Tim Cook

Tim Cook looks like your ordinary next door neighbor or the guy who shops at carhartt outlet right?  but nope he is the current CEO of Apple  – yes – the one that brings you the iPod, iPad and iPhone.  He was named CEO of Apple in 2011 after Steve Job resigned due to ill health.   Tim joined Apple in 1998 and was the Senior VP of Worldwide Operations.

Like I said – you will find Tim Cook buying in jacket and cycling gear because they say he is a health nut and goes to the gym religiously.  A workaholic of course who is said to hold staff meetings on Sunday – that’s crazy right?  but yes, he wakes up at 4.30am to answer emails.   Although from humble background – thru’ handwork Tim Cook earned a degree in industrial engineering and thru’ hardwork worked his way to be where he is.   Being the CEO of Apple is no easy feat – and he must be one of the most powerful man in the world at this present time.

Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz was the President and CEO of Yahoo – now that must be something that every woman out there admires right?  I do.  Born in Minnesota and without a mother at a very young age – Carol was raised in a farm by her grandmother.  But being raised in a farm did not stop Carol Bartz from going to college and obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  In fact, this woman worked as a cocktail waitress to support herself thru’ college. And awarded many honorary degree in the University.  She is also a survivor of cancer and despite her illness was able to soar higher than anyone I’ve known in her career.  A true hero in my opinion.

American Entrepreneurs In China

Many big companies in the West had or is planning to move their factory or offices to China – for obvious reasons and I can’t really blame them for it.   A local company here in Canada is also thinking of moving their call center to China because of the cost of running the call center out in China is so much lower.   The company I used to work for in Spain also does some business in China and they have no trouble with finding someone to do simultaneous Interpretation or translation work for them.

When I think of how China has so much to offer to American Entrepreneurs  and how fast they are turning places like Shanghai into a business hub that even those who are not familiar with the work force in China knows that language barrier is not a huge issue as interpretation work can be found in China.  I loved working with these professional interpretation company because they do a good job and charge a reasonable rate.

The translation company in Shanghai does professional work in legal work, technical work, financial translation as well as medical translation.  The process is easy, you request for a quote and once they are done – they are proof read by a professional in the field before handing over the finished work.   Simultaneous interpretation was one I had to work a lot with when we ourselves were in China and I know that I had the privileged to work with a very professional group of people.  And if you are considering working in China or moving your office base there – I strongly would suggest getting professionals to help you translate all documents – you don’t want to be breaking any laws – haha!

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is the stage name for Stanley Eisen and everyone knows him because he is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for KISS – the rock band.  I don’t know if he plays a certain instrument  but I know he is very talented – for KISS sold an estimated 100 million albums.   My admiration for Paul Stanley started when I found that he had a rare congenital disease called the Microtia and despite his illness – he became the spokesperson for ABOUT FACE – an organization that provides support to those with facial differences and does lot of fundraising for the organization.

Born in 1952 – this American Rock Guitarist not only sing, writes music but plays the guitar for the band. He also starred in the Phantom of the Opera production in Toronto – which I watched in 1999 – he played the lead role – and an unforgettable one.   Love the man to death – for despite all his ups and downs – he is extremely active in the music scene.


Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy has a charm for bracelet and known for having them all the time with her – but that is not all about her, in fact – I chance upon her because I wanted something that I could carry around with me when I am traveling and ended up marveling this woman for her inventions for any woman’s need – make up that works and its accessories.

It is said that Trish McEnvoy started as a counter girl and then had make up parties at her home.  After meeting up with her husband – they paired up and became the most powerful duo where the beauty world is concerned.  But Trish McEnvoy is very independent and overseas all her stores on her own and since she isn’t just an entrepreneur but also a makeup wonder/artiste – she travels the world extensively.  I loved her products – and if you are wondering about her charm bracelet – I too wear Pandora style beads and loved them – so you see we have something in common.

Dr Toh Chin Chye

When one of the founding fathers of my home country passed away it always saddens me – especially one that had contributed vastly to the nation and its people – who had been selfless and no corruption involved.  Dr Toh was the DPM of Singapore in the 60s – and only for 3 years but he had played a prominent part in the political arena of Singapore and known as the first generation of political leaders of Singapore.

I have never met Dr Toh personally before but have heard a lot about him and read lots of stories about Dr Toh when I was in college.  Born in 1921 – Dr Toh was born in Malaysia and is remembered fondly by the citizens of Singapore for his simplicity in life – his fight for the country and leading Singapore during its formative years.  Rest in peace Dr Toh and thank you for your contribution and sacrifices for Singapore.