Murdaya Poo

In the news last year in Indonesia for being the spouse of the untouchable lady – Siti Hartati Murdaya whose networth is said to be $1 billion.  69 years old Murdaya Poo’s wealth is not too shabby either at $1.5 billion.  So caught in a cross fire with the ICAC for some corruption, it didn’t really looked too good on Murdaya himself. Vegetarian and is involved in many companies as well as internet services to be provided to cities around Indonesia.

Bre Pettis

While most of us go to for promo items  I bet Bre Pettis uses only his 3D Makerbot for his.  The new generation of printing – and in the future, I figured yours and my children would think of nothing when using 3D printers for their homework and school assignments because this man make it possible to build stuff so cheaply with Makerbot.  But for now, it’s still too expensive to be found in every home, so normal printing it is for us.

But seriously, you’ve gotta like the hair!  Written up by Business Insider as the top 25 most creative people in the technology world , he’s definitely most looked up to when it comes to making new things.  Well – known also for his podcast, Pettis is a very successful American entrepreneur as well.  He is the CEO of a company called MakerBot that produces robots that make things out of plastic.  But he was also a school teacher, an artist and a puppeteer as well – multi – talent eh. But what Bre Pettis is doing right now is definitely inspiring.

Brett Blundy

What caught my attention to Brett Blundy was the fact that he is one of those millionaires who moved to Singapore – I wonder why as in Australia – they have everything too like Singapore – and maybe even more given how much land they have.

#33 richest person named by Forbes in Australia, Brett Blundy is a property and retail magnate.  It is said that his business acumen started at a very young age in a farm that his father owned.  And

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher was homeless before she became famous ! who would have thought of that ?  not me for sure ! this sweet and pretty young thing – homeless?  no way ! but yes ! it is true.  And truthfully, she can definitely be proud of herself for where she is today.  Of course, things weren’t as peachy as they are now for Jewel Kilcher but here is a person you can look up to if you are an aspiring singer, musician or actress.

Jewel Kilcher didn’t have anything spectacular  to start off her career but she was persistent and never sold herself  to get where she is now.  She is a song writer, guitarist, producer, actress and also dabble in poetry so I was told.  Sold 27 million albums, she was nominated 4 times for a grammy award.   I remembered clearly in 2000 – with just a guitar, Jewel sang to the US troops – it was truly touching I’ll have to say.  But that was 13 years ago and today you see Jewel has branched out to sing children’s albums as well.