Amancio Ortega

The world’s 7th richest man – with a net worth of $7 billion is a self-made man.  Born in 1936 – to a pair of working class parents a railway worker and a maid for a mother – Amancio Ortega traveled a lot because of his father’s work.  Working as a delivery boy for a shirt company he quickly became the tailor’s assistance and quickly became a store manager in 1960.   Seizing the knowledge he gained from working in this rich man’s store – he quickly opened his own store/factory selling designers clothing but at a lesser price.  In 2001 – he became a billionaire but he was still very low keyed and don’t talk much about his personal life nor share them with the public.  Intriguing story – that helps encourage entrepreneurs that are struggling and just recently opened their own business.

David Thomson

If you are residing in Canada or taking a plane to Canada – you probably come across the Globe and Mail a newspaper in Canada – and David Thomson is the owner of this paper – or his family is and he inherited it.  Owning one of Canada’s most prestige media is not an easy feat but he is an active investor and is very focus on property development.   I hear he is also selling shares of CTV to a private broadcasting company.

Christopher Michael Langan

Christopher Michael Langan is one of the smartest man on earth – whose IQ was said to be about 200 – he is pretty smart I tell you.  But why he landed to be a bouncer in Long Island still baffles me till today.  But they all said that even the smartest man today needs a rfid to protect himself getting his identity stolen eh.  Because if I want to steal someone’s identity – I probably choose Christopher Langan – for he is so well known.  Born in San Francisco – he was a self taught student – who taught himself all sorts of things from Math to Greek.  But sadly, I have to say that even though he appeared in so many magazines and interview about his theory – Christopher Langan failed to make something out of himself.  There is a lot of heavy reading on Langan and like I said – one has to wonder with his intelligence – you would think he would have done a lot better for himself.

Criss Angel

Also known as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos  – and born in 1967 – everyone knows who Criss Angel is right?  He is one of the top known magician in America and I myself first saw him on his tv show Mindfreak.  Criss knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a professional magician – so he didn’t even bother to finish college.  And Chris did make it big on tv hosting Mindfreak for many years – and did a book, also involved in BeLIEve Foundation ‘Believe Anything is Possible – A JDS Foundation – a charity aimed to help kids.  But I think the most impact he made on everyone was all the stunning acts – especially the walking on water in a swimming pool  – right in front of a group of holiday makers.  I think my heart stopped a beat if you asked me.  With Criss Angel – his message to the world is anything is possible if you believed – so do you believe in yourself?

Claire Bertschinger

I recently read the book Moving Mountains by Claire Bertschinger, a swiss british nurse and an activist and advocate of the people who are still suffering in developing countries.  Known for her work with the International Red Cross and the famine in Ethiopia, Claire Bertschinger is seen in  scrubs on tv feeding children who are sick.  For her work and book – Claire received the Florence Nightingale Medal and the Woman of the Year Award for Human Rights in Nursing Award.  Claire is selfless when it comes to helping these people – as I read her book Moving Mountains – I too am touched and because of her book – I am moved to help others as well.

Paul Allen

You may not recognised Paul Allen here – but in the next picture – you will get a better picture of who he is and how he is truly an inspirational person to the world.

Even if you do not recognized young Paul Allen – surely you know who is beside him?  Yes ! it is Bill Gates and Paul is the co-founder of Microsoft. Picture taken in 1975 – when Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership that will go down in history.  Paul who never did finished his university – thanks to Bill Gates, he dropped out of Harvard and went into business with Bill Gates.  Paul Allen also owns professional sports teams and the most famous Dreamworks Studio.

Born in 1953, he is well known not only for all the companies he owns but also as a philanthropist –  the #53 richest person in the world with $13 billion to his name.  Not bad for a school drop out if you asked me.  The rest of Paul Allen can be found on the internet – but what I admired most of him is his many contribution to charity and after surviving a form of cancer in the lymph – he continued to make contributions to the Health and Human services and has a foundation that gives out more than $30 million every year.  Most of his charitable work had to do with health issues from spinal cords to neurological disorder, being so rich and yet thinking of the world.

Jeremy Soule

Many of you may not know who Jeremy Soule is – but you definitely  know about the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and if you are playing this game – whether on your PS3 or xbox 360 – you should know Jeremy Soule – because the music you are listening to when you play Skyrim was composed by none other than Jeremy Soule.   Actually, I’m much in loved with the music of Azurik also by Jeremy Soule and after that piece I continued to follow him all the way – and when I listened to Skyrim – it is just as amazing – you could play a duet with Skyrim’s theme song.  Sorry got a little carried away with Skyrim – hahha!! but I’m sure those with a boyfriend or a spouse, son, cousin or nephew would know about Skyrim – because it’s THE game for Christmas.

Anyhow, Jeremy Soule is synonymous with video games because of late – when you play a video game – whether it is Skyrim or Forever and Ever, Morrowind, Oblivion they are all composed by him.  It’s the way the music was composed – like Skyrim was envisioned that it was sang by a group of barbarians and so forth – it’s like Jeremy Soule knew the gamers – or the game itself – how the other gamers playing the game would want the music to sound – I thought it was very interesting.

Jeremy was born in 1975 – 10 years my junior – but internationally recognized for the many soundtracks and music he did for games and movies.  He also won many awards and is envied by composers for his many success with his music for video games.  He had composed more than 60 games music and best known for his work with The Elder Scrolls.  Played in several live concerts in Germany, he was interested in orchestra music since he was 5 yrs old.  And like they say – the rest is history.  What an amazing person!

Nick Denton

In 2010, I read an interview at the New Yorker with Nick Denton and he is very interesting – for a blogger like myself, I admire him – yet I question his blogs and the way it brings out information on the web. But who am I to judge Nick Denton right?  Bloggers of Nick were paid $24K a year – which in my opinion not bad at all – I would have loved a steady income too.

But wait a minute – before you go saying – that bloggers are not paid well – listen up – Bloggers of Nick Denton in 2010 were said to make at least $80K a year with benefits.  Now i wouldn’t mind working for him at all – reading halfway thru’ the interview.  And since I know that Gawker Media also owns Gizmodo which I read often – I took more notice of Nick.  Born in UK – studied in Oxford – Nick is now based in USA.  At the age of 45 – Nick is in the most rich list – rumored to be worth $290 million.  Wow! right?  so yes – in 2010 – i looked at Nick Denton differently and I follow his career – for those bloggers out there – take a page from Nick Denton – if you want to be wealthy like him.

Bob Pittman

Bob Pittman is the found of MTV – and probably been dealing with music stuff all his life – although he also dabbled with real estates and a few other things – but most notable recently was his appointment as CEO for CC Media holdings.  Known for his expertise in boosting brands – he actually invested in this company at $5million and came in with a job because he said he believed in the industry.   I read that in his office there is a really good home theater system that he uses everyday – to listen to the 850 stations nationwide that is owned by Clear Channel.  I think it is very brave of him to take on the the position of a company that is $20 billion in debt – but he must see something in it to want to put his own money down on it but he is after all a media entrepreneur  – so I can sorta understand it.

Bob Pittman has a rather interesting life – born in 1953 – married with 2 children from his present marriage and 1 from a previous – his wife like myself is a Chinese by birth-rights.   Pittman can fly a plane and a helicopter and is known for his philanthropy work.  Won many awards for various work, contributions and named Man of the Year for Pioneer of American Start Up – it was definitely an eye-opener for me.

Doug Morris

Doug Morris is currently the CEO and also Chairman for Sony Music Entertainment but before that – he had a long history with Universal, so you see music is nothing new to him as he started as a song writer first and then moved up the rank and did what he does best in the music industry – re-structuring.

Born in 1938 – a few years younger than my own mother – his path was definitely different from my mom – who although loved music – didn’t do anything with the music industry.  He is pretty low profile – and even refuses interview with the NY Times during multiple occasion.  In the music industry for about 4 decades now – Morris has worked with some very famous artists around the world.

Despite being so busy, he also serves on the Board of Directors of the Robin Hood Foundation  – he was also awarded for his consistent creative commitment towards artistic and entrepreneurship excellence  and giving outstanding support to the music industry around the world.  At 72 years old – he definitely inspires me.