Barron Hilton

Everyone knows who Conrad Hilton is but when it comes to Barron Hilton not much is said about him but this man is the son of Conrad Hilton and is known for his philanthropy work and for giving up his 97% of his wealth to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.  He was also awarded the lifelong dedication award to aviation and his Barron Hilton cup award which attracts international competitors are given a week long camp at his Nevada ranch that is furnished with barn wood furniture .

Barron Hilton has a net worth of $2.5 billion and was the co-chairman of Hilton Hotels. Serving the Navy as a photographer and was interested in aviation which subsequently let to his twin engine rating at 19 years of age at the Aeronautical School.   When his father died, he only left him with $500K but Barron Conrad went to court to fight for his father legacy.  He won but he is following his father’s footstep and left 97% of his well to a foundation headed by his son now. 3% of his wealth is left to his children and grandchildren and for those who are not aware of this – Barron Hilton is the grandfather of Paris and Barron Hilton Jr.

Ellie Simmonds

I sat in front of the tv watching the London 2012 Paralympians with my snackwarehouse for stacy’s pita chips  and cannot helped but admire Ellie Simmonds who came in with a 3rd gold medal this year.  I’m sure you all know that she swam during the Paralympic 2012 in London.  Ellie had been in many of these meet and everyone loved her.  Despite the fact that Ellie has some special needs, she managed to do what you and I could never – when I saw her trying so hard to win the 2012 Paralympics – I cannot help but tell myself how blessed and how courageous she is.

Yao Hsiao Tung

Born in China, lived in Taiwan and became a Singapore is this small toolmarker – who became the owner of Singapore’s largest and biggest electronics component makers for big companies like Nike, Apple and more.  72 yrs old Mr Yao is still going strong – and a net worth of $325 million according to Forbes this morning.  Mr Yao did not start Hi-P from what I understand but instead turned it around from losses to a profit after the recession – pumping in $50K of his own money into Hi-P.   A brave man indeed – but like any entrepreneur you have to take risk and have foresight and never say die.  Mr Yao is an inspiration to me – because he is the kind of person/businessman I want to learn from – hanging in there during tough times and making the best out of the good ones.

Mike Holmes

I think I fell in love with Mike Holmes when I was having trouble with my contractors who were renovating my basement for 7 weeks.  I wanted to strangle my crapenters to be honest and I was looking for some kind of information and came across Mike Holmes and his tv show on HGTV.  I was impressed of course like many others out there and he seems to know exactly what he was doing, he has all the tools from  t-nuts  to excavating machinery to get the work done.  But my crapenters needed to run to us everytime they needed $10 to get some parts even screws.  Yes, that drove me nut and as much as I would loved to give someone a chance to learn and better what they are doing, my home is a no fooling around matter and I soon learned that giving guys like the ones I’ve hired a chance only means a lot of heartache in the end  and we are still suffering from it.

Mike Holmes is a Canadian professional contractor and everything he said in all his shows makes sense to us and he learned all his trade from his father and at 19 started his on contracting company, hiring as many as 13 people.  A few years later, he opened his first renovation company, and he doesn’t cut corners and knows exactly what he is doing.  He started the The Holmes Foundation  to help people learned the trade the proper way and he had been instrumental with the SOS children’s village as well as assisting internationally like the New Orleans project.  I wished that I had someone like Mike Holmes doing all my renovation work and even though I’m also in Canada, it would be hard to find someone with integrity like his.