Dean Gifford

A kind policeman is hard to come by these days but Dean Gifford is more than kind, he is one of those unsung heroes that I’ve been thinking of lately.  Despite his own illness, fighting a brain tumor Dean Gifford was thinking for others who were sick, how selfless was that !  Usually, when I’m sick I just wanna be by myself and want everyone to pity me and pay attention to me – but Dean not only befriended kids in the same hospital as he was, he also made arrangement for police dogs to visit the kids. He had also been sending toys, clothes, medical supplies and other needed donations for the kids in Solomon Island.

At first it started with his friends and co-workers and it extended to asking for help from business owners and bigger companies – asking for donations of toothbrushes, toothpastes and things that the children can use.  Helicopter rides and limousines to Weta with guided tours for the kids.  It’s men like Dean Gifford that makes me want to go out and help the world too.

Baron Baptiste

I started taking up yoga recently and came across not only the uses of  thera band  but also a book and video of Baron Baptiste and he was a true inspiration to me.   Born with parents who started a yoga studio way before I was born, how can one not be influenced about the goodness of practicing yoga.  Baron teaches Power yoga, a brand of yoga – he created himself – so I read and the reason ?  so it can reach out to more people and share the goodness of practicing yoga.

Baron works with Hollywood starts and NFL players teaching them how to find their true self and relaxing through Yoga – something that we can all learn and use in our daily lives.  I really liked that his brand of yoga is about adaptation – so that the one practicing the yoga can adapt or modify their own practice to help them feel better, stronger and more supple after practicing yoga.  I find that I am more relax and less tense too and there was no pushing you to the next level till I am ready.  I’m looking forward to reading more about Baron Baptiste and helping myself with my weight loss regimen.