 1989, and in July, 1991, on the Joan Rivers Show in July, 1991, on Tony Danza in 1991, on “Hollywood Insider” in September, 1992, on “The Whoopi Goldberg” show on October 16, 1992, at the “MTV 1993 Video Music Awards”, in A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv” 1993, on the Late Show in January, 1993, on the Arsenio Hall Show in January, 1993, on Arsenio Hall again in 1994 and on “Later” on May 8, 1998, hosted by Amy Pietz.