Lars Ulrich

Inspired by Lars Ulrich, the nephew wants to be the next Lars Ulrich and wants a  classic Sabian AAX Omni Ride 22″ at musician’s friend  for his Christmas present.   But who could blame the young nephew after seeing Dannish drummer  Lars Ulrich perform with the group Metallica.

Lars Ulrich wasn’t a born drummer, in fact he was to become a tennis player but when he moved to Los Angeles, he knew that music was for him and not tennis.  Born in Denmark, Lars Ulrich’s life took a 360 degree change at the young age of 16.  Metallica is still very well known not only to the older generation but also the young.

Nathan Tinkler

Very young billionaire at one time but still not bad as a millionaire now – Nathan Tinkler at the age of 26 set up his own business and gotten his wealth through investing in mining.  But it’s now all a bed of roses for millionaire Nathan Tinkler for since 2012, Nathan had been having one bad luck after another but I can’t see Nathan Tinkler not rising up again.  Moving to Singapore with his family in 2012 to regroup and rethink his business strategy, Nathan Tinkler is said to bounce back as quickly as he lost his money and shares.

Nobutada Saji

Nobutada Saji is a very private billionaire, he is the CEO of Suntory Ltd the 4th largest brewer in Japan.   His net worth alone is 7.9 billion. Nobutada was educated in the States, thus his excellence in the English language. Suntory was founded by his grandfather and he is considered the 3rd generation running a family business.  An avid reader and serious swimmer, it is said that after his takeover of the company, Nobutada also acquired non alcoholic drinks company like Orangina Schweppes Group and a New Zealand Beverage company.  2 months ago, I read that Nobutada will be raising $4billion to bring his company into IPO, so I’m watching closely to see how well, Suntory will do.