Olivia Lum

Olivia Lum came a long way from being an orphan to the only woman in South East Asia being listed on Forbes for being one of the richest woman in the world.  Orphan at birth – Olivia was adopted but life didn’t come easy for her even then – for her adopted grandmother gambled away all the money and lost everything they had.  At 15 she supported herself by giving tuition and managed to get into one of the best Junior colleges in Singapore.  She then entered into the University of Singapore – which for your information was not easy to get into and graduated with honors.

At a young age of 28 and only $20K in capital – she started her own company (Hyflux)  selling treated water  – with only 3 person employed.  Her company grew quickly and later listed in the Singapore exchange and hired on about 800 people.  Olivia’s net worth is said to be at $460 million.  Hyflux continues to grow till this day.

The Thrifty Billioinaire

Ingvar Kamprad from Switzerland is known as the most thrifty billionaire of all times.  He is the Ikea founder and his networth is said to be an estimate of $31 billion.  But this billionaire is no ordinary billionaire because he is someone you want to learn from – when it comes to being thrifty.  Wearing very casually, in denim shirt and decorates his home with  discount bathroom cabinets  and anything that is low cost, you would never think that he is a billionaire.   Ingvar drives such an old car – you really wouldn’t and travels as cheaply as he can get and is not ashamed to admit it.   Not one who care what people might think of him, Ingvar started out as a farm boy and then begin his business by selling matches when he was just a young kid.  Having IKea and being a millionaire did not make Ingvar Kamprad an ignorant man but he definitely inspired me to live frugally.


John Lim

John Lim – the 38 richest man in Singapore has a net worth of $310 million manages ARA Property and is said to be worth up to US $16 billion – has properties in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China.  John has 28 years of experience in real estate and holds an Engineering degree, a Diploma in BA and an MS degree from the University of Singapore and like many young entrepreneur started out working in different real estate company before starting his own ARA.

Satinder Garcha

Satinder Garcha is not your ordinary Indian man who is smart in programming like all Indian engineers back his home town.  A newcomer in the Forbes list for one of the richest man in Singapore – Satinder Garcha has an acumen for business yet love his relax lifestyle – and a safe one too – so he chose Singapore to settle down in.   Garcha became a millionaire before turning 30 by selling People.com to TMP Worldwide.

Went into the property business but not just any property business because he knew that he would have to compete with the old boys’ club – so he focus on landed property and not just for sale but to buy – own and then rent them out.  And aiming for upscale renters alone.  Garcha is also best known on the greens where polo was the sport he loved best.

Emeril Lagasse

If anyone knows anything about  Restaurant System  it has to be Emeril Lagasse – who is not only a celebrity chef  but a restaurant owner as well as write of many cooking books.  Watching Emeril on tv and his kicking it up a notch and “BAM” inspired women and men around the world.  I first watched Emeril some 12 years ago, when I arrived in Canada and had nothing to do – while I was very pregnant.  It is said that Emeril Lagasse generates close to $150 million in revenue thru’ his books, restaurants and tv shows.

Emeril Lagasse worked in a bakery when he was a teenager and discovered his passion for cooking then and quickly enrolled into cooking school – earned a scholarship – and worked part time to pay his way thru’ university.  His many adventures and ventures in business has it ups and downs but that did not stop Emeril from opening more new restaurants and liked i said – if anyone knows about restaurant systems – it had to be Emeril.

Rosalia Mera

I love women like Rosalia Mera  – she came from my mother’s era – yet she is so strong, smart and successful.  Born in Spain in 1944 – she is one of the richest people in the world – and a woman at that.  She designs gowns and lingerie at home and turned it into a multi billion corporation – now how cool is that?  I’m pretty sure a woman like that has  fixed annuity  and all kinds of investment to ensure not only her own future but those of her children and grandchildren.

Married and divorced to Ortega, another multimillionaire – but that’s another story for another day – she managed to own his company’s stake of 7%.   Mera also owns interest in a cancer research company and a fingerprinting identification kit for infants.  Involved in many charitable organization as well as the film industry. A truly self made success story here – envy and many things to learn from her.