Chaleo Yoovidhya

Chaleo Yoovidhya is one of the coolest self made billionaire in Asia – with an estimated networth of $5 billion when he died earlier this year.   The co-founder of Red Bull the energy drink company – that is very popular with truck drivers and the ordinary workman – it is said that Chaleo loved his cigar and a good  cigar bar.

I’m sure everyone knows that Chaleo was born into a poor family who raised ducks for a living – and Chaleo himself didn’t have a lot of education to begin with.  His first jobs was a salesman – selling antibiotics and he quit his job to start his own pharmaceutical company and the rest is history.  The family also own the rights for importing Ferrari in Thailand, thus making the family and company even richer.

Vichai Raksriaksorn

Known as the King of Duty Free – Vichai is estimated to be worth about $180 million – he not only controls the duty free shops in Thailand but also is the boss of the Leicester Club – a football club in UK.  At 53 years of age, married and with 4 kids, he is also  an avid Polo player and is the President of Ham Polo Club in London.  Rubbing shoulders with royalty around the world is in his daily agenda – so I’ve read and he had won many awards for this contribution to tourism.  It’s not clear how Vichai became this rich – not much about his past had been mentioned.  Nevertheless, I say – he is an inspiration to many out there.

Laura Bush

Laura Bush was not only George Bush’s wife but also a voice in the senate to improve literary in United States.  With a degree in education Laura Bush became a  second grade teacher and a librarian.   And even before Bush became the President – she was implementing improvements for the schools and the education department.  Thanks to the First Lady, many schools in Texas were the first to see changes from cafeteria tables and classroom furniture like those from  virco furniture .   Laura Bush was one of the most liked First Lady in United States and because of that she continued to do more for schools and encouraged education with her semi-annual book fest – around United States.  She of course had the love for reading and it is no surprised that she wants the best for schools around United States.  But that is of course not the only thing she was interested in promoting during her reign as First Lady of Texas and United States, but highly notable during her reign was 4 elementary schools was named after Laura Bush.  Yes, education was a huge part of her life – and if anyone knows about improving a school, it had to be her.

Robert Kuok

Robert Kuok at 89 is said to have a networth of $14.7 billion.  Born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – is the richest person in Malaysia – and is media shy – so I’ve read.    His main business is in sugar and started his life as an office boy.  Office boy turning into the richest man in the Malaysia – don’t you wonder how?  I do ! is it really luck or good business acumen and hard work – I think it is all 3 combined.  Robert Kuok owns the first Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore and now has Shangri-la all over Asia.  One of his subsidiary has a stake in the Hong Kong South China Morning Post  and the list goes on.  Although retired, both the hotel industries and the property industry knows Robert Kuok’s name too well – and being the Raffles boy he is, I’ve heard of the many donations he had made to the school throughout the years.   I want to be the next Robert Kuok too – I want to learn his secrets as well.

Ingvar Kamprad The Frugal Billionaire


Ingva Kamprad is known for being a a frugal billionaire – some said he is cheap but truth be told he is all about buying quality things at the right price and also he gives generously to good causes.  He doesn’t mind that people calls him cheap, in fact is very proud.  I’m sure he would loved  Peter Glenn  because it’s a brand that he can associate with – good stuff at reasonable rate. The 4th richest man in the world, this man taught his employees to write on 2 side of the paper before they move on to the next.  This 86 years old magnate is still very much active in his business and don’t believed for a minute that he will slow down anytime soon.

Eka Tjipta Widjaja

89 years old Eka Tjipta Widjaja was born in China but made his fortune in Indonesia.  Known as the plantation king and a networth of $12 billion making him the richest man in Indonesia.  He owns the Sinar Mas Group and it controls many palm oil, pulp and paper as well as property and mining in Indonesia.  It is said that he increased his wealth by another $500 million this year making him about $12.5 billion worth to be exact.  Although the company had been dealing with some very difficult lawsuits – it is still thriving as you can see.  Started work at a very young age selling biscuit from a rickshaw – and he is a survivor alright ! from wars to now.  Bouncing back from the bottom, the family business is now expanding and thriving.

Jeff Bizos


Jeff Bizos is a very successful entrepreneur from USA – everyone who’ve used Amazon would know who he is – but this millionaire is just like you and I and plays the  nintendo wii u  for fun and do a lot of things that you and I do too.    So how does this man inspire me?  Bezos comes from humble beginning but he managed to start up a very successful business and was  involved in a project about Space flights and space travel for those interested at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, the project didn’t go as planned but one can see that Jeff Bizos is way ahead of anyone’s time and is a visionary.  I am rooting for him and his future projects and look forward to hearing more about them in the future.  This billionaire networth is 23billion – and definitely into gadgets and geeky stuff like I do.

Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi

Charoen made his fortune selling cheap beer and whisky – and his parents were street vendors in Bangkok – now tell me that’s not a wonder!  It’s amazing to hear stories like this isn’t it  – Charoen also owns hotels and tech mall in Bangkok and Manhattan and has a public company plus residential buildings in Singapore.  Those who knows Singapore knows how expensive properties are in Singapore – so he definitely has insight. They called him the self made billionaire in Asia – and has a networth of $14billion – making him one of the richest man in Thailand.  He and his wife is known for the charitable organization they both served on and the donations they made.