Pat Chan

I remembered when I was a kid – everyone wanted to be Pat Chan – the Golden Girl of Singapore known for her swimming and the many medals she had won. Pat was very accomplished as a swimmer and in a family of swimmers and a father who was a swimming instructor.  Pat won 39 gold medals in the Southeast ASian games and is often known for breaking her own records in every sport meet.

Pat began swimming at the age of 6 and I read that there was no removable pool fence back then to keep kids from falling into the pool like we do now.  So when I read that Pat Chan was literally threw into the pool at the age of 6 at the Chinese swimming club it didn’t come as a surprise to me at all.  These days in all our club here we have pool fence so that parents cannot go crazy and throw their kids into the pool to make them learn how to swim.

Patricia also won several silver and bronze medals in the 1966 and 1970 Asian Games and a 2 time Olympian at the Munich Olympian games.  Unfortunately, she decided to retire at the age of 19 but she went down in history and every young girl that I’ve known since I was a kid – wanted to be like her.

Evan Moss

It’s kids like Evan Moss that inspires you and you want to do good for other kids like him.  I wished I could get some unique personalized gifts for kids like Evan Moss don’t you?   Evan Moss is 8 years old now – and he is like any ordinary kid with ordinary wants – but wait a minute Evan Moss has epilepsy and like you and I know epilepsy if not treated or look out for immediately can be life-threatening.  But Evan Moss can get help by a trained dog but it cost a lot of money.  Evan Moss didn’t just sit around waiting for things to happen – this 8 yrs old wrote a book at 7 years old to raise money to buy this special dog.  My seizure dog is the name of the book and is available at Amazon to purchase.  In the story book, Evan wrote and illustrated a sweet story about his expectation of his relationship with his seizure dog in a language that all kids can understand.  It’s a really amazing story and any kid would loved it – $10 and the proceeds goes to helping Evan raise money to buy that special dog.  How inspiring right?

Dan Porter

Truth be told I didn’t know who Dan Porter was till his company OMGPOP sold to Zygna for $200 million because of his app Draw Something that is the “in” thing right now with everyone.  It is said that Draw Something was downloaded and played by millions of people from all over the world and is currently the #1 game in the world.  Move over Angry Birds – haha!

And Dan Porter was pretty popular before OMGPOP for he was also the Senior VP for Corporate Developement for Richard Branson at the Virgin Group.  It is said that he led the investments and had a lot of say with the Board members of Virgin Group.  He was also known for being the President of Ticketweb – the first online ticketing company and again sold it to CitySearch.  He is also an investor for many companies and founder of Inside startup.  One has got to salute him for being so brave to start his own company and then make them successful and sell them for a profit – for example like OMGPOP – his initial investment capital was $17 million and now it is sold for more than $200 million – that I have to say – is a really great investment and return.

Karen Ignagni

Karen Ignagni is the most powerful woman in the health care industry – she is the President and CEO of the America Health Insurance Plan.  She is often known as the person who fights for health care reform in USA and works to benefit the health insurance companies  in USA.    She writes a lot about health care policy issues and is the voice of more than 200 million American out there who needs health care provision.

Born in Rhode Island, she went to college with a scholarship- was in the first class of women to attend the Providence College in 1971and majored in political science.  Joined Washington DC with a phone number given to her by one of her professors and during the interview joined the health related and social security Admins dept.  And in 1993 – head hunted by AAHP and the rest is history.

Mark Pincus

Played Cafe World, Mafia War or Cityville of late?  if you have been playing – then you definitely must know who Mark Pincus is right?  he is the co-founder for Zygna – the company that brought you the free online game on Facebook  that millions of people play on it and some are addicted to it.

Born in 1966 even younger than I but way more successful than I – this man is an entrepreneur and a successful one.  Mark Pincus was named CEO of the year in 2009 and also named Founder of the Year in 2010.  Mark started his start up business early and continued to venture into more start up business and every time he would sell his business for a lot higher than he had put in – definitely something that I could learn if I wanted to be successful.  People like Mark don’t come a long everyday, it takes a lot of courage for what he is doing and a lot of good business acumen.

Bonny Hicks

Bonny Hicks was a woman that everyone admired back home – she was a model turned writer but alas, her life was too short.  She died in a plane crash with the love of her life and in fact, I did remember crying when she passed away.  It was just too sad, so beautiful and talented – what a life she would have had if the plane didn’t crash in Indonesia.

Born in 1968, Bonny Hicks had a British father but a Chinese mother – they all said that mixed blood produces beautiful kids and Bonny Hicks is a real life proof of it.   She became a model after graduating from one of the best college in Singapore and was very popular in the entertainment industry.   She published her first  book in 1990 and was a huge hit and her second book – Discuss Disgust is out of print and I would love to get a copy of that.

I think I’m truly inspired by Bonny HIcks because of the way she handled her life and the way she dare to speak out.  She wasn’t a dumb bimbo like some of the pretty models you see on magazines – she is by far the most intelligent one that I’ve met and read about.  She wrote columns occasionally for the local papers and very insightful, she was definitely a very amazing person.

Famous Bloggers

Blogging is not as strange as it seems some 10 years ago – and some people I know blog for a living.  Famous bloggers can afford to do their work anywhere around the world.  They can be sitting on the beach or buy a vacation home in Cuba stay there and buy a  hammock with stand at and work in his hammock with his laptop on sipping mah tai.

Famous bloggers like John Chow and Wendy Cheng or Matt Cutt make money thru’ blogging and have the kind of lifestyle that you and I hope to have.  Lots of time to spend with family and getting lots of sponsored stuff to use and try out.  They are invited to other countries and opening of restaurants and shows or a celebrity turnout.  Don’t they inspire you ?  don’t you want to be like them.  But how do these people become famous on the internet – you asked me.  Well – all you have to do is to read them up – and of course, you can start by buying a hammock and start up a blog.