Zong Qinghou

Zong Qinghou is a man I truly admired – who made his wealth from very humble beginnings and if there is one story that everyone would like to hear about, it would be this one.  From making only $8 a month in China, this man now wears the best prescription eye glasses in the world because he is a billionaire but a very low keyed one who believes in being frugal unless necessary.

From being so broke that he had to sleep in a tunnel, this man can afford just about any luxurious hotel in Beijing.  This billionaire sells soft drinks and milk in China and is net-worth at $20.1 billion.  He eats with his employees and dresses down and strongly believes in helping others get rich since he has already made it in life.   Climbing from the bottom to the top – is what everyone wants to know – the inside story.

Henry Sy

Henry Sy is well known in Philippines as one of the richest man in Philippines with a networth of $9.1 billion.  A self-made man – born in China but migrated to Philippines and owns more than 48 malls in Philippines.  Coming from a modest background, you have to envy and wonder how Henry Sy made his first bucket of gold right? At 87, I hear that Henry Sy is still very active and very much involved with SM Foundation that helps the underpriviledged but promising young Filipinos.  Henry Sy owns so many shares and is involved in so many company – it’s no wonder he is the richest man in Philippines.  He had been awarded many awards as well and commended in Forbes magazine for being the Heroes of Philanthropy 2009.

Tan Passakornnatee

Tan Passakornatee is one of the busiest man I’ve recently read about – also known as Mr Oishi – because of the many chain Japanese restaurant he has – from sushi buffet to teppanyaki tables and ramen stores.  And Mr Oishi here can be heard asking his employees to  speed up my pc  all the time when he is at the office doing his work.

Born in Malaysia –  Mr Tan was a unskilled laborer before turning into a small business entrepreneur but not everything went smoothly for him as he lost his real estate business but that didn’t deter this hardworking and strong willed man.  He is the founder of the Oishi Group but had since sold it to another group but what makes one admire him so much is his strong believed about giving back to society.  I wished that more rich people were like Tan Passakornnatee  – and become a strong believer of giving back – I would loved to be like him if I am as rich as he is.

Kraisorn Chansiri

With a networth of over $480 Million, he is the founder and chairman of the world’s largest tuna can company.  Chicken of the sea brand is the name of the tuna canned by his company and with many of us eating tuna almost every week, you can expect his company and asserts to grow every year. In my list of self made and coolest people around the world, this man made his wealth on his own and not thru’ connection from the family.