Dominic Khoo

Dominic Khoo is an award winning, multi disciplined, celebrity photographer in Asia  who like philadelphia wedding photography is much talked about around the world even though he is from Asia.   Known for his many talented work and exhibition and working with celebrities and has corporate sponsors that all photographers can only dream of – he is the man to see if you want great pictures taken in Asia.  I don’t know if he does any wedding photographs but I heard that he does have a Masters in Photography and he even had an exhibit in New York and the best part of everything is – he was actually first a self – taught photographer.

I have seen some of his work, especially those with Mont Blanc and Hermes – and those celebrities that had their pictures taken by him. But Dominic is not all about making money and being famous – his most notable work is his charity project “Pure”  – in which made him highly respected by not only his peers and sponsor, for his coffee table book featuring asian celebs and socialites laughing and crying in nude – earned a whopping $52K – and every penny was donated to charity.  I’m not only proud that he is a Singaporean made good around the world but also that he cares enough to do good even though he has become famous.  Much sought after I’m sure by now – I hope to meet him one day and maybe, he would do a portfolio of my miracle baby.

Sachin Tendulkar

Where to I began with Sachin Tendulkar – he is a legend if you asked me – one of the greatest batsman of all times.   Sachin is a Indian Cricketer whose fame – goes as far as Australia. He is the only cricketer to accomplish the feat of scoring a 100 centuries in international cricket and most recently is in the news for being a elected for a  Rajya Sabha seat and announced that he is no politician but more honored by it than anything else.  Sachin insisted that he will not be quitting his sports because of politics.

As one who believes in chasing his dreams till it came true – Sachin definitely had accomplished more than most people in India.  He was awarded the second highest civilian award and many honorary rank and may trophies in his 22 years of cricketer career.  But it’s not all about him being famous, he is also a well known philanthropist in India sponsoring underprivileged children every year and raising money for a crusade against cancer for the cancer foundation.   There are many books written about Sachin and his career as a cricketer but nothing compares with the man himself for all his hardwork put into his passion in sports.

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson well known Canadian interior decorator not only in Canada but in USA and UK.  I was quite addicted to Sarah’s show on HGTV when I first came to Canada because whatever she recommended were good and practical and things I could use in my own home (since I was just starting out then) – like the hanging address signs that I adored and never could have one if I was living in Asia.   So of course, I went hunting for a hanging address sign for myself, so you see how inspiring she was when it comes to decorating your home.

Anyhow, Sarah’s work were featured across the globe and she writes a column for a local paper here in Canada. Born in 1971, she grew up with a mother who was into designing and planning too – so no wonder she is in this field eh and her husband – also a childhood friend is in designing as well.  What’s most inspiring about Sarah is – she practices what she preaches – for instant her home is solar powered – now isn’t that awesome or what?  and believes in eco-products.  She started her career as a behind the scene stylist and ended up with several of her own tv shows from Sarah’s cottage to Sarah 101 and in the meantime, shares an office with her husband and juggles between work and 2 children.   A career and a wonderful home and family, what more can a woman ask for.

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes is from Houston Texas and they say  – all good things starts in Houston Texas like the houston fence company that I read about.  Howard was most famous during the last few years of his life – I read, for he lead a life of being not only a wealthy man but also a kind of paranoid recluse.  Known for been a very handsome and a great businessman, Howard inherited the Hughes Tool Company at a young age of 19.  But he instead became a Hollywood movie producer, what a turned right in one’s life.   He was also a aircraft inventor, a casino owner and a mining mogul and most importantly – he is well known for being a ladies’ man who’ve dated famous actresses like Ava Gardner and Katherine Hepburn.

He became even more famous and known for being a daring pilot for a flight around the world in just over 91 hrs.  He became a billionaire during the 60s and not many people had wealth amounting to his during those days. But he was also known for his paranoid manner and was said to have his wealth hidden and when he died many people fought over his money  – sad but this man was a true philanthropist because he left a huge endowment to the HHMI of $16.3 billion.

Leslie Hornby

Everyone loves and know who Twiggy is but do you know that she is also called Leslie Hornby?  Yup Twiggy was born Leslie Hornby in 1949.  She is one of the most famous model that I’ve known forever and a skinny one too.  I bet she would have made a good diet pill model for African mango plus – but of course everyone would be asking her – is african mango plus safe? But I guess if Twiggy was taking African Mango plus then or the spokeswoman for them – I would too have bought it immediately.  She was so beautiful and famous, everyone wants to be Twiggy during the 70s.   She was also incredibly successful in films and tvs and everyone wanted to dress like her and be like her. Twiggy is also an avid supporter of animal rights and breast cancer research groups even though she is so busy with her modeling and acting work.  She also started a clothing line in 2006 called the Twiggy Collection – she will always be the famous skinny model to me.

Safra Catz

Safra Catz – what a name right?  I thought it shouldn’t different – and yes – she is an Israeli American and like all woman that I admired – she is the President for Oracle.  Ranked by Fortune – the 12th most powerful woman in the world – lets see how powerful she is.

Born in 1961 in Israel and moved to USA when she was 6 yrs old – Safra Catz was a global investment banker before joining Oracle. Lived in Massachusetts and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the University of Pennsylvania.   Married with 2 children – Safra Catz holds many executive positions and has a say in the world largest banking organization.  She is also one of the highest paid woman in the world – with a compensation of up to $36 million. Someone described Safra Catz as low profile but high impact and this is true with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009.

I read more about Safra Catz and definitely, definitely salute her working attitude and attitude towards life – strong, hardworking and go-getter does not even begin to describe this very successful woman.

Enid Blyton

Everyone my age knows who Enid Blyton was but of course my children and the children from today may not know her but I grew up reading all about Enid Blyton – whose real name is Mary Pollock.  Enid Blyton is a British writer of children’s books – and born in 1897, she sure was famous some 50 years ago when I was growing up because Enid Blyton was a school reading book in Singapore.  Enid Blyton had 800 books to her name – now that definitely was quite a feat during those days.

Enid Blyton didn’t start our being an author, she was teaching actually for about 5 years and was a talented pianist as well.  Her first book was a collection of poems called Child Whispers published in 1922.  After marrying an editor in a publishing house, Enid Blyton’s 2 other books were published on the same year.  Afflicted by Alzheimer – Enid Blyton died in her 70s and even though her daughter had written a biography of her which didn’t reflect well on Enid Blyton – her other daughter’s memories of her was a happy one.  But she was still an inspiration to me as I was growing up and I wanted to write like her when I was young.

Ang Peng Siong

Everyone loved Ang Peng Siong and in fact – I’m sure every young girl during the 80s were falling heads over heels for Ang Peng Siong.  Everyone knows who Ang is – for I believed that he received tons of  personalized graduation gift during his time – from people whom he knows and people whom he doesn’t even know or met.   But he sure head a fan club then.

Ang is the World’s No. 1 ranking in 50 m freestyle – he had the world’s best time during that year – and the only non-American to compete in Hawaii.  And because of the result – he even won a scholarship to study in Houston. Shortly after he won another gold setting the fastest time in the world again for the 50m freestyle at the US National Championships in Indianapolis.

He is also an excellent coach and started the swim school back home in Singapore and many swimmers had gain from becoming his pupil.  At 49 – Ang is so popular I heard back home even till now – that personalized gift were given to him very often not only by his students but by many parents who are grateful for taking them under his wings.

Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty is the first woman to head IBM, she is currently the President and CEO of IBM – born in 1958 – she is but a little older than myself but definitely accomplished a lot more than I.  Started working in IBM as an engineer and worked her way up the rank.  But most importantly – she was instrumental in the purchasing of Pricewaterhousecooper consulting for $3.5 billion.  Despite being so busy, she finds time to sit on the Board that have something to do with cancer.  I admire how she continue to bring in profit for IBM consulting – i’m sure that was no easy feat at all – especially for a woman.  But being a no-nonsense type – one can only imagine working for her – I know I will learn a lot from someone like Ginni Rometty.

Eric Khoo

Eric Khoo is a true inspiration for all Asians who are interested in making movies or films – he not only managed to work around the censorship board in Singapore – he actually put Singapore, a small island in Asia into the map of international films.

His first English/Asian movie was Mee Pok Man and thereafter many more to the most recent anime – Tatsumi – based on the life and short stories of Yoshihiro Tatsumi.  This anime was premiered at the 64th Cannes Film Fest in 2011.  Eric was also known as one of the 25 exceptional trend makers of Asia by Asiaweek.  He has got tv shows, movies and anime now under his resume – and well known for being one of the most talented writer and director.  He has won so many awards – I can’t even begin to count them – and also participated in more film festival than any Asian directors around Asia.  Those who are taking courses or going to university to become the next Eric – would definitely find him an inspiration.  And yes, I did watch some of his movies and tv shows – till I moved to Canada and of course, I can’t get it here.