Ringo Starr

My nephew of 10 years of age wanted a drum setafter watching Ringo Starr played his drum in a concert at the Greek.  He wants to be the next Ringo he announced to his parents – in which we all laughed and decided that we should indulge him and buy him a drum set and find him a drum teacher.

So what so great about Ringo Starr we asked him – and this was the 10 years old reply – Ringo Starr is the best drummer in the entire world! and that’s because he is a drummer with the Beatles!  don’t you know that.  And he also sang our favorite songs Octopus’s garden and Yellow Submarine. He was also the voice of the Conductor of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He was also the best rock drummer on TV and has a perfect tempo and he toured a lot of places because of his drumming skill.

Laurel J. Richie

I liked Laurel Richie from her interview I saw recently.  She is the President of the Women’s National Basketball Association.  Not only is she smart, independent and professional – Laurel is dedicated to encouraging woman/girls with what she does.  She is very charming, very smart and very warm.

The minute you see her interview you know you can come to become good friends with this woman – she just draws you to her with her down to earth attitude.  Laurel is no stranger to being the boss, before becoming the President for WNBA, she held all sorts senior position in various successful and important companies.   Laurel has been awarded the YMCA Black Achiever and Ebony award for Outstanding women in marketing and Communication.  She was also named one of the most influential black women in business.

Do what makes you happy and don’t follow the crowd – don’t be someone else – be yourself.  Good advise from a very smart lady.

John Paul DeJoria

I’ve always loved reading about Rag to Richness stories and who wouldn’t when one is as successful and rich like JP.  Networth said to be $4 billion – this man used to sell newspapers and cards to support his mother.  Grew up in foster care because his single mother couldn’t support him no more and he was homeless at one point in his life – living in his car and selling hair care products – knocking on doors.

So how did JP turned from a nobody to a somebody?  He co- founded his own line of hair care products with a mere $700 and I’m sure everyone around the world heard of John Paul Mitchell’s hair products right?  He also put his money into the tequila market in the 1980s and he was the one who launched Ultimat Vodka into the market.   Isn’t it amazing ?  for a nobody to every high end salon using his hair products and now pats celebrity cooks Wolfgang Pucks shoulder who helped him with his tequila range of drinks with other celebs.

Born in United States – the 2nd generation of italian immigrant to America – was in street gang but finally turned his life around after being belittled by his math teacher.  Joined the navy – worked as a janitor and insurance salesman – I’m definitely blown over by JP’s success.  Who would have known that I was using his product in my early 20s and not realizing that i was also part of contributing to his success by acknowledging that JP products were good.   At age 67 and a lovely wife – with 6 children in total – he inspires me to the max – hopefully, the spouse would be a millionaire before 60.

Maria Sharapova

Born in Russia – world’s #1 tennis player and became a US citizen in 2001 and made more famous than she currently is  by her famous laker guard – Sasha Vujacic. Maria came from a hard background – as we all know being in Russia must not be the best place to be in the world.  Maria started playing tennis at the age of 4 and went into tennis camp at age of 9.  When she turned professional in the year 2000, it was rumored that she was insured with air ambulance service if she ever got injured.

In 2009 – she did have a shoulder injury but didn’t need the air ambulance service that she was insured for – but she did get it repaired finally but still made it to world’s #9 during that season.  It is said that Maria was the toughest woman tennis player of all times.  The highest paid female athlete of all time – net worth of $20 million and a 8 years Nike contract amounting to $70 million.

Anna Tibaijuka

Dr Anna Tibaijuka is admired by women and men of all ages around the world – born in Tazania – Dr Anna is said to be a born leader who spearheaded the UN-Habitat program – and if you are a woman without homes or living in the slums – or trying your darndest to finish school or live a better live – Dr Anna is the person to look for.   A born leader – Dr Anna not only acquired reconditioned laptops for her organization but also raised the budget for it.  The highest ranked African female in UN – she was educated in Switzerland and definitely a fighter.   She no longer head UN-HABITAT because of her role in the political arena  but her role in UN-HABITAT will not be forgotten  – because of the clean water in the slum areas where she was known for promoting and sanitation in slum areas.  I don’t think many people want her job because it must be really tedious and difficult but she did an amazing job and was also a special envoy to the Secretary General and clam down many illegal activities.  For a woman she sure is courageous!

Carla Bruni

Known to be one of the most glamorous and beautiful First Lady in the world – Carla Bruni was born in Italy and became the First Lady of France after marrying the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.  But if you think that she claimed her fame after marrying the President of France – then you are wrong because came with money and not only that was already famous in her own rights as a model, actress, songwriter and now singer.

Modeling at 19, Carla came from a complicated family – whose father was actually having an affair with her money.  Growing up with a different family – you might remember Carla Bruni as the face for Guess jeans when they first came out for sale in the 1990s – if I am not wrong.   She met the President in 2007 and married in 2008 and after her wedding followed by the side of the President closely.  She does lots of charitable work and became the world’s ambassador protecting woman and child against HIV.  She had a son in a previous marriage and a daughter with the current President.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Forbes listed her as one of the most powerful women in the world in 2009 because this Queen is not only beautiful and graceful and articulate believes in promoting education, child abuse and taking charge of causes that will affect any underprivileged in the country.

This queen plays many roles, from mother to boss and of course the ever supportive wife of the King of Jordon and highly praised for her role in humanitarian efforts.  To her helping her people is an honor and privileged – what an inspiration right?  She believes that everyone is born equal and only thru’ education can the lives of her people change, not only the standard of living but also their health.  A true and noble Queen.

Eleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter

If there was any first lady who was more involved in their husband’s presidential campaign, it had to be Eleanor Rosalynn Carter who started campaigning like 18 months before the official election.  She was probably the most active American first ladies of all time and very politically involved while she was the first lady from 1977 – 1981.  Eleanor Carter was the wife of Jimmy Carter, the 39th American President of America. It was always mentioned in the news and in biography that she was always in cabinet meetings and had given numerous advice and her opinion when Jimmy Carter was the President.

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to be the First Lady not only because I will be powerful and rich, I know I can help people and it is the duty of any First Lady around the world to help the people and to do something in their power to make the world a better place.  I never became the first lady of course and never will – in this life but Eleanor Carter inspires me – because of her practicality.  Unlike all the other First Ladies before her, she does not believed in flashing money nor having expensive parties and menu or serving hard liquor.  Even her wardrobe is limited and because of all the above – I strongly believed that she really worked for the people and not herself.

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

“I consider it my inherited duty to help relieve the plight of people who suffer the devastating effects of poverty.”

Born a princess and married to the Ruler of Dubai must not be easy titles to carry. This princess studied in Britain and therefore, is very capable of all the charitable work she does for her country  – from Humanitarian ones to the one about overcoming local hunger.  An ambassador for the World Food Programme – she then became the UN Messenger of Peace in 2007.   She also takes time to write articles about hunger in her country and her native land.

The very first Arab woman to be a Olympic flag bearer – representing her native land.  Competed in Sydney Olympic game and also won the Pan Arab medal in horse riding.   Elected as the President for the International Equestrian Fed – she was the first Arab to hold such position ever.  I read that she is very active where health and children are concern and helped established a education foundation to help Jordianian and Emirati women realized their dreams and also helps to make sure that athletes from her home country gets a chance to succeed.

Richest Celebrities

Mikhail Prokhorov is one of the richest man in the world – net worth of $18 billion – aims to be the next Russian Prime Minister I read in an interview with a Singapore magazine last year.   Not only is he rich – he is smart and a very eligible bachelor – so I read.  Now that he is owning the NETS  and he thinks he could handle the Prime Minister’s job – I wonder if he is using the ach payment at ThePaymentsAuthority.org like most rich people here do with their money.

“King Of New York”  he was named because of the New Jersey NETs – everyone had been wondering what his private agenda was to be in the political arena – which was not clear at the moment. Being such a young successful person – I think if he becomes the next PM – Russia will see some huge changes not only politically but also in the industrial effort in Russia.  So I’ll be keeping an eye on this rich and flamboyant bachelor.