Martina Hinggis

At the age of 2 Martina started playing tennis – remarkable right?  Born in Slovakia,  she was a professional tennis player till she turned 22 and was number #1 single female tennis player in 1997.  She also won 40 single titles and 36 double titles – very impressive indeed at the age of 22.  Though she had a little set back, Martina was inducted into the International Tennis  Hall of Fame in 2013.

Martina had a long history with tennis starting at the age of 2 and entering tournaments from the age of 4.  She was the youngest player to win in the Grand Slam Junior Title, I am sure she was the envy of a lot of young girls and boys as well as parents.  But she did really trained hard and with parents who are also professional tennis player, you can’t go to wrong with that decision.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda is not only the first female President in Malawi but a women right’s  activist as well – so when it comes to sexual harassment, i bet she knows it better than anyone.  Of course, if you are in San Diego,   sexual harassment San Diego  is the place to go to, to get help and to stop sexual harassment.

Before she even became the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda was very active already in politics and was the founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation and the National Association of Business Women and had a active role in a Hunger project and the Young women leadership network as well.   Forbes named Joyce Banda the 71st most powerful woman in the world and also the most powerful in Africa.

Aburizal Bakrie

You might just be looking at the next Indonesian President here  – for Aburizal Bakrie is concentrating mostly on his political career since 2012.  Of course, you ‘ve also read a lot about his business and all the fiasco that was going around with Nathaniel Rothschild and he was finally ousted out from the partnership – so I’ve read a long time ago.  But Mr Bakrie is still someone to watch because as we see 2014 drawing nearer, you might want to re-look at the economy in Indonesia if you have investment there.

I’m particularly interested because my maternal grandmother is from Medan, so I try to learn a little more about Indonesia all the time.   Mr Bakrie is said to be a politician first and then a businessman – but we can see also see the business isn’t going as well as it used to be during his father’s time.  We all know that his wealth started during his father’s time during the reign of   Soeharto’s time.  And like everyone else during the Asia’s economic crisis some 20 yrs ago, Bakrie was able to get refinancing and turned things around.

Although not as successful in the business front at the moment, it is rumored that the company is based on borrowed money, Bakrie is still net worth at $890 million by Forbes.

Johnny Tri Nguyen

Born in Vietnam but migrated to USA California at the age of 8 with his parents and siblings – Johnny is very famous back home in Vietnam.  Known as the Brad Pitt there, Johnny definitely lived up to the expectations of his fans back home.  He is not only a stunt man but a television and film actor.  The most memorable double he did recently were of Spider man. Was married with 2 daughters, he now has little time with his daughters for they are in France for school.   Pretty successful in his own rights, Johnny is not looking to remarry, his believed of loving another person without needing to sign on the dotted line is just about what my spouse feels too.

Chew Hua Seng

You’ve gotta loved stories like Chew Hua Seng’s – a fisherman’s son – who became a multi-millionaire not by fluke of course but he wasn’t really planning to be the boss either.  In fact, the only reason why he became the boss was because no bosses wanted to hire him he confessed in one interview many years ago.  The 12 richest man in Singapore, Chew came from a poor family and he had to help out in the family by selling fishes in an outdoor market when he was a kid.

And even though he had to struggle because he didn’t come from a rich home, he managed to finish his university by selling insurance part time and even bought a motorcyle and a second hand car.  For those who lived in Singapore, you will understand that buying a car during those days even now is a great deal because of the COE that you have to pay for and they are at exorbitant prices.

Anyhow, Chew decided to become his own boss after he didn’t get any job offer and even though he did well, it was not without its ups and downs.  But even though he was hit the hardest when his business went sour due to no fault of his, he carried on and pull thru’ and is now the owner and founder of Raffles Education Corporation, the largest private education provider in Asia.

I just loved stories like that – and Chew didn’t forget to give back to the community and society like the indoor sport hall of Montfort Secondary School.   I loved his ” you cannot undo things but you can move on” motto.