Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz born in 1943 is a Nobel Prize recipient for Economic Sciences – he is not only an American economist – he is also a professor with the Columbia University.  Super smart eh – but wait! there is more. He is also a very important man in the senate – since he was the Senior VP and Chief Economist for the World bank.  Respected for his view on globalization –  Stiglitz has won other medals as well for his contribution in the money world.  Stiglitz was born in USA but his parents were Jews – therefore the family name of Stiglitz. Besides all the above – Stiglitz was especially well known for his role played in the Clinton Administration.

Geoffrey Canada

Geoffrey Canada is an extraordinary person, born an African American in 1952, Canada is the hero of a lot of people out there because he champions the poor and insist that education is the sure way to get out of poverty.   I must agree with him 101 % on that – because we’ve seen many who have nothing but rise against all odds after getting a good education and in return do good for others like himself.

Canada who is the CEO and president of the Harlem Children’s Zone whose mission is to increase high school and college graduation rate in Harlem – is also a member with the After school corporation as a director.  This is a non-profit organization – and the after school programs does help students in all levels because I too have a kid in the after school program.

Coming from a broken home – Canada went ahead and finished his university in Princeton with a full scholarship.  It is because of his background – that he wants to promote and work with disadvantaged children/student in the neighborhood.  He believes that all children can succeed with help – and his role is a very important and a selfless one.

Peter Vesterbacka

Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential man in the world – Andrew is the maker of the wildly popular mobile game – Angry Bird.  Angry Bird is so popular that folks from all walks of life and all ages plays it.  My 7 years old started playing this game when she was 6 yrs old.  Not many people know a lot about Peter Vesterbacka but they said he is someone who don’t mind speaking his mind and telling you exactly what he thinks.  That I say is a pretty good quality considering that his mobile app is being downloaded by millions.

Julian Assange

Don’t he look like a movie star to you?  yes! very good looking in my humble opinion – good enough to be a movie star! But seriously, Julian was a computer hacker when he was young – but he isn’t well known because of that – he is famous because of Wikileaks – a website that leaks and covers just about anything on the internet and around the world.  Born in 1971  – Julian has many roles, from programmer to publisher and latest one of the 100 people chosen by Time as the most influential person around the world.

Julian is an Australian and some of the articles that WikiLeaks published were classified documents pertaining the Afghan war.  Despite all the leaks and awards, Julian didn’t see the warrant of arrest coming in 2010 for sexual assault.  It is said that Julian is still on conditional bail till today.  So if you are an ordinary person with secrets you are save from Julian but if you have a secret but is a famous person – you can be sure you will be on Julian’s list.

Ron Bruder

Ron Bruder is the CEO and founder for Education For employment –  born in America – Ron wants to go out there and help the Middle East people and then around the world.  EFE helps and train people to enter the workforce with basic skills – to give them a head start in their career and life.  A successful real estate developer for 30 years – Ron was very successful but he wanted to make an impact in others besides providing for his family because after the 9/11 incident – when he thought he might have lost his daughter who had worked near the World Trade Center – he wanted to change things.  He wanted to help those who have the intelligence but no opportunities to make good use of themselves instead of being manipulated and doing something that might harm the world.  I hope that none of us need to go thru’ what 9/11 had brought us – to make our lives count.

Amy Chua

For those who don’t know Amy Chua by now – you must not be a Chinese mom then – hahha!  well i’ve Amy’s book – Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom but I haven’t read it yet – it’s still on my Kindle.  Amy Chua at 48 is definitely an inspiration to a lot of woman out there.  Not only is she smart – she is darn pretty for 48 years old and has 2 awesome daughters and a husband who is jewish and lived and born in America.

She teaches in Yale but was a corporate law associate before she taught and most important – she writes and her recent book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom kinda blew out of proportion – where a huge debate about her parenting techniques were a wee bit too much for some to stomach.  Truthfully speaking, I can’t bring my daughter up this way – my spouse being the westerner is supposed to be the lax one – but I being the Chinese mother happen to take the opposite role from Amy Chua.   And for those who haven’t read the book – go and get an online copy from iTunes for about $15 or buy a hard copy and let me know what you think.  I do like Amy Chua and I just followed her on facebook.

Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne – born in Bangkok Thailand – in 1939 was the first man – to have invented the portable computer.  He is an American but died at the age of 69 in India.  A pretty unique man if you asked me – and smarter than anyone that I’ve read about – this man is a member of Memsa.  Now if I was a technical recruiter having lots of Technical Recruiter Jobs I would hope I find someone like Adam Osborne – because someone like him only comes once in a lifetime.  I wished I was as smart as some people that I so admire – ok – maybe not as smart – but just 10%?

The first ever computer invented by Osborne was 12Kg – and costing less than $2000 USD – in 1981 – so you can imagine – that a lot of rich people would have wanted it then.  In 1981 – I think I haven’t even learned how to use a computer yet – let alone can afford to own one.  His portable computer were shipped out at 10,000 unit per month.  Osborne had the foresight to build computers not for those who is into it for a hobby but for the serious minded – who will use it for our daily lives.  And even though Osborne 1 didn’t make Osborne millions – he didn’t despair for he started writing books about computers – easy to read manuals.   Although, all the above didn’t make him rich – he was nevertheless admired for trying – which also taught me – something about running a business. The Osborne effect after reading it – made me realized that some stuff that I was doing wasn’t right.