Doc Watson

Doc Watson was known as the guitar picking master and is a legend in who influenced folk music for decades.  Someone had joke the other day to me that Doc Watson would know just about everything of a guitar and good music.   He passed away 2 days ago in North Carolina.

Born in 1923, he was 89 when he died    – an American guitarist, singer and also a songwriter.  If you are into bluegrass  or country music – you must know who Doc Watson is.  He won 7 Grammy awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for he is highly regarded in the music industry all over the world.   He didn’t get famous immediately but when he did, the entire world held their breath because of his guitar picking skills.   You must also know that it wasn’t an easy feat for Doc Watson – who was blind by the age of 1 and yet he achieved more than I or you could in a lifetime.


Penny Karas

For someone who loved pretty things and cupcakes – of course, I have to write about Penny Karas from Hello Cupcake.  The woman who sold 1 million cupcakes before the store’s 2nd anniversary – now that’s something to be really proud of right?  You bet!  it’s entrepreneurs like her that makes woman out there hold their head high up and start their own little business and is recognized worldwide now.

Penny started making cupcakes from home for friends and family  – but now at $13 for 4 cupcakes – it had better be good !  hahah!! but yes, she is darn successful I heard but she also made lots of sacrifices like any small business owners and worked a lot without off time nor vacation but she knew exactly what she was getting into after all, her own parents were restaurants owners in Indiana.    Her cupcake store is located in Washington DC – you can’t missed it – it’s on the Dupont row of shophouses.

Garth Brooks

While out in the music store looking to some musical instrument at the music shop, they had Garth Brooks playing in the background  and I thought about how popular Garth Brooks had been once upon a time.  When we used to sell cds many years ago, people would come in and ask for Garth Brooks music set all the time.

Garth Brooks also known as Troyal Garth Brooks born in 1962 became a billboard success on his first album. He quickly became popular with people from all over the world with all his live performances and keeping in touch with the people.  His albums continues to sell well till today.  He took a sabbatical from 2001 to 2009 because of family and ended his sabbatical in December 2009 and this year he is inducted into the Country  Music Hall of Fame  which is a big honor for any musician.  Of course, you all know that Garth Brooks had won many awards during his many years in the music industry and yes, I do listen to Garth Brooks a lot.

Rick Harrison

I’m currently reading the biography of Rick Harrison and his store and show – Pawn Stars because I had been watching this show for the last few months.  It started out as being just a show – but it had been a really interesting show thus far – so when the spouse told me about an e-book about the Pawn Star show – I had to read it.  Thus far, it had been a really good read – it’s all about Rick Harrison and how he overcome his illness – he had epilepsy when he was a kid and he was doing drugs, dropped outta school and all but things turned around when he and his old man moved to Las Vegas.

But what really changed his life was when he was left with 2 kids on his own and when he finally got his Pawn Shop license.  From a nobody to a somebody – this man is able to pay you instantly $100K in cash if you have something valuable and worth paying for.  Pretty inspiring and a very smart fella – making tons of money just by selling t-shirts – bobble heads and all kind of souvenirs in the pawn shope because of the show.  But he seems to be a very wise fella too – very inspirational I’ll have to say.  I’m only at 100 over pages out of 777 pages in my e-reader – so I will write more later about Rick Harrison.

Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin the co-founder of Facebook had been on the news for the last few days now and not because he was looking for men’s wedding bands  but a new residency in Singapore.   Looks like this multi -billionaire had decided to un-friend United States – keep his Brazil citizenship but lived in Singapore to avoid paying so much taxes  – so they said. But you have to admired this 30 yrs old for being the most low profile billionaire at this age – and if you’ve seen the movie The Social Network – you kinda get a little glimpse about the story between him and Mark Zuckerberg. Eduardo Saverin had already come from a influential family – so money wasn’t a problem for him even when he was young.    And even after he collected an undisclosed amount of money from the lawsuit with Facebook Mark – he did invest in other start up company but not much had been mentioned about it.But having said that – it is noted that he had invested in Miss Singapore’s Rachel Kum’s cosmetic line in Singapore and even gave a short interview about it although they say that he is media unfriendly.  But what’s not to like about the young and handsome Brazilian multi -billionaire right?  and what’s not to admire about him when he is coming in with another $100 million with the IPO of facebook.

Ian Schrager

I seriously think that boutique style hotels were invented by Ian Schrager because in the 80s – no one had heard of boutique hotels but Ian Schrager who started the Morgan Hotel Group and then owned many of these private hotels in New York – was said to be the largest private hotelier in the 80s.

Born in 1946, Ian was an entrepreneur who had an acumen for making money and therefore went into real estate as a developer.   He became well – known first for Studio 54  – he was the co-owner and co-founder of it.  He practiced law for a few years and then decided that the entertainment industry was more for him and opened his first disco when disco was actually a very new thing around the world.   During the late 80s – he and his partner decided to go into real estate and owning hotels and the rest they say is history.   The Morgan Hotel Group has hotels all over USA and London.

Ben Silbermann

If you don’t know who Ben Silbermann is – you must be from out of this world – haha!  well, seriously – who doesn’t know Ben Silbermann – the co-founder of Pinterest.  This man is responsible for 11 million unique visitors a month on Pinterest – and if you are in the technology game or SEO – you would know how much money 11 million unique visitors can generate.  According to the media, Pinterest is the next big social media on the internet and it is people and company like Ben Silbermann and Pinterest that need the errors & omissions insurance and not our small little tiny business in Nova Scotia.

Ben is the new and young American internet entrepreneur and Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you and I who loved the internet put up our pictures/images and even recipes or anything you want onto a virtual white board for everyone to see and share. So if you want to share your hobby with the world or an event – you can.   And I loved Pinterest and if you haven’t been there yet – check it out you won’t regret it.

Ruth Kedar

You may not really know who Ruth Kedar is – but I’m sure you know the famous Google Logo right?  and yes, Ruth Kedar is responsible for designing one of the most famous logo in the world and everyone around the world would recognize this logo just about anywhere they see it. Born in Brazil but educated in USA – at Standford – receiving a Masters in program designing – when Ruth designed Google logo – she didn’t know that Google was going to be this successful.   She is the founder of Art Net and has been awarded for her work both in USA and internationally.

Ray Kroc

For those who don’t know who brought Mcdonald’s to become a household name, now you know.  Yes, Ray Kroc was the American businessman who had joined Mcdonald’s and brought great success to it not only in United States but around the world.  From a mom and pop drive thru’ to a multi-million operation that uses the latest technology like the Honeywell Barcode Scanner for all its restaurant – Ray Kroc found success late but he sure left a legacy behind.

His fortune was so much that no one in their lifetime could have achieve, so they said and being the 100 most important people of the century must not have been an easy feat.  It was also noted that he owned the San Diego Padres baseball team from 1974 till his death.

The story of Ray Kroc was a amazing one – if you did read it.  He started from humble beginnings and was a ambulance driver and even lied about his age to get the job.  He then went on to selling mixers when he accidentally serviced Mcdonald’s and decided that he could be selling franchise instead.  He then bought over the franchise for $2 million and the rest is history as they say.

Shi Zhengrong

Shi is the CEO of Suntech Power in China – born and raised in China – he graduated from the University of NSW.  At a networth of US$2.9 billion, he is not only successful but very rich – in fact one of the richest man in China.  Although he has a citizenship in Australia – Shi chose to go home and set up his solar power company in China. And even though he doesn’t stay in Australia permanently, we see that he had donated funds for renewable energy research to his Alma Mater.   In 2008, TIME Magazine named Shi as the Heroes of the Environment.

Coming from humble beginnings, Shi’s family endure hardship due to famine and his younger brothers and himself  were given up for adoption.  But Shi excelled with his adopted parents and when he graduated with honors his adopted parents thank the teachers with a huge banquet fit for a king.   He then left for NSW to seek full time work but was given a scholarship to do solar research.   The rest they said is history – Shi definitely made his adopted parents proud and China is brought forth in the world economic forum because of him.