Roy Bartlett

Roy Bartlett is the co-founder of StarJam and he is one of the many  unsung heroes  that I am writing about in the next few months.  He and his wife is super passionate about helping the unprivileged children and those with disabilities, he helps them through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments.  He strongly believes that these children are magical –  and he spends at least 40 – 50  hrs a week with these kids – with no pay at all.  He loves doing it and is just so passionate about wanting to help.

Starjam was established in 2002 and it has helped so many disabled kids and because of his selflessness, Roy Bartlett was nominated Senior New Zealander of the Year.  Star Jam is not the only organization that Bartlett had been volunteering for the last 30 yrs with the MS Society, the Alzheimer’s Foundation and many other community services.  It’s folks like Roy Bartlett who makes me feel I have to go out there and make a difference too !

Jerry Baldwin

Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher turned into a co-founder of Starbucks – the multi – million coffee chain around the world.  You can even find Starbucks at the Great Wall of China as well.   Ask Jerry Baldwin anything about  bunn parts  and he will be able to tell you all you need to know because he started out another coffee and tea place and learned all he needed to know before he and two other friends found and opened their first Starbucks.  They had bought over the coffee and tea shop that they had started out with and Jerry Baldwin remained as a board director today.   Today Baldwin is into wines too and that must be an awesome job – because both coffee and wine are one of the best beverages in the world.

P. Ramlee

Much loved by everyone in Asia – even though you might not be a Malay, you would still loved his movies. P. Ramlee was a legend, born in Penang, Malaysia – sadly he died when he was only in his 40s – very young by anyone standards of heart attack.   Winning a singing contest, P. Ramlee continued to be in the movies, a director and of course – his singing went a long way. Everyone loved his movies and his singing, he was charming and women and men around Asia just fell in loved with him.  He was very talented and was awarded many, many awards.  They even named a street and a house – made into a museum after him.

Jim Walton

The Walton’s name is no stranger to anyone around the world for Jim Walton is the youngest son of Walmart’s founder Sam Walton.  Last year, Bloomberg named Jim Walton – the world’s 10th richest man and he is also the chairman of Arvest Bank.  This man may not know all about a  vacuum generator  but he owns a chain store that is around the world.  He is publicity shy and we don’t really know much of him except that he is married and has 4 children.  This billionaire, besides the wealth from his family business is also business expert who serves as a chairman of community publisher – a company that works with newspapers

Savitri Jindal

Savitri Jindal – India’s richest woman is anything but ordinary.  Sure she looks ordinary but she is worth $14.4  billion, at 62 – she never asked her husband how much he made and was pretty happy playing the happy housewife but a tragic accident in 2005, had her rise up to her duty.  Although her sons are the ones who does the running of the steel business, this  62 yrs old who uses essential oils perfume  is the one that binds the entire family together and make things work.

And she is a lucky star for the company because it is said that after she became the woman behind the business, business had been so good – it not only tripled its profit but quadrupled.  Although her dead husband had the foresight to train each son to be in charge of a certain area in the business, Savitri believes in cross holding as such, each son is able to explore their interest with greater freedom.

Carrying on her husband passion to help the poor, by building schools and hospitals, Savitri continued his legacy by setting schools and hospitals each time they set up a new factory in a new area, thus providing the necessary needs for the villagers.  As such, the workers are treated like an extended family.