William Heinecke

When you are in Thailand and eating in one of his restaurants – Swenson, Burger King or Diary Queen – you have to think of William Heinecke.  Born in USA – but moved to Thailand at 14, he is practically a Thai now – well he does have a thai citizenship and Thailand had been good to him too.  Networth of $425million – this man owns more than a thousand restaurants and 27 hotels in Thailand and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Not bad at all !

But Heinecke was born with a business acumen from young, by writing for a column in Times magazine in Thailand on a weekly basis, he asked only for advertising space in the papers and not a salary.  Heinecke definitely started wheeling and dealing since young – in fact, he started work even before he graduated and the rest is history like they said.  What is most astonishing is he was the Prime Minister’s Foreign investment advisory council – I’m sure it was the Prime Minister in Thailand but still a very, very high honor.  He wrote a book called The Entrepreneur – which i have to remember to pick up a copy – it is in different languages, so anyone out there who wants to be a successful businessman or woman – you better go read it up.

Diane Carlson Evans

Diane is a inspiration to woman around the world, she not only served as a nurse in the Vietnam War, she is also the Founder and President of Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation.  Born in United States in 1946, she was a surgical nurse and served in the burnt unit at an evacuation hospital in Vung Tau.  Diane was ready to join the Army Nurse Corp when she was 21 years old only and I bet they didn’t provide any scrubs like the nurses have here in town from landau scrubs selection .

Even though she only served for 1 year – Diane Evans came home and fought for the honor of the women who had served side by side with the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War.  After 7 long years of lobbying the congress, she finally managed to convince them to recognise the 11,000 military women who served and provided their service during the war. Today, many American veterans  supports this foundation and recognises the importance of it.


Gina Rinehart

Known as the richest woman in the world and Australia where she is from, Gina Rinehart has every right to have women around the world envy her. Daughter of Lang Hancock, she is a mining tycoon but also the heiress of Hancock Prospecting.  Gina Reinehart’s life isn’t a bed of roses if you read about her history and profile but she holds her head high and tough through a lot of lawsuit and fighting over her father’s will.  Gina Rinehart is a low key philanthropist – who campaigns against human trafficking and supports orphanage in Cambodia.

Drew Barrymore Married

 We just watched E.T. last weekend with my kid because it just came out in Blu – Ray – and it’s E.T. 30th year anniversary.  So we saw Drew Barrymore and she was so young!!!! younger than my daughter who is currently 8 years old.  Anyhow, that got me thinking – wow!!  she definitely came a long way too.  And this year she got married for the 3 time and I’m hoping that she will stay happy and she is a first time mother as you can see in her wedding picture.  Her wedding was a beautiful one and an event coordinator  must have been hired on for her wedding after all, she is the rich and famous right.

As I’ve said earlier, Drew started her movie career a long time ago and she is not only an actress, but a movie producer, a screenwriter plus a model as well.  Drew who’ve had her fair share of struggle in life – personal as well as drug abuse had written a book about it.  She has gone thru’ different stages in her life and is currently at peace with everything it seems.  What’s most notable about Drew is when she donated $1million to the World food programme.  And she wasn’t afraid to admit recently that she is a bisexual – now tell me what’s not to like about this woman.

Cher Wang

What a modern name for someone in Taiwan right?  yes, born in Taiwan Cher Wang is one of the richest woman there.  Many may not know who Cher Want is but you must know about HTC (High Tech Computer).  The company that makes smart phone.  She and her husband controls the company and we’ve seen how Via Technologies grew in sales and profit within a few short years.  Note that Cher is also the daughter of Taiwan billionaire Y.C. Wang.  Her love of gadget made her who she is and turned her into another billionaire just like her dad.  Educated in Berkeley ,  Cher’s networth is said to be $8.8 billion and as we all can see is a very strong and brave woman despite the lawsuit with Apple and Samsung, she stands united with her husband and strongly believes that she will win.

Frank H. Sobey

For those who’ve been to Atlantic Canada – I’m sure you’ve seen Sobey everywhere – it’s your friendly chain grocery store in the Atlantic Canada.  And thanks to this man Frank H. Sobey who at 16 years of age, persuaded his father to expand his neighborhood business to a full line of groceries and now we have Sobeys everywhere in Canada – not only the Atlantic side.

Frank was born in Nova Scotia and it was said that Frank was the man who made Sobeys what it is today. He had business acumen that impressed not only his father but those that had worked with him.  Of course, those who knows about Sobeys also know that Frank was the one who brought in the Empire Theatre chain of movie place.  Frank received from the St Mary’s University in Halifax the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws and the university named a faculty in his honor.  And the Canadian Business hall of fame inducted him sometime in 1985.   His contribution in Atlantic Canada is beyond anyone had done for Canada, like the Sobey Foundation that assist business students in the St Mary’s.   Frank also opened its door to the Art foundation that helps Canadian artist further their passion.  And even though he is not around now, he continues to do good for the Canadian people.

Stephen Colbert

Frankly speaking I don’t know much about Stephen Colbert till he was on The Colbert Report. It’s quite funny to watch The Colbert Report because it is actually, a show meant to make fun of political driven shows – comedy and news – always putting the government down (according to Gary).  He has become so famous that he was invited to the White House to perform in 2006.

Colbert came from a good family and even though his wanted his career to start as a dramatic actor, he ended up doing comedy and became an entertainer nevertheless. But only got into acting classes after selling souvenirs for the box offices – how ironic is it?  While some people blame not having both parents for their failure – Colbert lost his father and brother when he was 10 but that didn’t stop him from doing good – in fact, he is now quite famous and makes lot of money.  Stephen Colbert also writes – and is the author for I am America and So can You.

Sheikha Mozah

Sheikha Mozah was named one of the world’s most stylish woman by a US vanity magazine not only because of her good taste in clothes but also her good taste in jewelry like the  la vie parisienne jewelry .    Sheikha Mozah got married at the age of 18 to the Emir of Qatar – the 2nd of 3 wives  but that didn’t stop her from getting a BA in sociology and holding many positions of power in Qatar.  Unlike any other women in the Emir’s life – Sheikha Mozah had always been high profile in politics involving the Qatar’s government.   She was the driving force behind many policies made and was also named one of Forbes’ most powerful woman.

Stefan Persson

The richest man in Sweden is no secret to everyone in the entire world because he owns and run H & M the largest retailer in Europe. He single handedly turned this Swedish fashion house into an international name.   Although, H & M was first run by his father, Stefan Persson was the one who was more far-sighted.  Net worth of $26 billion, and has H & M store as far as Singapore. He is also the founder of Mentor Foundation a non profit organization that helps youth with drug problems.  Even though Stefan is so rich, it is well known that he runs his business with a very tight rein on the money department, now if only all billionaires and successful businessmen were like him.