Mike Smith

This is Mike Smith the actor and not the Canadian Hockey Player – now that is another Mike Smith.  Mike Smith is well known for playing Bubbles in the Trailer Park Boys  – born in New Glasgow Nova Scotia, and like every Canadian, he started playing hockey at a young age of 4 but soon to realize that he did better with music.  He started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and was said to be kind of a musical genius.

So he started playing with a band that got disbanded and was discovered on set while being hired as a sound mixer.  And the rest is history as they say.  But yes, even small town guy like Mike Smith can make it big time, and I guess it’s just being at the right place at the right time.

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn only buys  premium cigar brands  from what I’ve read for friends and family  and of course he can afford it – afterall, he is a billionaire with a net worth of $20 billion not million!  At 77 yrs old, this American business magnate, graduated from Princeton,  but Carl Icahn is not just your ordinary billionaire.  He started his career in Wall Street and wasn’t a billionaire from the start, he struggled, he dealt and he wheeled.   He was well known for his philanthropy work when the Icahn stadium was named after him and the numerous large donation he made to his Alma mater.  On top of all the above, he is known for building Icahn House to help single women or women with children and those  running away from a unhappy marriage.

Recently on the headlines for his takeover of Dell on Business Insider, he is sharper at 77 than most of us and should be considered for a Nobel prize.  Also known as a corporate raider , Carl Ichan is said to do only what is good for America and its economy.  I’m most eager to see what is the outcome of the bid for Dell and I’m sure it will be celebrated with premium cigars by a lot of shareholders despite the fact that they are still backing up Michael Dell at this point of time.

Forrest Mars Jr

Everyone should know who Forrest Mars Jr is by now right?  if you haven’t and missed it – then you should have at least eat a Mars chocolate bar before.  Yes! that Mars – gooey chocolate goodness Mars.  Forrest Mars Jr is the eldest grandson of the founder of candy company Mars and is 81 yrs of age and has 7 children altogether.  I hear he travels in limousines wherever he goes and  www.tampalimotransportation.com  is one limousine company that I’ve heard of in USA.

 Forrest Mars Jr’s networth is like $21.7 billion and most of his wealth comes from the candy/snack industries that his family owns but he also owns a huge ranch and had made significant contribution to various causes and even to the Bill Clinton campaign.   Forrest Mars Jr is the 32 most richest person in the world.