Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison just made news again this morning by buying a $600 million island in Hawaii.  Lanai is Hawaii’s 6th largest island and is said to house the world’s famous resort Four Seasons Resort and golf course.  Famous people like Bill Gates booked the entire hotel for his wedding.  I don’t know if Larry Ellison will be doing much renovation after taking over the island and resorts with  lg lcd   tvs but I’ve heard that he can be quite eccentric and even though Murdock put it very nicely that Ellison might bring in fresh and new ideas – what he meant was – he can be very eccentric and do things the unorthodox way – just because.

If you don’t know who Larry Ellison is – he is the CEO of the tech giant – Oracle which he had founded in 1970.  Larry is the 3rd wealthiest American – and at 67, he ain’t slow down it seems.  Ellison was adopted by his aunts at the age of 9mths and intensely bright but didn’t finished his university because of a death in the family. He is still the best paid executive in the decade and technology is his forte – and his net worth is said to be $36.5 billion.  Ellison has many interest – from flying a plane to tennis and yachting but he has given millions in a lot of charitable organization as well despite the fact that he had been into many lawsuits and a recent one with Google.  But you’ve gotta love this man – he came from nothing – but is something and someone now.

Ariana Huffington

I’m sure you know who Ariana Huffington is, afterall, she was named the top 30 influential entrepreneurs of this time but most importantly, she is known for her wealth estimated to be $115 million.  Someone who is as influential as her and rich must know how to run a business well and of course must know all about  business insurance  and liability.

Born in Greece and only moved to USA because of a love she can never really attain or fulfilled, she decided that the move would do her a wealth of good.  Married in late 1985 and had 2 girls and helped her husband run for senate which he later lost and she divorce him but the Huffington Post continued to do well  – the website has information mostly about politics, business and lifestyle as well as environmental issues.

Sam Childers

I’ve just watched Machine Gun Preacher on Blu-ray and am quite impressed and inspired by what Sam Childers had been doing for the last 13 years in Sudan.  Actually impressive is not really the world apt to use for Sam Childers because I don’t think many people can do what he did and is continuing doing.  Risking one’s life and everything you own – to save other people’s children and country – takes more than just an ordinary man to do.

Sam Childers has a blog and if you go on – – the first thing I want you to do – is to donate to Sam Childers mission and cause – if he can give up everything for the people in Sudan and Ethopia – I know you can give a little back – don’t matter if it is just $5 bucks or $10 – every little bit helps.  I’m so inspired by what Sam Childers did – that I’m pledging some money every month to help in his cause. A really very touching story and show.

Peter Jones

Well known for BBC’s Dragon’s Den – Peter Jones is no stranger to investing in entrepreneurs as he himself was a self  made man.  One has got to wonder if he started all these shows because of himself and his experiences as an entrepreneur himself?   Peter was into many kind of money ventures, in fact, he started young I read – at the age of 16 years old but he wasn’t always successful but he kept at it and now his company is worth like  £220 million I read.  Of course, there must be more to it – and I’m sure he had gone thru’  alot to get where he is right now.

Born in UK, gave tennis lessons when he was a kid and set up his own tennis academy at 16 and married and own his home at 21 – now not many people can say the same for their life at such a young age right?  But you can see – Peter Jones knew exactly what he wanted, not always successful but he did get there – and that’s the most important part right?  Very inspiring to me.

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews is from South Africa  – American and did you know he owns a winery in Virginia?   yup !  I heard that he chooses all the his wine  by himself for his winery – the  Blenheim Vineyards.   He is not only a musician, actor but is also well known for being the lead vocalist and songwriter and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band.   Born in South Africa – Dave moved to the United States at 2 yrs old when his father got a job in IBM, in fact Dave worked a little in IBM himself.  He then became a bartender in a Jazzbar and started his own band in 1990.  You would have probably heard his music in House, The Office and Cold Case (all most recent).  He is married with a twin daughter and a son and resides in Seattle, Washington and for those who wants to try his wine – you can check out the BLENHEIM FARM CHARDONNAY 2009 – that I’ve tried myself recently.