Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

“I consider it my inherited duty to help relieve the plight of people who suffer the devastating effects of poverty.”

Born a princess and married to the Ruler of Dubai must not be easy titles to carry. This princess studied in Britain and therefore, is very capable of all the charitable work she does for her country  – from Humanitarian ones to the one about overcoming local hunger.  An ambassador for the World Food Programme – she then became the UN Messenger of Peace in 2007.   She also takes time to write articles about hunger in her country and her native land.

The very first Arab woman to be a Olympic flag bearer – representing her native land.  Competed in Sydney Olympic game and also won the Pan Arab medal in horse riding.   Elected as the President for the International Equestrian Fed – she was the first Arab to hold such position ever.  I read that she is very active where health and children are concern and helped established a education foundation to help Jordianian and Emirati women realized their dreams and also helps to make sure that athletes from her home country gets a chance to succeed.

One thought on “Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

  1. I became so much proud & happy that Her excellency Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein got the chance to bear olympic flag. It is very encouraging that she engaged herself to work on humanitarian ground specially on poverty.May I invite her to work for Bangladesh(a developing but poor Muslim country) to eliminate poverty. If I get a chance I must work on
    1) Beggars rehabilitation program
    2) To nurse unable/disable old men/women

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