César Ritz

I don’t think I even need to introduce who César Ritz is to everyone for I know you must know the Ritz hotels around the world – and yes, César Ritz  is the legendary hotelier who brings you the Ritz brand of hotels around the world.   César Ritz was the son of a humble farmer born in the 1850s in Switzerland – near the Swiss Alps.  He not only knows about farming – he also was in charge of tending to goats when he was a child until the age of 13 where he started working in a hotel as an apprentice as a waiter.   And even though a guest of the hotel had told him that he would never be a hotelier – guess who was oh so wrong!  The guest had said a hotelier needed special talent and flair and told him straight in his face and not so kindly that he didn’t have it.  Well, César Ritz not only have the flair but he knew exactly what to give to his wealthy customers – therefore The Ritz and The Savoy came about.  The Ritz in London not only served the wealthy but royalty as well.

Sheldon Adelson

Everyone wants to be the next Sheldon Adelson – don’t you ?  the American business magnate who owns the Las Vagas Sands Corp that owns the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center.  Of course, that’s not the only thing he owns – he also owns the newspaper in Israeli and is the 8th richest man in American.  With a networth of  $24 billion, I heard that this man uses and  offsite backup services  for all his casino and hotel work – pretty smart move if you asked me.  But one doesn’t get to be one of the richest man by fluke right?

Sheldon Adelson wasn’t born rich, he was a son of a taxi driver  – an immigrant. Sheldon Adelson started selling toiletry kits and then started a chartered tour business.  His first pot of gold came from a computer trade show, totally different from the casino business – but his casino business not only expanded in the states, it has a stake in Singapore as well – in the one and only casino in Singapore. Of course, Adelson donated to many causes from the Adelson Education campus to the Heroes Remembrance Authority and the Birthright Israel.  He had also donated to 10 different universities in research and rehab.


Lim Hock Chee

Lim Hock Chee may not be a well-known name back home – but Sheng Shiong definitely is – for Sheng Siong is all over Singapore and when Sheng Siong first came about – it sure gave big names like NTUC a run for their money for they were selling all kind of household food for a lot lesser. The Sheng Siong group was listed last year publicly and Mr Lim’s net worth according to Forbes was $US 345 million.  Son of a pig farmer – Mr Lim has come a long way from selling pork himself – to being Singapore 3rd largest food chain retailer.

Started out with one small grocery shop – he now owns 21 chain outlet  – extraordinary but this Chinese boss is said to be as thrifty as one can get on himself.  Very humble and used to drive a lorry around – his company now have their own tv show on local tv back home.  An extraordinary story and an extraordinary man.  Very inspiring!

Jason Mewes

Some people said that Jason Mewes is famous because of his association with Kevin Smith but I think that he is a tough fella who had a really tough time when he was young and had gotten a break.  I’m so not used to seeing Jason Mewes in a suit like this – to me – he is the guy from Clerks – Jay with t-shirt and a cap carrying  Osprey Backpacks  wherever he goes and smoking weeds.   And truthfully, Jason Mewes did battle with substance abuse for a long time.

He is what we would called an ordinary person – who turned his life around with one movie – Clerks.  After Clerks – Jason Mewes starred in my tv shows and movies – mostly related to Kevin Smith – but hey !  I loved it and he did turn his life around but not after many, many attempts at it.  But he succeeded and hopefully continues being a good influence to kids around the world who admires and loved it.

Liem Sioe Liong


Indonesian tycoon passed away recently at the age of 95 – remembered by many for being simple and humble even though he was so rich and powerful – his wake was attended by the rich and famous which included past president from Indonesia – Megawati Sukarnoputri and Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario and Indonesian Ambassador Andri Hadi.

Known for being loyal to his home country – Indonesia – even though he had resided in Singapore for many years – born in China but migrated to Medan.  Mr Liem is known for his philanthropy acts like the donation of $1 million to a school in Singapore.  Born from humble origins – he definitely came a long way from being a farmer’s son.

Eike Batista

A billionaire in his own rights – Eike Batista is named on Forbes as one of the richest man in the world with a networth of $30 billion in his name and he is the richest man in Brazil.  Born with 7 other siblings and even though he came from a well to do family, he did not inherit his wealth.  In fact, he started working as a door to door insurance man and when he returned to Brazil after spending many years in Brussel, in the 1980s Eike concentrated on gold and diamond trades and became quite a sales person after owning his first trading company and made his first million after only a year and a half.  The rest is history as they all said – he is currently a business magnate dealing with mining and gold as well as oil.

Priscilla Chan

Graduated from Harvard, Priscilla Chan is better known as Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s wife.  She is quiet and non-assuming and is rarely in the public but even though the wedding was so low – key – this was the wedding of the century – everyone might agree with me here.  I don’t know who took their wedding pictures but  wedding photography raleigh nc  was the one that came highly recommended for all kinds of photography.

Born in 1985, Priscilla got to know Mark before he became a billionaire and is said to have played a very important part of developing Facebook and although many would think that them getting together seems a little weird with all the agreement and conditions – they seems like a happy couple.  Priscilla is a vet – and because of her – Facebook has a organ donor page for one of its social causes.  I don’t know how many of you will be inspired by Priscilla Chan striking the jackpot – or for the fact that she is really actually very smart.

Steven Frayne

Known as the man who can walk on water – I’ve seen the DVD on that show recently myself.  Growing up in a tough Bradford housing, this man did not forget his upbringing at all and in fact tries very hard to give credit to the place he grew up in. Born in 1982,  Steven has Crohn’s Disease  – an intestinal disease that may be the cause of him being so skinny – and almost sickly in most of his show.

At 19 he became so well known he was invited to perform around the globe and in Asia as well.  But Steven didn’t have it made for he was born to a mother who had to raise him on his own for his dad was in jail a lot of his growing up days.    His grandfather who had just passed away was a great influence in his life – he was a pool hustler and taught him things that most dad would have taught a son.  He was the influence of magic in Steven and that was his way out of a violent neighborhood.