C.K. Tang

C.K. Tang was one of the earliest retail entrepreneur in Singapore – he founded the Tang department store and was known as the pioneer in retail marketing and was said to be the force or making one of Singapore’s busiest shopping district where it is now. The Tang departmental store had been in business forever and they were not only bold in their marketing, they also believed in giving their customers the best.  The Tang departmental store not only houses a cafe/restaurant – it also has a basement full of food where one can buy as well while shopping for your clothes.  If only they can get small burlap sacks online  and use them for packaging, I say that would have been the best for saving the planet.

C.K. Tang started his retail business in a rickshaw selling his wares from house to house and when he saved enough money, he then opened a small departmental store.  With a very smart business acumen, Mr Tang bought a piece of land in now the most popular spot in Orchard Road and despite the fact that it was facing a cemetery, he was right about those military wives from overseas.

Tang Departmental store didn’t stay that way, they expanded to own a hotel right beside the departmental store called Dynasty – almost movie like and the hotel did well as well and was subsequently sold and became the Marriott Hotel.  Mr Tang believed in training of his staff and spend lots of money just on training programs.  He died at the age of 98.

Dustin Moskovitz

Named by Forbes recently for being the youngest billionaire – not just millionaire – and like Zuckerberg, he made his money from Facebook for he is one of the co-founders of Facebook.  Dustin’s networth is currently at $3.8 billion, an impressive amount for someone who is only 28 yrs of age.  And I only want one million!!!!

Well, seriously though – that’s besides the point what i want right? Dustin who attended Harvard with Mark – ended up working for Facebook full time and the rest is history as they said. But Facebook wasn’t his all and the end – in fact, he left Facebook and started his own online app company that he said would make him the next $100 billion.

Dustin does his share in giving back by co-founding Good Ventures.

Nina Wang

Nina Wang was one of the most richest woman in Asia – and was known for her eccentric ways of dressing up and her ponytail – that she insist on spotting during her later years.  Net worth of more than $4.2 billion at the time of her death, it is said that Nina loved investing in  silver ounce  and also shopping.   Nina Wang was the widow of chemical magnate in Shanghai Teddy Want – who was kidnapped and disappeared in 1990.

Nina Wang certainly had some traumatic years after her husband’s death, from fighting for the will of her deceased husband to the Feng Shui master that she was involved with.  Rumor has it that she died of ovarian cancer but it wasn’t confirmed.  But she definitely had a good head for business because she had taken over the helm of her deceased husband and built a property empire with it.

The media had claimed that she was really frugal but so was her deceased husband and there were so many mystery surrounding the wealth of Teddy Wang and how the came about so much money. Nevertheless, she and her husband did make a lot of good investment as you all can see and even though loads of ransom money was paid during those kidnapping, they still had so much left.

Dr Tahir

Networth of $805 million – Dr Tahir was named by Forbes as the #26 richest man in Indonesia.  This man has has holdings in a hospital chain and duty free shops but what’s most admirable about him is – he is giving a portion of his wealth to charity and good causes.  I’ve read that he is always thinking of how he can help society and give back to society – now tell me who can be this way – not thinking of himself but others.  Not many of us can do it – I hope that if I ever get rich, I will be like Dr Tahir too but of course, he gives to good causes like building schools and hospitals. One of the more well known causes that Dr Tahir is currently involved in will be the Bill Gates and his wife foundation.  He has committed more than $100 million into this foundation.  And though a millionaire, he still calls his mother everyday to ask how she is doing – a quality that I hope everyone will have.

Miuccia Prada

Who wouldn’t know the name Prada right and the stories related to how Prada came about.  But not many people are aware how talented Miccia Prada is.   Born in Milan, the youngest grand-daughter to the founder of Prada – Mario Prada, it was Miccia Prada  and her husband who turned the name Prada into a high end fashion house.   It is said that Miuccia Prada had an eye for detail and even at her home in Milan, they had  modern tabletop fireplaces  that looked like art pieces but I’m not surprised by it one bit.

But Miuccia Prada was not only known for her fashion and business sense, she was known to be the champion for woman’s rights and most interesting was she was actually trained to perform as a mime.  In fact for 5 years before taking over her grandfather’s business, it was exactly what she did.  Listed a one of the 50 best dressed woman, Miu Miu was another lined by Miuccia Prada for the less wealthy but Miuccia Prada is what everyone called low – key even though, her brand is around 65 countries.